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Transcript of:
Art Bell Interviewing
Gordon-Michael Scallion and Stan Deyo

Date of Interview:
as broadcast on Denver KHOW AM630

Transcribed by:
Norvell E.Von Behren
Director House of David Teaching Center

7463 South Marion Street
Littleton, CO 80122
(303) 797-7323


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Editors Note: During the radio interviews, the speakers often talked over each other and interrupted the other speaker making an accurate transcription very difficult. The reader is advised to consider purchasing the radio show audio tape from Art Bell, when available, in order to be able to hear all the voice inflections and talk-over comments. These are as not easy to reproduce in a written transcript.

Interview of Gordon-Michael Scallion

Bell: (Gives warning to his listeners to turn off radio and get children out of room because of the nature of the following interview which is prophesy and may be frightening) Those of you who know Gordon-Michael Scallion are going to be shaken. No pun intended. Those of you who don't are about to learn something about him. He is considered by many, if not most, to be the modern-day Edgar Cayce. I know him personally and have had many long conversations with the man. And I will simply give you my sense, that of all those out there, if there is a real McCoy, believe me Gordon-Michael Scallion is the one. Having said that if this kind of programming disturbs you, TURN OFF THE RADIO NOW. If it disturbs you turn and listen to another show where you will hear far more mundane but bearable topics. If you have children in the room, get them out of the room. This is a decision for you to make and it will bother them, get them out of the room. In a moment coming up an interview with Gordon-Michael Scallion and then an interview with Stan Deyo that will punctuate the Scallion interview. It will probably run an hour-and-a-half, we'll see. All in all perhaps up to two hours.

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All Right I'm going to presume by now you've got the little ones out of the room and if you personally can not handle the kind of information you're about to get, you too have left. That in mind I will simply present what I have. The following, an interview done earlier today with Gordon-Michael Scallion. Here with me now is Gordon-Michael Scallion. Gordon, welcome to the program.

GMS: Yes, Good afternoon.

Bell: Actually, it's probably morning by the time we play this. Gordon, the first fax I got was, you know the old hair on the back of the neck, stand-up kind of fax and it has led to your release this morning. I guess you sent this to me about 6AM, my time, this morning. Gordon, there's a whole new audience out there. We're on the air now in Los Angeles ( KABC), San Diego (KOGO) and San Francisco with KSFO and it will be apparent to all these people why I mention these stations here in a moment, I suppose. A lot of people have never heard you before. So can we do the short version, Gordon, of how all this began with you, the accident and then the abilities and then the visions?

GMS: Sure, I'll take a few minutes to do that. 1979 began my introduction as a futurist. Prior to that time I was in electronics, specifically I was in communications. In 1979 I lost my voice abruptly one day. It was as if someone had removed my larynx, no pain, no discomfort, a lot of fear. I thought I was having a mid-life crisis or a stroke. I ended up in the hospital for tests and observations. That evening, and while in the hospital unable to speak, wired with IV's in my arm and different probes on my body, in a room, hospital room at eleven o'clock at night, the room lit up and a series of colors and lights danced about the room. And it eventually, in a thirty minute time period, advanced to a point where a series of visions were shown to me and a woman explained what they were and described things that would be happening in my lifetime to myself and things that would be happening to the world.

The next morning my voice came back to normal. I panicked and went through a series of tests. They found nothing wrong. I began a series of tests with psychiatrists, psychotherapists, all conventional things, at this stage. The visions continued and within days, literally, events that I had seen in those visions began to occur. That led me to a two-year time period of withdrawal where I simply withdrew from everyone I knew and pretty much went into isolation trying to figure out what was wrong with me. An then in 1982 I decided that since this wasn't going to stop that I needed to find some kind of a framework for why it was happening. And I began to deal with my fears. So I took three years before I was even willing to deal with the fact that this might be a natural thing rather than some form of a crisis that I was going through or some kind of a mental disorder or disease. And I found that throughout the 80's I was able to use these visions, which would come spontaneously, to help people. And so I conducted thousands of sessions in the 80's, mostly on health issues and finding missing people and things of that nature. I did it very quietly.

And then back in 1989, stopped, the visions would no longer occur for individuals but instead the only visions I began to see was the Earth. Now I had seen, as early as 1982, visions of the Earth as viewed from space. And I look at the Earth and what I saw was much different than the Earth that we know. Everything had changed, the land masses had changed, even the colors, that we now take for granted, had changed. I didn't know when it was or how it happened. But I did sketch out a map of it in 1982.

Bell: And that is where the Earth Changes Map came from?

GMS: Correct. That was the first edition of the "Future Map of the United States". It was received very poorly at that time. I thought that people might be interested in this map. I did 100 copies of it for key individuals and I thought they could do some research work since my background is technical my thought was let's approach this technically.

Bell: Instead it probably made them angry.

GMS: It induced a lot of fear because the time frame, you have to remember, was the roaring 80's like the roaring 20's. You know every day a new credit card was arriving in the mail for most people and the good times were just rolling. And no one wanted to hear about things that were going to happen from 1989 through 1998 which is when I was able to discern that's when the greater changes would begin. They would being in 89 and then they would accelerate in 95. And so they just didn't want to hear about it.

So I left that and spent the next two years simply recording down things that I was seeing, trying to refine things that I was seeing. Because one of the early events that I was told to watch for, that would signal the beginning of great changes geologically, was an earthquake in San Francisco. And it said when that would happen then we would see a whole new range of things. We would see volcanic activity in the Philippines. We would see massive changes in Japan (unintelligible) and of course we had Kobe . And then hurricane Andrew, massive hurricanes.

Bell: You hit that one on the noggin by the way. The hurricane season was one of the greatest of all time, this last hurricane season. But more to the point, the last time you did an interview with me, Gordon, do you remember saying "watch Etna and watch Vesuvius"?

GMS: Yes, I do.

