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Guidance Games

Friday, January 6, 1995
(From News Brief 4)
By David Sunfellow

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"Answers may come in various ways: Through inspiration, sudden new ideas (usually when you least expect it), new realizations of feelings, through a word someone else says or that you read somewhere. As you go on, you will recognize that these answers are the manifestation of a live process that is so profoundly meaningful and organic that nothing the intellect can think up can ever match it. You will recognize that such answers and the enlightenment that comes are pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, forming little by little a comprehensive picture. Eventually you will rely on this process as on nothing else. It is more real than anything can be in the material world. It is your own path that unfolds, and it eventually reveals the reason for your being here on this earth now, the meaning of your present incarnation."

From Pathwork Guide Lecture 194, "Meditation: Its Laws and Various Approaches," by Eva Pierrakos

By David Sunfellow

Many people believe that there is an infinite, omniscient Higher Power that can guide and direct us in our everyday life. But how do we contact this Higher Power? And, once contacted, how can we sort out what comes to us from On High versus what comes to us from other, less reliable, levels of mind and emotion?

These, of course, are profoundly important questions that people have sought to answer since the beginning of time. And those of us who are on the spiritual path today, must also wrestle with these issues. We must find ways to receive guidance from Spirit that work for us in today's modern world.

Generally, I have come to believe that it is both foolish and dangerous to rely on only one form of guidance. We should, instead, become adept at receiving guidance in many different ways. An analogy that has often come to mind is that guidance can best be approached like our five physical senses. Instead of trying to find our way through life using only one of our senses, say using only our sense of sound, we also need to learn how to use our sense of sight, touch, taste and smell. In this way, should we encounter a sleeping snake (which isn't making any noise), our other senses can alert us to danger and help us figure out how to respond.

So what does all of this have to do with guidance games? Guidance games can help clarify and enlarge upon the other forms of guidance we use. They can help fill out whatever inspiration may be coming to us through our dreams, intuitions, visions, inner voices, inspirations, synchronistic events and feedback from others. And if you happen to be a part of a group that believes in seeking guidance together, guidance games can sometimes be very helpful in bridging the gap between differing, sometimes conflicting, forms of personal guidance. Such games can also provide an opportunity to seek guidance together as well as offer an effective way to "lighten up" a topic that can sometimes be highly charged and controversial.

Community Guidance Games

To make a long story short, my brother who is involved with a spiritual community in Virginia (The ALM Community) visited the spiritual community I am a part of (The New Jerusalem Community). He brought with him fascinating stories of a guidance game that the folks in his community regularly played. Generally, they gather together various cards, books and other inspiring sources. Then they ask questions and use a six-sided die to pick which source to select answers from.

When we heard what they had come up with, we felt inspired to create our own version of their game. We constructed several decks of cards, created a canvas playing board with spaces for 12 decks, tracked down a 12-sided die and began experimenting with rules to make it all work.

At the moment, we have a total of 19 decks: A deck of quotes from A COURSE IN MIRACLES, a deck of quotes from the readings of EDGAR CAYCE, a deck of sayings from THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS attributed to JESUS, a deck of quotes from the PATHWORK LECTURES OF EVA PIERRAKOS, a deck of quotes about JESUS from various sources, two decks of colorful, unusual pictures, two decks of pictures with quotes on them, a cassett tape full of INTERESTING SONGS and MUSIC, a FINDHORN ANGEL CARD DECK, a deck with quotes from THE BIBLE, a deck with quotes from MISCELLANEOUS SOURCES, a deck with the names of various ARCHETYPAL MYTHS, LEGENDS AND STORIES written on them, a deck of FAMOUS PEOPLE, a deck of magazine and newspaper CARTOONS, a deck of HEADLINES, a deck of ANIMAL PICTURES and, finally, a deck of words that relate to INNER BLOCKS.

We begin by selecting 12 decks from the 19 decks we now have. Sometimes we simply take turns picking the decks we want, while other times we roll the die to select the decks. Before the game begins, everyone joins in a prayer for guidance and to tune into an important question to ask. When it is your turn, you state your question, roll the die, go to the deck to which the die directs you and pull a card. You then offer your interpretation of the card, followed by other people offering theirs. Discussion of the card lasts for six minutes or so, depending on the size of the group and importance of the question and card. Unlike some other forms of divination, such as Tarot, the cards do not have standard, agreed upon interpretations, and are simply catalysts to evoke personal meanings and allow the Spirit to come through us. Everyone is completely free to interpret the cards they draw, as well as the cards others draw, in whatever way they want to.

The guidance game does, however, seem to have a mind of its own. Definite themes usually emerge pretty quickly and things often move in directions that no one expected. Sometimes the game produces profoundly clear answers, and other times the entire affair is rather murky and uncertain. As in all forms of guidance, a great deal depends on the people, the needs of the moment, the clarity of mind and heart and the desire to be truly guided from Above versus simply having our own biases and personal agendas played back to us.

Computer Guidance Games

I'm familiar with two different computer guidance games: SYNCHRONICITY and VIRTUAL TAROT. SYNCHRONICITY is based on the I-Ching, while VIRTUAL TAROT is based on two different interpretations of the Tarot. The folks who created SYNCHRONICITY claim that it works better than the original I-Ching, because the computer is able to generate more possible interpretations than the usual method of throwing coins. Although both games are limited in that they offer you specific, preprogrammed interpretations, I have found SYNCHRONICITY has enough versatility and depth to offer real insight, while the VIRTUAL TAROT seems too shallow and limited to provide much help.

Dream Decks & Portable Psychomanteums

A couple other ideas involve creating dream decks and portable psychomateums.

Since I work a great deal with my dreams, I have compiled a deck of cards that contain important symbols, themes and messages from my dreams. Occasionally, when I have a question about something, I say a prayer and then pull a card from this dream deck. Since all of the symbols, themes and messages in my personal dream deck already have interpretations and histories associated with them, they often produce helpful answers very quickly.

Another idea which we have just begun to work on is creating a portable psychomanteum.

A psycho what?

Psychomanteum is the word that DR. RAYMOND MOODY, the famed near-death researcher, has coined to describe a special kind of room that is designed to help people contact spiritual forces, including the spirits of those who have died. Based in part on the customs, temples and oracles of ancient cultures, Moody created a psychomanteum that has generated a great deal of interest and, according to many of the people who have used it, healing.

Although many of the people that first used Moody's psychomanteum used it in the hopes of contacting loved ones, more recently, another phenomenon has been taking place. People are beginning to see other kinds of visions, including visions of global upheavals! Sometimes these visions are vague and fleeting, while at other times that are stunningly real.

The centerpiece of Moody's psychomanteum is a mirror that has been carefully placed in a dark room. The mirror has been subtly lighted in a way that tends to alter normal perception. Similar techniques, involving pools of water, crystal balls and other reflective surfaces were used in ancient times.

Our idea, then, is to see if we can construct a "portable psychomanteum"--one that can be easily moved from place to place and perhaps used in times of great need to access help from God/Jesus/Spirit/the Higher Parts of ourselves. We'll keep you posted.


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