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Friday, November 15, 1996
(From News Brief 36)
By James Gregory

Copyright 1996 By NewHeavenNewEarth
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KHOU-TV's "Prophet of Doom"
By James Gregory

After weeks of anticipation, a copy of the Scallion/NHNE television interview finally arrived in Sedona. The special news report was originally broadcast in three parts Oct. 30 to Nov. 1 on KHOU-TV in Houston. The version of the video we reviewed also contained the teaser that ran the week prior to the actual broadcast, as well as opening and closing comments from the Channel 11 anchor team.

The report featured Bureau Chief Jim Moore interviewing Gordon-Michael Scallion, David Sunfellow (the founder and publisher of NHNE), Antonio Carducci (a 78 year old investment broker who spent his life savings buying land and preparing for Scallion's predicted changes), Dave Hill (of the U.S. Geological Survey), Rev. Gerald Mann (a Baptist minister), and Joe Nicols (another psychic).

Described as "Scallion's fiercest critic," Sunfellow appeared in all three segments and, next to Scallion, received the most air time of any of the people interviewed by Moore. Sunfellow challenged Scallion's accuracy rates, pointed out that a long list of other psychics had preceded Scallion making similar predictions which had also failed to come to pass, and also called into question Scallion's sloppy tracking of his own hits and misses.

One of the strong points of Moore's report was the variety of people interviewed who discussed Scallion and his predictions from different vantage points. The report also made efforts to be fair and impartial (even though, in the end, the score was 2 interviewees for Scallion and 4 against, plus the Channel 11 anchor team slipped in a few global catastrophe jokes). The report was filmed on location: Scallion in New Hampshire, Sunfellow in Sedona, and viewers were shown the physical preparations made by Carducci in Texas, as well as trees dying on the Mammoth Mountain, an area on the California-Nevada border where Scallion has long predicted would eventually experience volcanic eruptions. Scallion's maps, in particular his "Future Map of the United States," were also prominently featured.

The weak parts of Moore's report were that two rather vague predictions of Scallion's were passed off as hits and only one of Scallion's many misses was mentioned. The report also focused exclusively on Scallion's earth change predictions and failed to mention Scallion's prophecies concerning Atlantis, time machines, extraterrestrials, angelic comets, marauding Martian moons and other topics that would have tended to call his credibility into question. Finally, while the graphics and special effects that accompanied the report were dazzling, they tended to sensationalize the report, as did the show's title, "Prophet of Doom."

As reported in previous News Briefs, we will be making a copy of this report available to interested NHNE readers (for more information, see my comments in "From the Editor's Desk" in this issue). The "Prophet of Doom" Special Report was very well received by viewers in the Houston area. Now that it has aired in Houston, BELO BROADCASTING is sending copies to its other stations around the country. As soon as we know which stations decide to air Moore's report, we will pass on the broadcast cities, times, and stations.


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