Bell: And you said that would be the key to the beginning, and sure enough I about fell on the floor. There is, there was a CBS report on Vesuvius in which a geologist, an Italian geologist, said "she's getting ready to go". And there is a voluntary evacuation plan which nobody is paying attention to I might add, for about one half million people below Vesuvius. And then I began to get reports of tremors, serious tremors and action at Etna. And it about floored me. So I guess it about floored you?

GMS: I was guided to go to Vesuvius last year. I had a series of dreams and a vision that simply said, "Go" and that "I would understand more". So I have learned that when these things happen to me I have to trust them even though I may not understand them at the time. And so I did go there and, while I was there, visions came very Technicolor. When I see in full color, very detailed color, I know that we're close, we're within two years. I've learned in doing this for fifteen years that the detail and the depth of the color is kind of an indication to me of how close we are.

Bell: You once said, Gordon, that you would see three, what would appear to be three television sets, not really, but three screens, or three possibilities with one being more likely in the center, I think, than the others.

GMS: That's correct. It's like watching three news channels, they're all giving the same news but from different perspectives. The vision that is gray, for example, tells me that's a long shot, the one that kinda has muted colors tells me that it's possible that this second picture could become a reality. The one that's colorful tells me that this is the probable outcome. And I want to emphasize the fact that it's probable. Now I've learned why I see three visions. I've learned that there are some things that I see that are so strong in the universal consciousness that the probability is that the event will occur. But when I see these three events, in different shades of color, it tells me that there are some wild cards in there.

And the biggest wild card is how the community is living. If an event happens to be an influence in a particular area, I've learned that the people in that area, what they're doing with technology, what they're doing with their lives, how they interact, a lot of that has to do with how the Earth responds. It's like a symbiotic relationship we have. And so when I only see one vision it tells me that the amount of energy that would be required to shift the event is very remote. When I see a couple of visions, then I know that there is still a possibility, is still a potential. Now that does not mean, that at the eleventh hour, that enough people could get together, focus an incredible amount of energy and maintain that energy for hour after hour as a vigil. A one-shot basis doesn't do that. I've learned that. I've actually observed it.

One of the things that I have been able to do is to actually see the energy as a color that emanates from the Earth. As I fly over certain cities I can see what is going on and once I've been to a city I no longer have to physically go there. I could be in my New Hampshire studio and, simply with a photograph of that area, I can, kind of, be there some how, some process and I can tell what's going on. Right now the visions that I'm seeing are a bright colorful one and that's the only one I'm seeing.

Bell: Before we get to that one we better go back to March of 95 because this is documented. It's important that everybody understand you don't just come at this after the fact or just before the fact. Back in March of 95 in your Earth Changes Report, what did you predict?

GMS: Well actually as early as January was the first announcement I made on our hot line, our weekly Earth Change Report Update Hotline. In there I identified the fact that I saw a pattern that was going to occur in 1995. A pattern of four quakes and this would happen three times. And then in February and then in March I gave more specifics about this pattern. And the pattern was that four quakes would occur. The first time it would occur, it would begin in the January- February time frame. And it would begin with a quake of a magnitude average, the four quakes would average 6.5 in magnitude. And it would be, first, hit Japan. Second, it would hit the South Pacific or Indian Ocean region. Third it would hit South America and lastly it would hit somewhere on the West Coast of America.

So that was the first four-quake scenario. I said it would repeat itself again in the May- June time period of 95, with that same four patterns, except that this time the magnitude would rise a half a point. It would be 7.0 average range and then I said it would repeat itself a third time, the same four quakes, and that would occur in the December- January time period (1995-1996).

Bell: The first series, actually the first two series of quakes, occurred exactly as you predicted with respect to time and location.

GMS: And magnitude.

Bell: And magnitude. I don't know if anyone has ever done any number crunching, but the odds of that must be astronomical.

GMS: I don't know either. I know that I'm always amazed myself when I see an event occur and when there is a strong event it's much different. When you make a prediction, say that something is going to happen, for example in California, we know that there is a potential of activity already going on in California. But now if you string the prediction, we say I think it's going to happen on this date and it's going to happen in this magnitude and in this epicenter, the odds increase. Now if you take and string eight of those events together then the odds obviously become astronomical. I don't know what they are. I'm amazed when any of them occur, let alone these two cycles. And the third cycle, of course, just began a little over a week ago in Japan.

Bell: Isn't it fully, it was reported, Gordon, an 8.0 but it was 850 miles North of Tokyo in an area where people do not live. And so even though the press reported it as one of the great geological events of all time in the 8.0 range, there was no more reporting because there weren't a whole bunch of buildings that fell down. But that it's still the beginning of the, well I hesitate to say, the final cycle, it's not really the final cycle, is it?

GMS: No, it just indicates my particular prediction is that what I look for, is early warning signs. I look, instead of just saying, here is the prediction something is going to happen. The value that I see of predictions are: (a) You change it. You know something's going to happen. You know, like you know there's going to be a car accident at the junction of Fourth Avenue and Third Street, at 12 o'clock. And if you sense that, you say OK, I'm not going to go down that street that day. You know you changed an event. Or (b) You prepare for the event, you do things that can prepare for it. In this case, I look for events. When I see an event in the future, I then back up and I try to look for other things for two reasons. One is that it gives us more warning. It also allows people to see the credibility of who the forecaster is. If we have a series of events that have been predicted that are occurring, the odds are such that the future events should be at least considered. And all I hope to accomplish is that by publishing everything and putting everything on the line, far in advance, is that as these things begin to happen, that people can then make their own decisions of whether or not these things are potential hazards or not.

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And as these things begin to happen, that people then can make their own decisions of whether or not these things are potential hazards or not. Right now, of course, the conventional geologic statement is that "a big one" is going to hit the West Coast. I mean it was gonna be 50 years, then it was going to be 30 years, now they're down to just decades. The information has come out in the past year, many of them now feel it's overdue. Many scientists actually feel that the event is long overdue and if it happened any moment they wouldn't be surprised.

