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The items listed on this website have been hand picked by David Sunfellow, James Gregory, Linda Becker and the readers and fans of NewHeavenNewEarth. Our goal is to feature the most inspiring, helpful, and reasonably-priced products available on the Net.

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NHNE Staff Choices:

Where People Fly
and Water Runs Uphill

Using Dreams to Tap the Wisdom
of the Unconscious
By Jeremy Taylor

"The best, most well-rounded, inspiring and informative book on dreams I have ever read -- and written by someone who knows, from over twenty years of wide-ranging experience, what he is talking about. Whether you are someone who is new to dreams, or someone who has years of practical experience, this is a book that all dreamers should read and be familiar with."

--- David Sunfellow



Creating Union: The Pathwork of Relationship
By Eva Pierrakos

"If you understand the importance of human relationships -- in particular, male/female relationships -- and want to make the most of them, this is the book to study. Along with providing a remarkably lucid overview of the painful dynamics that express themselves in most relationships, this book also shows us how we can overcome the traumatic cycles of pain, confusion, blame, anger, frustration, and abandonment that plague most human relationships relationships today -- and achieve our full potential as human beings in love with one another."

--- David Sunfellow



"Waking Up In Time"
Peter Russell

"Accelerating change is a pattern that runs throughout the history of evolution. The Big Bang happened twelve billion years ago (give or take a couple of billion years). The evolution of simple life forms began four billion years ago. Multicellular life appeared a billion or so years ago. The evolution of complex nervous systems, made possible by the emergence of vertebrates, began several hundred million years ago. Mammals appeared tens of millions of years ago. The genus Homo first stood on the planet a couple of million years ago. Homo Erectus appeared several hundred thousand years ago. The shift to Homo Sapiens that was triggered by the emergence of language and tool use, and which resulted in the Agricultural Revolution, began tens of thousands of years ago. Civilization -- the movement into towns and cities -- started several thousand years ago. The Industrial Revolution began a few centuries ago. And the Information Revolution is but a few decades old.."

"If major developments continue to occur in shorter and shorter times, there will be a corresponding time limit to our evolutionary progress. This does not mean there will be a limit to how much evolution we can experience -- the opposite, in fact. We would find ourselves evolving so fast that we experience an unimaginable degree of evolution within a finite time. The time limit would be the date in the future when our rate of development becomes infinitely rapid."

--- From "Waking Up In Time"



New Additions:

NHNE Reader Choices:

Expect Miracles
By Mary Ellen
Recommended by Marie Rhodes (8/8/1999)



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Top 10 Books:


David's Top 10 Books:

1. "Creating Union: The Pathwork of Relationship"
By Eva Pierrakos

2. "Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill"
By Jeremy Taylor

3. "Joan of Arc: Her Story"

4. "The Journal"
By George Fox

5. "Autobiography of a Yogi"
By Paramahansa Yogananda

6. "Return from Tomorrow"
By George G. Ritchie

7. "Chicken Soup for the Soul"
Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen

8. "Angel Letters"
Sophy Burnham, Editor

9. "The Revelation: Our Crisis is a Birth"
By Barbara Marx Hubbard

10. "The Holographic Universe"
By Michael Talbot


Honorable Mentions:

"The Future of the Body"
Michael Murphy

"Pathwork of Self-Transformation"
Eva Pierrakos

"Waking Up In Time"
Peter Russell

"Different Drum"
M. Scott Peck

"New World Utopias"
Paul Kagan

"Builders of the Dawn"
Corinne McLaughlin, Gordon Davidson

"Seeds of Tomorrow"
Cris Popenoe, Oliver Popenoe

"First Among Friends: George Fox and the Creation of Quakerism"

"Blood and the Shroud"
Ian Wilson

"P.E.T." (Parent Effectiveness Training)
Thomas Gordon

"Spiritual Midwifery"
Ina May Gaskin



James' Top 10 Books:

1. "The Bible"
(Good News Version)

2. "Poem of the Man-God"
By Maria Valtorta

3. "Integral Yoga"
By Swami Satchidinanda

4. "The Way of Life According to Lao Tzu"
(Translated by Witter Bynner)

5. "On Walden Pond"
By Henry David Thoreau

6. "The Earth Abides"
By George R. Stewart

7. "1984"
By George Orwell

8. "Exodus"
By Leon Uris

9. "The Fountainhead"
By Ayn Rand

10. "Animal Farm"
By George Orwell


Honorable Mentions:

"Walden 2 "
B.F. Skinner


Linda's Top 10 Books:


Top 10 Music Picks:


David's Top 10 Music:

1. "The Last of the Mohicans"
Movie Soundtrack

2. "Colors of the Day"
The Best of Judy Collins

3. "The John Michael Talbot Collection"

