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NHNE Miscellaneous Archive

Columns, special articles and other miscellaneous publications.

Food for Thought & Special Articles

Yogananda's Love Child
(November 30, 2001)

The Lost City of the Pyramid Builders
(November 27, 2001)

More On U.S. Attacks & Retaliation
(September 15, 2001)

The Attacks on NY & Washington
( September 13, 2001)

NHNE News List & Resources
(August 30, 2001)

Sai Baba: Divine Pedophile
(July 25, 2001)

The Incorruptibles
(July 2, 2001)

Sun Myung Moon On The Move Again In America
(June 27, 2001)

The Truth & Hype Of Hypnosis
(June 13, 2001)

"Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet"
(February 7, 2001)

Excerpts from "Healing Dreams"
(February 4, 2001)

The Mormon Moment
(November 19, 2000)

Resources: Potential Cure for Cancer
(October 11, 2000)

Resources: Healing Dreams
(October 7, 2000)

Resources & Lighter Side
(September 7, 2000)

Physical Immortality
(August 17, 2000)

The Hagelin, TM, Maharishi Connection
(August 12, 2000)

Patriotic Articles & Clinton's Final Days
(July 4, 2000)

Robotics, Genetic Engineering & Nanotechnology
(April 6, 2000)

The Call
(March 6, 2000)

An Insider's View of Cults
(February 28, 2000)

The Power of Conscious Communication
(September 24, 1999)

False Prophets & "Scum Bag Gurus"
(July 27, 1999)

Hugh Prather on "A Course in Miracles"
(July 8, 1999)


Miscellaneous Posts

Christmas Traditions
(December 22, 2000)

Christmas 2000
(December 21, 2000)

Misc. News & Resources
(August 2, 2000)

Need Some Help (Including MP3 Primer)
(September 17, 1999)



Radiation Info, Kits & Remedies
(October 4, 1999)



Dreams & Dreamwork
By Gillian Holloway

By Linda O'Keefe & Lance Botthof

The Pathwork Lectures of Eva Pierrakos
By Dottie Titus

Marian Appearances Around the World
By Michael Donahue


Special Articles

A Mass Awakening
By David Sunfellow

A Holy Instant
By John Hutkin

Parting Visions
By David Sunfellow

Centers for Transformation
By David Sunfellow

The Hundreth Monkey Revisited
Researched By James Gregory

Consumer Protection for Spiritual Seekers
By David Sunfellow

A Power Greater Than Ourselves
By David Sunfellow

The Face of Jesus
By Robert Perry

The Shroud of Turin
By David Sunfellow

The Path of Jesus
By David Sunfellow

Dutch Evangelists Meet Sedona New Agers
By David Sunfellow

Doomsday Asteroids
By David Sunfellow

Scallion & NHNE on TV
By James Gregory

KHOU-TV's "Prophet of Doom"
By James Gregory

Pole Shift Torpedoed by Author
By David Sunfellow

Twelve "Any Time, Any Place" Survival Tips
By David Sunfellow

Easter Island
By David Sunfellow

High-Tech Origins Challenged - Again
By David Sunfellow & James Gregory

Guidance Games
By David Sunfellow



Ted Daniels: Millennium Watcher

Crop Circles: Colin Andrews & Joyce Murphy



The Utopian Vision
By David Sunfellow

The Utopian Nation
By David Sunfellow

Jesus, The Man
By David Sunfellow

Dreams & VisionQuests
By David Sunfellow

By David Sunfellow




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