Bell: You said that in your fax that what you predict and what the scientists are predicting are the same thing , just the severity and the time may differ, that s about it. But you and science are getting very close together. And by the way, while we are on that score, before we get to what's coming, a lot of people, religious people, will say, prophets are not prophets unless they're 100%. And they will sort of just turn it off at that point. There was a program, a shocking program, on Nightline a few nights ago. And on that program they had CIA people, a former CIA head, as a mater of fact, and others who came on and said, "Yes the government has been engaging in remote viewing and has been using psychics. In fact, continues to use three of them to this date" And that ought to jog a few people. They've spent upwards of about 20 million dollars on it. And so, all of a sudden, a lot of what has seemed to a lot of religious people, dark and mysticism and the dark areas, now is out in the open. All of a sudden, Gordon.

GMS: We are in that window of time and consciousness as we approach this new millennium where anything that was a secret, anything that was shrouded in secrecy, gets ripped away. A large part of that has to do with the fact that we have this incredible global communications network and we have so many watch groups that are watching everything. And so things that perhaps could have gotten away with, during the cold war, is very difficult to do today. There's enough people who are watching it.

The biggest thing I think, the biggest break-through I think is that everybody's intuition is increasing, everyone. What I do is, I think, is going to become more and more common. I do not consider myself a prophet, I never have. I consider myself a futurist and someone who sees visions. I happen to believe in God, personally. I happen to believe that all of the things that I see is a portion of this God consciousness. But I don't really know personally any prophet, I don't know of any prophet, even in Biblical text, I don't know of any prophet that we can consider are 100%. You know I haven't read a book that says here is a list of prophets and here is their hit and miss ratios. Is there a general prophesy that could span thousands of years at a time, it is very difficult to tell when that event did or did not happen?

So I always try to be very specific in what I say so that if I'm wrong, I clearly state that I'm wrong. And there is a percentage out of every 100. This year it looks like there's going to be less than last year but it looks like, that out of every 100 forecasts we made so far, about eleven of them have not occurred. So there is a error ratio in here.

Bell: Yea, the hit percentage is about 89% by my count.

GMS: That's what it looks like, but we'll see how the final numbers come through at the end of the month here. We still have some major predictions out and we'll have to see.

Bell: All Right when you saw the visions in January, when you looked at the screens, how colorful, how bright, how likely, were the events back then?

GMS: Last January, I think it was actually December, is when I first started seeing the sequence. But until I see a vision three times I don't even deal with it, I don't publish it, I don't even talk about it. And so I think it was probably November or December that I first started seeing it. And at that time, everything I saw, I saw three screens and all three screens were colorful. So this is something new for me to see all three of them colorful. And then what I finally realized was that what I was watching was the SEVERITY of the events. In other words, it was showing me that these events were going to happen. And the only variable here was the SEVERITY of the release of each event. So the answer would be that they were colorful at that time and it has not changed. Now we're down to one screen now.

Bell: One screen to you, what does that mean?

GMS: It tells me that the release of energy, should this next event occur, the next event is a key one. Should it occur, the release of energy is going to be high. In other words, I'm forecasting that there would be an 8.0 as an average of these four quakes that are occurring.

Bell: The first having been in, north of Japan.

GMS: However, my sense is now that the release will be far greater than 8.0, my sense is that we're going to see a release in some areas that will exceed 9.0.

Bell: All right, I deal with a man now, bright guy down in Australia, whose name is Stan Deyo. He takes satellite imagery, a different approach than yours of course, Gordon. And he looks at it for what he calls, "hot spots," warm areas in the ocean or on the surface that indicate there's a change. And he says that he can see it on the satellite imagery and he's got it up on the Internet.

GMS: Well the area that I would hope he would be searching for right now is the Indian Ocean.

Bell: Well, it's strange that you would say that. Because I'm going to play that interview following this. I talked to him the night before last. I told him that the second quake in your scenario would be in the Indian Ocean. He pulled that up and he almost said a word that couldn't be broadcast about the Indian Ocean. And he said it's building in the India Ocean. It's just beginning and it's going to be big. His words, I'll play the interview. The audience can hear it following this one. I put that together and I almost said a word that you couldn't say on the air. So, Gordon, let's follow it through now. If the event in the Indian Ocean occurs or in that area, an 8.0 or greater magnitude. What follows?

GMS: OK. The vision that I see indicates that either the South Pacific or the Indian Ocean. If the event releases in the Indian Ocean, which I suspect it will, then it will, it tells me where the fourth quake will occur. And the fourth quake will occur, will be outside of South America and it will move up into the United States. If it occurred, if the quake occurred in the South Pacific, then I would expect the release of energy to be down into in Mexico or South America. Right now my sense is, and I've been seeing visions for about a month now about the Indian Ocean. And I've been trying to pinpoint where I see it. I know it's going to be in the ocean floor rather than on land. And I know it's, the release is going to be somewhere, south of Sri Lanka, somewhere in that area. But it can have a wide berth. I mean it literally could be a 500 mile latitude movement.

But in the Indian Ocean, regardless, if that occurs, then the fourth event will occur and it will, I believe, not only be a singular quake, but it will trigger a series of "domino quakes." And that would signal a line, in fact those who want to get a map out of the United States can draw a line on the map. They can just make a note right now and then later get a map and draw the line. But you would take a point which would be in British Columbia, Vancouver. Then take a line from British Columbia down all the way through to Eureka , California. And then draw the line down through the Palm Springs region, down through San Diego, and then out into the Baja. Along that line is an area that I see as a "rupture line". It's a line I think will trigger it. The quakes will occur within a 50 mile either side of that line or on that line, but the earth would be 50 miles on either side of it. And that would be into the Palm Springs region, it would bring it up into San Diego proper.

Bell: Within 50 miles or 100 miles?

GMS: Yes, I'm giving a wide berth here because when I see this rupture from space, it looks like, I don't know if you've seen photographs of the San Andreas Fault?