5. "Greatest Country Hits"
John Denver

6. "The Visit"
Loreena McKennitt

7. "Quest for Camelot"
Movie Soundtrack

8. "Titanic"
Movie Soundtrack

9. "O'r Mabinogi - Legends of The Celts"

9. "Chant"
The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos

10. "Vision"
The music of Hildegard von Bingen

Honorable Mentions:

Tribute (Yanni)

Notting Hill
(Movie Soundtrack)

Forrest Gump
(Movie Soundtrack)


James' Top 10 Music:

1. "Les Miserables"
Soundtrack to the play

2. "The Man of La Mancha"

3. "The Division Bell"
Pink Floyd

4. "Carmine Meo"
Emma Shapplin

5. "Closing Time"
Leonard Cohen

6. "The Red Violin"
Movie Soundtrack

7. The Eurythmics "Greatest Hits"

8. "Twist and Shout"
The Beatles

9. "Watermark"

10. Beethoven's Symphonies. Deutsche Grammophon has a good box set with Karajan conducting the Berlin Philharmonic (1963).

11. Mozart. Try the Brandenburg concertos.

12. "Broken English"
Marianne Faithful


Linda's Top 10 Music:


Reader Favorites:



Expect Miracles
By Mary Ellen
Recommended by Marie Rhodes (8/8/1999)

Joy Riding the Universe:
Snapshots of the Journey

By Sheridan Bryce
Recommended by Sue Potter (8/6/1999)

The Divine Blueprint:
Roadmap for the New Millennium

By Robert Perala (Preface), Tony Stubbs (Contributor)
Recommended by Debra Hegerle (8/9/1999)

Will I See Fido in Heaven?:
Scripturally Revealing God's Eternal Plan for His Lesser Creatures

By Mary Buddemeyer-Porter
Recommended by Ronald Porter (8/21/1999)









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Top 20 Videos:

James' Top 20 Videos
(& Productions):

1. Last Day
2. The Red Violin
3. Life is Beautiful
4. Shakespeare in Love
5. The Mask of Zorro
6. Das Boot (The Boat)
7. The Stars Wars Series
8. Jesus of Nazareth
9. Raiders of the Lost Ark
10. Women in Love
11. Brother Sun, Sister Moon
12. Les Miserables (the play)
13. Cirque de Soleil
14. Riverdance
15. The Sixth Sense
16. A Clockwork Orange

Honorabe Mentions:

Forrest Gump
The Power of One
Mr. Holland's Opus
Wizard of Oz
Somewhere in Time
The Man Who Would Be King
Enemy Mine





Linda's Top 20 Videos:



Reader Favorites:





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eBuds Y2K Best Book Picks

Just In Case: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Y2K Crisis
Michael Brownlee, Barbara Stahura, and Robert Yehling

Y2K Citizen's Action Guide:
Preparing Yourself, Your Family, and Your Neighborhood
for the Year 2000 Computer Problem and Beyond

Utne Reader

Time Bomb 2000:
What the Year 2000 Computer Crisis Means to You!

By Edward Yourdon and Jennifer Yourdon

The Complete Y2K Home Preparation Guide
By Ed Yourdon & Robert Roskind

Awakening: The Upside of Y2K (Second Edition)
Judy Laddon, Tom Atlee, and Larry Shook

The Millennium Bug:
How to Survive the Coming Chaos

By Michael S. Hyatt

Making the Best of Basics:
Family Preparedness Handbook

By James Talmage Stevens

Y2K: An Action Plan to Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Assets, and Your Community
on January 1, 2000

By Victor Porlier

Y2K Emergency Preparedness Handbook
By Darlene Jan, Frank Wong
Forward by David Sunfellow

Year 2000 Personal Protection Guide:
How to Protect Your Assets, Identity, & Credit
from the Upcoming 'Millennium Bug' Computer Crisis

By J.R. Morris

Y2K: The Millennium Bug:
A Balanced Christian Response

By Shaunti Christine Feldhahn, Ron Blue





Top Five Y2K Best Sellers
(According to Year2000.com Announcement List, September 8, 1999)

Number 1:

Y2K Risk Management:
Contingency Planning, Business Continuity, and Avoiding Litigation

by Steven H. Goldberg, Steven C. Davis, Andrew M. Pegalis

Number 2:

How To Survive Y2K Chaos In The City:
A Preparedness and Self-Reliance Handbook

By Ken Eirich, Nancy Eirich

Number 3:

Crisis Investing for the Year 2000:
How to Profit from the Coming Y2K Computer Crash

by L. Jay Kuo, Edward M. Dua

Number 4: (Tied)

The Y2K Survival Guide and Cookbook
By Dorothy R. Bates, Albert K. Bates

Number 4: (Tied)

How to Profit from the Y2K Recession:
By Converting the Year 2000 Crisis into an Opportunity for Your Investments and Busines
By John Mauldin







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