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London, Ontario, Canada
Helena Rocca

Bright's Grove, Ontario
Saturday, February 15, 2003

It was a privilege for me and my daughters to take part in this historic event. The experience of solidarity with thousands of peace-seekers from our region and with tens of millions around the globe was tremendously uplifting. We continue to hope for peace in Iraq and throughout the world.

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"A peace march Saturday afternoon in London, Ontario drew close to 3000 people. There was lots of enthusiasm and chanting on the part of the marchers, as well as a lot of support from pedestrians and drivers. The police quickly intervened when a small contingent from the sidewalk march tried to coax the protest into the street. The momentum for peace continues to build around the world, including here at home. This weekend held the proof. Organizers say that a candle light vigil is to be held at Victoria Park (where the march departed from on Saturday) at 7:00pm on the day the bombs begin to drop on Iraq. Preparations are also under way for the next international day of action on March the 5th."


Photos 1 & 2:
Assembling at Victoria Park in London, Ontario




Photo 3:
Listening to Speakers



Photos 4 & 5:
Peace March Begins


Photos 6 & 7:
Marching through downtown London, Ontario




Photo 8:
Me and my daughters, Rose Marie & Kayla



Photo 9:
Return to Victoria Park


Photo 10:
Rose Marie & Kayla




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