Bell: I have.

GMS: You can see, it looks like a tear on the land. This is kinda what I see, but when I see it, it looks like it's such a large area that it ripples. It looks like a rippling effect. That when I finally drew all the lines over and over again, I said, OK, here's a margin of area. Then it would go from San Diego all of the way up to Palm Springs and then up to San Francisco and the Bay area. All three of those areas I have seen fairly DESTROYED by 97, by the completion of 97.

Bell: Being clear, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, all three areas?

GMS: I see all three areas greatly damaged by, not one quake, but by a series of quakes. Now these quakes, whether they happen simultaneously, I doubt, but I do believe that there will be enough of a shift in the land along that line that it will cause damage along that line.

Bell: Within days, within weeks?

GMS: These things could be, I would say within, in some cases, could be within hours or days. But at this stage, the only thing that I am fairly certain of is that should the Indian Ocean quake occur, that we will have a major release in the Los Angeles area. The other two events, that remains to be seen. I have not, the visions still, when I look to the year 1998, for example, I see that everything has pretty much occurred, all of the major changes have occurred. At least for that, what I call, the first cycle of my Future Map. To be able to nail down an accurate date before that, I find that the best process is to use the series of events that happened before. Like watch for this, if this happens, then the likelihood of the next event. So, any ways, in the December-January time frame, which is when this current cycle is running, I would expect that we would have a minimum of one quake that probably will exceed 9.0. Beyond that I do not know.

Bell: When we did an interview some time ago, that marathon interview we did, you said there would be this, you referred to this series of quakes, awful enough 8.0 or 8+ in these large cities on the West Coast. Then you said you actually saw refugees streaming out across out of California and across my area, thank you very much, and eastward. Do you still foresee that prior to an even greater cycle?

GMS: Yes I do. That will probably be one of the first things, one of the first egresses will be from right around Barstow, Route 15, that portion will be open from Barstow, East and I see a lot of that movement into Nevada. And then tent cities, which I've been predicting, since I began publishing the Earth Changes Report, along the borderline. There's many tent cities literally housing, you know hundreds of thousands of people in multiple tent cities along the areas. So that's one of the, the first areas that I see, the first migration areas is in that area. Later there will be others, other migration routes further North, obviously, and further South.

There will be enough warning. One of the things that I have seen and something has changed in the past four years that I've been publishing. And that is I was trying to see back then the extent of the damage so that I could understand what people had to watch out for. The biggest thing I saw was not from the quake. The biggest thing I saw was from glass and water, that was the biggest loss of life. You would think with buildings collapsing and things like that, but somehow while there was a large loss, there was enough warnings that there was a major percentage of people that heeded the warnings and then did something about it. So it kinda indicates to me that there was enough of a warning as each of that increases. You know if you think how recently we had Northridge.

Bell: People would begin to listen, in other words.

GMS: Yeah, yeah and Kobe is still fresh in our memory.

Bell: And the Japanese thought they had their buildings built earthquake-resistant and sort of held their noses up saying, "our buildings will not fall down in an earthquake". Well they fell down.

GMS: Well, I have personally spoken to many people in the government and people involved in Japan in this field. And their scientists have already told them, their various shamans and intuitives have . So the scientists and the intuitives are together there. They have acknowledged that in '96 they fully expect to see unprecedented quakes that may reach magnitudes that may require new scales. And that's what they have personally have told me. So they know it. They know what they have done isn't going to be enough. And so they're starting to work on other things, on other possibilities, more on preparedness and disaster after-effects.

Bell: The volcanic activity, the magma movement, drives both the volcanic activity and the seismic activity. In other words you feel there is a center of magma in the earth that, I think, is shifting. Is that correct?

GMS: My visions show me that there is a displacement in the earth core relative to our geocentric pole. So if we look at it we see it as an orange with an outer jacket, and the inside being the material of the orange, it's kinda like that. We have some, scientifically we have some, theories about how the earth is really made up, but we're not really sure.

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Bell: All right, I'm going to hold the interview right there, do a couple of things. When we come back I'm, going to actually turn it back, in deference to the stations that are going to be joining us at 1AM or this next hour. Replay, I hardly ever do this, but some of what he just said is so important that it bears repeating.

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Bell: Good morning everybody. We're doing an interview with Gordon-Michael Scallion. He is a prophet. If prophecy bothers you and scares you, turn to another station. If you have children in the room, even at this hour, get them out please. I'm very serious about that. We're midway through the interview but I've done something unprecedented because we've got a lot of West Coast stations joining us at this hour. I've backed it up a little bit to the beginning of the very serious portion of the prophecy of Mr. Scallion. And we are going to continue within just a moment.

(Commercial break)

Bell: Once again, having issued the warning, here's a bit of the repeat and more of the specific, very specific prediction of Gordon-Michael Scallion, for the near term. Listen carefully.

(Bell repeats portions of previous material by Scallion and then goes on to continue the interview)

GMS: We haven't penetrated into the core of the Earth and we really don't know. My visions indicate that the magma core has been displaced already and it's seeking new pathways. And it's generating heat in areas that normally hasn't. Those areas specifically are the ones that I have reported on which was Alaska, which we said would literally begin melting. And we also said that in the Pacific we would see El Ninos, multiple, not a single, but multiple. And those events appeared to have been confirmed scientifically as occurring.

And so that's part of the displacement area. Out in the Pacific I actually see the mantle cracked for hundreds of miles. And so I think that this displacement of this magma material shifts the equilibrium of the earth. And then whatever is being stressed, wherever the pressure goes, it will relieve some areas and stress other areas. Then it's just a matter of triggers which could be the moon for example. Here in December we have a very close path of the moon. We also have other astronomical events going on. So we have a lot of potential triggers that I believe take part as a potential battery that can trigger a quake. And that's not the only thing, but there are a lot of things going on around this same window time frame. So this magma displacement, I believe, will alter magnetic fields, eventually creating new compass headings and at the same time causing crustal

Bell: If you were to speak to people in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, along the West Coast, how would advise them?

GMS: I think there's enough things that have already happened in their lives. Most of us are concerned about things that are everyday. We're concerned about our jobs, our relationships, our economy, our political structure. And we tend to seek things that we can escape from. So we get caught up in the news media and stories and anything we can to kind of escape. Occasionally nature comes along and throws an event on us that kinda wakes us up.

Bell: It makes our other disputes seem not very important.

GMS: Right. I say that, you know we've got two events here that have been significant, especially Northridge and Kobe are very significant events. We've got a lot of warning signs that nature has taken another course. You know we predicted that there were going to be 20 named storms this year and 12 hurricanes. We haven't seen this since 1933. It means it was an unprecedented year. Next year I'm forecasting that there will be more than that. Next month I'll come out with my predictions for 96 and one of those things I know now is that we're going to increase that. So the whole ecosystem relationship has changed. So I think what people need to do is take some time each day, whether it's in a prayer, a meditation or just gazing at nature, or just spacing-out. And I think if everybody just kind of becomes aware of a quiet time in their life, a timeout time. And it doesn't have to be long, it could be a matter of a few minutes. I think that they're going to receive personally any warnings that they need to have.

I cannot tell people the hour. I can tell you the event and I'm fairly confident that the events will occur. The wild card is time, but even on an outset we might be talking a year or two years which is nothing in geological time. And I think that people need to, if they haven't done so before, they need to prepare a early-warning preparedness kit for the family. They should have one in the car for sure. I suggest they get a backpack and figure you're going to go camping with your whole family for three days. And whatever you would need to go camping for three days, put it in the backpack and put it in your trunk of your car and forget it. And do the same thing at home. Think about the things you have at home. Also, you know, if you haven't done a drill about places that would be safe in the home, or an evacuation route, and it happens to be a weekend and you're looking for someplace to drive to, try seeking out some kind of evacuation route.

When these things happen it comes "like a thief in the night". It happens at the unapportioned time. You just don't know. And all of a sudden it happens and you find yourself in that position where you're in a survival position. If you have done some preparedness ahead of time and just put it away and you take this time, this three minutes each day, whatever you need, whatever your family needs to become aware, it will be. I do not advocate that everybody should, you know, pack up their cars and vans and leave California. I think that's a mistake. I think people should only leave if some part of their "essence" says "I need to be someplace else" and not being strictly from fear. If there's some part of your being that just knows it is not good for me to be in the area, then those decisions each person has to make. But I have learned that if you take a simple small step, a little preparedness step, it sets into motion some spiritual laws of awareness. And they will simply manifest, you will see it in your dreams, you will see it in your sense.

Bell: All right here we go, because of your public stature, because of my public stature, Gordon I bet you have been getting calls, I've been getting the calls, they have been increasing exponentially. People keep calling me and saying "I can feel it, something is coming". More and more and more calls like that, people out there feel this already. I bet you get the same calls.

GMS: We have a large staff on and we try to disseminate information to reach as many as we can. I've got some national television shows coming up very shortly which will cover some of these things. I try to reach as many people as I can. I try to make it not "fear-based", but it's very hard when we're talking about the kind of changes we're talking about. I can say this, I can say that my experience as a futurist as we get closer to an event, the event get stronger. And it means it gets stronger in the collective consciousness. When John Kennedy was assassinated, Jean Dixon was one of the first ones to receive specifics. But even before he was assassinated there were thousands of people who began calling and saying they that they saw something terrible happening. They didn't have the specifics but they sensed it. In the past month, I probably have had more contact with visionaries, with scientists, with subscribers to the Earth Changes Report, just sharing dreams than I have had if I was to put together in any five years. Now the commonality of all of this was not so much of a date but the commonality was that they all sensed that something in the Earth was about to happen.

And the amazing thing to me was that most people felt that it wasn't five years and it wasn't three years, and it wasn't two years. So the collective consciousness to them beforehand and I believe that everybody is constantly being warned about everything in our lives. Everything from relationships to health issues. I think it comes first in our dreams and if we work with them in our dreams, then we have a little insight. And I think that all of our problems are that we are so busy in our lives that we don't pay enough attention to these little inner-guidances. And then, later how many of us have said, "you know I knew that, I should have done that, I knew better". So I concur with you that there is a significant number of people, who are now perceiving something in the Earth. They're not necessarily saying that it's going to be the West Coast of the United States. But there, and we're talking here thousands rather than dozens or even a hundred people.

Bell: I must ask you because they would get angry if I don't. They will want to know then if this is going to occur, where do you see as safe?

GMS: In my map, the Future Map of the United States, the reason that I published the map was so that people could see the events occurring and what areas would be migration areas. Your particular state will take a very large number of refugees in the next two years. A large number here we'll be talking millions. So those areas are good. But that happens to be a migration area.

Bell: That would be a temporary staging area, wouldn't it?

GMS: Right. The trend will be that many people will flow into the Phoenix area, the Tucson area. Many people will flow into the Washington, Oregon eastern border areas. We're gonna see that kind of a major migration, at least from the West Coast. There are events that will occur, you know, a year later. I wish I could say that, like in the scientific community, that they believe a major event is going to come and that we'll be, we'll be set for three hundred years. You know, we'll get a major release of energy. And that is not what I see. What I see is this is just the beginning, actually we have already begun it. Look at the scale of 1 to 10, we have reached what I would call maybe the 2 point.

Bell: All right, we are going to hold that right there. We'll be right back with the conclusion of the Gordon-Michael Scallion interview in a moment. This is CBC

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I'm Art Bell. Good morning continuing now with the Gordon-Michael Scallion interview. Here's Gordon.

GMS: Three is when these massive quakes occur on the West Coast. And so you can see if that's three, how much more will occur.

Bell: Well it reaches the finality of your future map, I guess, right?

GMS: Yeah right, the central portion of the United States, so much of it depends upon the individual's life style. Most people will tell me, should I move and I say that's a personal decision you must make. You should only make it as some part of you tells you that. And I said and where do you go, I said most people move for reasons that they have no idea. I mean the most common thing is that people believe they're moving because of a job change. And the reality is that there is another whole dynamic that's going on. I think that what is important is that these little disruptions often times get people back on their path. You know it's like when a relationship collapses, it's painful before and during and even after. After elapsed time, you get a year behind you and you say, "Wow, I found I really wasn't being myself, I was becoming somebody different, now I can get back on my path."

There's the same thing with sometimes displacement because geological changes may allow you to move to a community where you can do the things you want to do and be who you want to be. This is a big country and there is plenty of space in this country for people. The biggest thing that I share all the time is that I simply just can't give up my house and I can't give up my job and my friends. And my response to that is that you shouldn't because you've already made your decision.

Bell: So be comfortable. This whole thing, Gordon, speculate or maybe you don't have to speculate, I frequently wonder what drives it. Is it human behavior driving changes in the Earth or changes in the Earth beginning to drive human behavior?

GMS: That's kind of an analogy for me would be like was there creation or was there evolution? And in my visions, both occurred and not either/or, but both. What occurs is that there are natural rhythmic cycles of everything, in a grain of sand, a human consciousness, a human being. And we resonate here on the Earth to the most powerful force in our area which happens to be the sun. Now the sun itself is constantly talking to the Earth, back and forth. And it sets up conditions, seasons, environment, how we evolve, evolutionary processes . All these things occur. Now as part of this exchange of the sun and the Earth talking back and forth, whatever is on the Earth gets coupled and transmits back to the sun. So when you have a few hundred million people on the Earth, if there's a lot of negativity, then that negativity feeds back to the Sun but it may not represent a paramount shift or a change or a fact. But its there.

They show up as sun spots. However, right now we've got over 5 billion people on this planet and we've just come through some of the most difficult century of recorded history for destruction. We have unleashed energies that we cannot control. We try to control nature through weaponry, weather and we're still doing it. We're still trying to penetrate the atmospheres to try to do some other technical thing. So these are only the things that we know about. We've detonated underground nuclear tests, above-ground tests. We're still doing that. We put them in volcanoes, of all things, and release nuclear detonations. You know, and so all of these things disrupt the natural harmonic balance. The Earth and the Sun and every other thing, if we left it alone, would go through some natural rhythmic cycles. We would have geological changes. These changes would occur probably more gradually, probably not as severely. But we would have them. With consciousness involved, these things become amplified and the changes become amplified.

That's where I think we are right now. I think we have unleashed nature and it will now want to seek a balance. And it does that through eruptions. Just like if we eat some toxic material, our own bodies, we will vomit as our stomach wants to get rid of the poisons. And the Earth is no different. And once we begin to look at the Earth as a sentient being, a living being, we start to see the relationship more clearly. We being to understand the responsibilities we have to each other, to the planet, to everything.

Bell: I have recently been using this analogy on air, I think it's a good one, the old movie, "The High and the Mighty," where a piston engine aircraft is going across the Pacific and they can only carry so much gas, Gordon, and they get about halfway across or a little more, and a little red light in the cockpit would come on. POINT OF NO RETURN. To me, mankind s little red light came on a little while ago. And that doesn't necessarily mean we're going to crash but we're going on to whatever is next and I don't know what that is. You seem to.

GMS: We're moving towards, you know throughout all of these shifts and changes and destruction and everything, there are other things that result. Oftentimes we have to completely change the system so that a new one can be born. We would like to say we could fix it. We would like to kinda fix the Internal Revenue Service. You know, I don't think it's a fixable thing. There's some things that you can't just fix because there's too many people vested in it. There's too much power involved. So sometimes it has to just crash and then you start with a new system, learning based on what was before. And I think we're at that stage that we are establishing, literally, a new race of people that will emerge in the new millennium. And I think that many of the prophesies that come from many of the Hebrew or Christian or Native Americans, it doesn't matter, the prophesies are so similar. All pointing to the fact that this next millennium is this incredible, blessed time period. And it tells me that there is a continuation, that nothing is the end. It's just one system moving to another system. It's a solution.

Bell: So like the Phoenix, it will rise.

GMS: Yes, exactly.

Bell: All right, Gordon, this is pretty sobering stuff. There was a reference in your fax and it was to your health. This last series that I guess we're just now finding about of visions that you've had, close-in and strong, how strong are they? How inevitable do you consider what you've just talked about?

GMS: Nothing's 100%, we always have wild card consciousness and it's not a one-shot deal. Like I said, it would have to be the community itself and people who could come into the community, bringing a change. And so it s possible that some of these things could be delayed. You can delay it, you might even lessen it somewhat. And I would always hope and pray that would be this case. I do and I have not seen any changes whatsoever in these visions. They haven't deviated at all which indicates to me that IT WILL COME. Whether it comes here at the end of 95 or into 96, I do not know that. My visions tell me that the events are going to occur and I would hope that the many would get together and simply prove that to be wrong.

Bell: All right. When you have these visions, visions of this strength and repeatedly you have them, what does it do to your health? You mentioned your health. Does it drain you, is it psychologically draining? What does it do?

GMS: It's very tiring. A good analogy is that those people who have followed Edgar Cayce, who has had predictions about great Earth Changes occurring near the end of this century. I'm also talking about the West Coast and other places. So there's a lot of similarities between many visionaries. With Cayce, he was told at one point that the way he was doing his particular reading, which was a trance function, that had a limited, that he needed time in between so that his life force can build. And he was told that if he didn't do that, that the alternative would be that he would "pass over". And he was at a difficult time during World War II and the needs were so great that he just could not stop. And so someone sent that to me about three months ago when they heard that I was having some difficulties. The difficulties I was having was that it just totally exhausted and finding that the visions weren't just ending. The visions would continue for hours and I found that if we would go out, for example, with my wife Cynthia would say "I think I better drive" and it was only because I'd be driving and the visions would continue.

And that's what I find happens is that you over-stimulate the intuitive part of it. And so I just became so tired and it began a series of headaches. And then I had an experience that simply said that "if you want to continue doing this type of work, take the advice that was given to Cayce". And that's when someone, shortly thereafter, sent me a fax. They didn't know why they sent it to me, they just sent it to me. It was very appropriate and I said, "all right I need to adjust my life because there's so much more coming up". As long as I feel I can provide some insights then I'll continue doing this. If I felt that at any time that it wasn't providing a benefit to people, then I would immediately stop it.

Bell: All right my friend we've done it, times up. Thank you, you've laid it out for us, Gordon. It's up to people what they do with it. Be healthy, be safe.

GMS: Good evening. Thank You.

Bell: All right, everybody, there it was. That was Gordon Michael Scallion. Don't move. In a moment we'll punctuate it with Stan Deyo from Australia. Stay right there.

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Interview of Stan Deyo

Bell: All right now, listen very carefully, here comes Stan Deyo from Australia. We're not going to get it in by the top of the hour but you'll recall, I hope you'll recall, what Gordon-Michael Scallion just said about the Indian Ocean. Listen very carefully. From Australia, here's Stan Deyo, actually Perth, Australia. Let Stan say it for himself. I've got Stan from Perth, Australia on the line. First I want to read, and I know he's listening, the Scallion fax that I've got. Here it is, Stan.

"Dear Art, As you are aware, Japan's Kuril Islands was hit with a magnitude 8.0 earthquake this week. This is the first of four events I have predicted for the time frame beginning December of 95 (See the Earth Changes Report in March of 95). It signals the beginning of my third four-quake scenario for 1995. Events will now progress quickly. On Friday, December 8, 1995, I will be releasing a press and media update to this prophecy including potential events I see occurring in the U.S. as part of this scenario. I promise to keep you informed on any updates and I will send you the latest release on Friday the 8th at 9AM Eastern. I regret my health is such that I cannot appear on your program due to its late air time.

Five years of visions has taken its toll. I can, if you wish, discuss this update for up to an hour with you, on the phone at 10AM or 2PM Eastern time on the 8th, which, if appropriate for you and your listeners, could be rebroadcast on your Friday or Saturday evening, in other words Friday night- Saturday morning. I do not wish to alarm anyone but I sense we are very close to major geological events occurring in the U.S. and elsewhere. Since both of my earlier four-quake scenarios have occurred in sequence and on time, I can only assume that the potential now exists that the complete four-quake scenario, which has just begun, may now occur.

Even if the percentage of such an event occurring is low, I would still feel that everyone in high risk areas should be prepared, no different than a hurricane warning. I pray the visions I am seeing are wrong. Should it turn out to be so, those who prepared will be better prepared for when it does occur. The scientific community and myself are no longer so far apart in our predictions The only difference between us is the time frame and extent of damage. Sincerely, Gordon-Michael."

Well, that's the prophecy end of it. The guy who watches the thermal areas of the Earth is on the line with me from Perth, Australia. Yo, Stan, it's Art-A-choke here. Are you there?

Deyo: How you going?

Bell: I'm doing fairly well. Hold on one second, Stan, I'm gonna put you somewhere else. Let me put you over here. OK, do you have us?

Deyo: Yes.

Bell: OK, good.

Deyo: You're coming in clear now.

Bell: Good, did you hear the fax?

Deyo: Yeah, wow, you know I sent you a fax about a week ago, just before the Kurils went, to say that things in February areas look pretty bad. And since that time about 40% of them have converted to action. Like Gordon-Michael I try to say to folks, Look, if you're in one of the areas I say look out, you got about a one-in- three or one in four or better chance that it will actually hit in the next four days". Be prepared, that's the best that I can do. But what I've come across here in the last few days since I made that announcement, is some information from a guy, I'll have to fax it to you later, about what people should do before an earthquake or volcano occurs in their area, what people should do during one in various buildings or locations they might be in and what people should do after the disaster, if they survive it. I think this is probably of much more value than the panic value of "gee we're going to get an earthquake."

Bell: Nevertheless, Stan, I would like to ask though, I know you watch the thermal imagery from satellites. So what is it that you see, tell everybody?

Deyo: You mean what do I, how does it work, what am I seeing?

Bell: Well I guess give us a brief explanation of what you think you're seeing and what it means.

Deyo: All right. About 90 days ago, the U.S. Navy declassified some image files that they get off of the satellite twice a day. And these are called Otis Files which allow us to see the sea surface temperature, absolute temperature, across the entire planet. Any water body it will read the temperature very accurately. Now I take those color images of the entire planet twice a day, and I use a program called Photo-Shop and subtract one image from the first part of the day from the second one. And I also subtract other days prior to that to get the change in temperature. I don't want the absolute temperature, I want the change in temperature you see, if it's warming up or if it's cooling down in various areas of the ocean. In the beginning this was just an idle curiosity, but very quickly I realized that these temperature changes, when they went up and down next to each other, in tight little patterns, earthquakes and volcanoes occurred within a few days in those areas.

Now what is causing it--is it magma moving beneath the crust? I mean this is quite unusual to have something like this happen. Is it something to do in the ionosphere or is it something to do simply pressure in the crust generating a temperature differential just from the pure pressure which heats up the water a degree or so or half degree? Now, I think the latter is probably the case due to magma movement, that just when the pressure starts to build, the heat starts to build with it, like when you squeeze something.

Now, something else in the last week has been happening on another image I get from the Navy, that is unusual. Well to me it is anyway, I have not seen it before. On your map, if you look at 90 degrees East latitude, and twelve degrees South latitude, that's kind of in the middle of the Indian Ocean, in the middle of nowhere, a thing about 50 miles in diameter, a circular thing, kinda like a Yin Yang, symbol developed around the first or second of December. And it's just a perfectly round, chase it's tail type Yin Yang symbol, developed there, showing that the wave height in the middle of the Indian Ocean, in that tight little circle, had increased.

Now this is OK, I mean a hurricane will generate a symbol like that, perhaps a little smaller, but it will generate a symbol of raised wave height. But this thing sat in one spot for three days and didn't move. It wasn't a hurricane, it didn't give me any hurricane reports or anything, it was just an up-welling of wave height. Now until I was talking to Tony, it dawned on me. A long time ago, in 79 or so, I remember reading about the "smokers", you know the deep sea vents that have super-heated water gushing up through them. These things have been reported even as far back as the tale of the flood in Genesis, as fountains of the deep, you know where water comes up underneath the floor of the ocean.

Bell: It's really underwater volcanic action, right?

Deyo: Well, it's not really volcanic, it's 400 degrees Fahrenheit degrees water that squirts out like a hypodermic through holes. In the north eastern Pacific Ocean, off the Oregon, Washington coast, there have been reports of up to 1,100 little vents like this being cataloged since 79 . They break up water from way deep down in the Earth's surface, maybe 15 miles or so, down where the Moho discontinuity is and just above that.

Bell: All right, we're going to hold it right there, the real shocker, you gotta remember, this interview was done prior to the Scallion interview you just heard. That's yet to come. I haven't laid it on Stan with regard to the Indian Ocean, we'll be right back.

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Bell: Now, again from Perth, Australia, continuing with Stan Deyo. Listen very closely as we talk about the Indian Ocean, bear in mind this interview was done before the one with Gordon-Michael Scallion.

Deyo: They break up water from way deep down in the Earth's surface, maybe 15 miles or so, down where the Moho discontinuity is and just above that. There seems to be a shell of water the Russians reckon, which has super-heated water and metals dissolved in it and it gushes up through holes in the bottom of the ocean floor. Now this wouldn't mean much, except that about a week ago, a report came into Nexus Magazine. And we are going to print this story in the next issue. Here in Australia, two years ago, a competent scientific group discovered what they think is proof that the Earth is contracting rapidly by geological standards. This report was filed with the Prime Minister of this country and with various politicians of this country and their responses were all recorded. And to a man, they all said, "No, not interested, don't want to report it, don't want to back it."

Now, two years later, we're seeing evidence of crustal activity that would indicate something like this is in the "go". If the Earth is contracting, then possibly these deep sea vents are becoming more active and what I'm seeing here is an up-welling of a super-vent. I don't know how to tell you except that I think that's a good guess.

Bell: Stan, you mentioned the Indian Ocean area. That would be the next location, if I'm following Scallion's predictions accurately, that would be the next location for a likely 8.0 quake.

Deyo: You're joking.

Bell: No, it would be the Indian Ocean, followed by South America or Mexico and then North America.

Deyo: Just a second, I'm pulling up today's map.

Bell: OK, because that is where we would look for the next action. It would be somewhere in the Indian Ocean, probably.

Deyo: A heat zone is developing underneath that welling I was telling you about. There's a temperature inversion, a drop just North of there surrounding that and a heat inversion going up the other way, starting right where that bubble was, slightly to the left of it. That means that there could be quake activity building there. It's not too serious yet, it's not a big one.

South America, Holy Cow! Boy, look down the east southeast coast, that's Argentina on the right side, the east side of it, is lighting up. But I don't see any dark areas so it may not convert yet. California, Baja California, has a white spot indicating a temperature rise off the tip of it and to the West about 600 miles. A type zone North of that, up to San Francisco is a cooling, indicating that there's pressure between the two, probably Los Angeles is where the conversion could take place. Also another one off Oregon, a hot spot building, cooling down. I'm sorry that's off Washington. Down at Oregon, it's a hot spot, right on land and then slightly South and West of that is a cool spot indicating there might be some minor quakes up there shortly.

Bell: OK, Stan, I know I don't have you for a long time. I would like to ask you, "How can people see what you're seeing?"

Deyo: Well, on my web page is a good place to start. I have there the addresses on there of the U.S. Naval Data Bases that I use. You can just click on your web page and it takes you there.

Bell: OK, there's now a link between my web page, I understand, and yours, correct?

Deyo: That's correct, they can go to your web page for people that have appeared on your show who have web pages, click my name, that takes them to my web page. On my front page there's a thing that says, down about three-quarters of the way down, it says,"Current Quakes, Thermal Changes and Wave Height Changes U.S. Naval Center." And you just click on those and it takes you straight in. And then you have to pull those images down. And if you kinda don't know how to process them, then you can write to me on E-mail, cause my address is on the page and I'll tell you how to do it.

Bell: All right, Stan, I gave everybody my web page address. I'll do it again, I really, really appreciate your taking a few minutes out.

Deyo: Well thanks for sharing with that telegram, I didn't know that it happened.

Bell: Yeah, how do you react to that after what you've just seen, by the way?

Deyo: Well, I know something unusual is happening. As I say, it's so new a science or a semi-science that we're doing here, that I don't know what I'm seeing. But something unusual is happening and most of it for the moment seems to be Indian Ocean toward Australia. Australia has a hot spot developing under it so it's working. All I can tell you is that things over here are brewing.

Bell: All right, Stan, thank you my friend, we'll check back with you and we'll stay in close touch.

Deyo: Well, I'm exposed to the Indian Ocean side so I hope it's not a big wave. Thanks.

Bell: Have a good one, Stan.

Deyo: Thanks, Art. Bye, bye.

Bell: All right, there you go. That was the interview with Stan Deyo. It follows the one with Gordon-Michael Scallion. And you can all take and absorb that and think about and in a moment, comment on it. That was a fairly extensive amount of information for everybody to absorb and I would be very interested in your reaction to it. So in a moment we will open the lines and we will do, for the remainder of the morning, open-line talk radio. This is Coast To Coast AM. My Name is Art Bell. We'll be right back.

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