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Spirit Search Award
June 3, 2000

Greetings, NewHeavenNewEarth has been chosen to receive the new Gloria Award for an outstanding website from Spirit Search. Each month only 5 websites are carefully chosen for this award. Some of the criteria judged are useful informational content, design, and the ease of loading time and navigation. Recipient's are listed in our "Web's Best" directory at http://spiritsearch.com/websbest. We have attached the award to this email and thank you for your wonderful contribution.

Rev. Francine

The Links2Go Key Resource Award
November 9, 1998

The Links2Go Key Resource Award is both exclusive and objective. Fewer than one page in one thousand will ever be selected for inclusion. Further, unlike most awards that rely on the subjective opinion of "experts," many of whom have only looked at tens or hundreds of thousands of pages in bestowing their awards, the Links2Go Key Resource Award is completely objective and is based on an analysis of millions of web pages. During the course of our analysis, we identify which links are most representative of each of the thousands of topics in Links2Go, based on how actual page authors, like yourself, index and organize links on their pages. In fact, the Key Resource Award is so exclusive, even we don't qualify for it (yet)!

The Lotus Light Award for Quality Excellence
April 23, 1998

Congratulations! You have been chosen to receive The Lotus Light Award for Quality Excellence!

Hello. My name is Rev. Francine Milano. Our organization, SpiritNetwork at http://spiritnetwork.com, would like to commend you on your wonderful site.

The Lotus Light is awarded on the basis of useful information content, presentation of content, and graphic design. Each recipient is chosen from a group of websites which are nominated by one of our staff members or any individual who chooses to nominate a site from SpiritNetwork at http://spiritnetwork.com/indexllinfo.html where recipients' links will be featured.

Keep up the great work you're doing on the Information Highway!

Rev. Francine

The Virtual Dolphin Project
"Web Excellence"

September, 1997

This note is to let you know you have received an award for web excellence courtesy of "The Virtual Dolphin Project".

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring the healing benefits that dolphins have on children with life-threatening illnesses and developmental disabilities. Our approach is unique as you will see at our Web site: http://www.virtualdolphin.org

We are also hoping that you will add us to your group of sites supported by your lovely organization. We look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime we wish you many...

...Dolphin Dreams

Claudia Bartoli
Executive Director
The Virtual Dolphin Project

Majon Web Select "Seal of Excellence Award"
July, 1997

Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your Web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is the WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select "Seal of Excellence Award" (as mentioned in the WALL STREET JOURNAL).

Our award seal is trademarked and may be placed anywhere in your web site, provided you place a link from the icon to: http://www.majon.com

The Web Select Team


Heaven & Earth Chronicles
"Featured Site of the Week"

July, 1997


It gives me great pleasure to award NewHeavenNewEarth with Heaven & Earth Chronicles "Featured Site of the Week Award". Congratulations and keep up the wonderful work you do!

Light and Love,
Gigianne Fairhope

Lycos "Top 5%"
June, 1997

Our records indicate that your site is listed in the Lycos TOP 5% directory. If we never mentioned it before, congratulations!

We've made a few changes to TOP 5% that you may want to check out. Our pages have a fresh new look and navigation is easier than ever. We've also moved to a 100-point scoring system.

Feel free to link the icon back to our TOP 5% homepage so visitors can quickly locate our glowing remarks about your site. That address again is: http://point.lycos.com/reviews/Paranormal_5645.html

Thanks -- and again, congratulations!

Tim Riley
Senior Editor
Lycos TOP 5%

DisInformation "Four Grenade Site"
June, 1997

Your Web site, "NewHeavenNewEarth", has been given our highest rating by the reviewers at DisInformation, the subculture search engine (http://www.disinfo.com), as a part of our dossier on Earth Changes (http://www.disinfo.com/ci/gaia/ci_gaia_earth.html).

We would like to thank you at this time for your great work and offer you a DisInformation Four Grenade Site graphic which you can display on your page.

Thank you,
The DisInformation Staff

"Golden Feather Award"
October, 1996

I am very pleased to announce that NewHeavenNewEarth has been given The Golden Feather Award. This is a very special award given to those sites who are fulfilling a mission of enlightenment.

To learn about the message of The Golden Feather, go to:

Congratulations again.

Julia White

McKinley Review "3 Star Site"
August, 1996

Your Internet site has been reviewed and rated by The McKinley Group's online editorial team. We are delighted to designate your resource as a "3-Star" site. Our sincerest congratulations! This rating is a special mark of achievement in Magellan, McKinley's comprehensive Internet directory of nearly 2 million sites and 40,000 reviews. As a Magellan 3-Star site, you are being awarded a special logo to recognize the hard work that has gone into establishing and maintaining your site.

The McKinley Group was founded in 1993 by a team of international publishers, technologists and information specialists. We are committed to delivering the best navigational and informational directory for the Internet. Our reviews of WWW, FTP, and gopher sites, as well as mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups have appeared in print and online form, as well as CD-ROM. In addition, these site reviews will be republished as part of licensing agreements with Time Warner's Pathfinder, AT&T, The Microsoft Network, IBM, Europe Online, NYNEX, and other information providers. Your site has excelled in our rigorous review process, in which we consider three primary factors: depth of content, ease of exploration, and Net appeal. More information about our review process can be found within our FAQ at http://www.mckinley.com/feature.cgi?faq_bd

Congratulations again on your 3-Star award! We wish you continued success in all of your online endeavors.

The McKinley Group, Inc.

Fruit Tree's "Pick of the Week"
November, 1996

Congratulations! Three sites, all dedicated to making our world a better place, were nominated this week to be "Fruit Tree's Pick of the Week." I am delighted to announce that NewHeavenNewEarth received the most votes and now joins our growing list of especially popular Web sites.

Bruce Fraser


Heart of the Earth "Enchantment Award"
January, 1996

I was out surfing (it's too cold up here in South Dakota to do much else) and I stumbled across your Web site. You have a beautifully laid out site with very important information. I love it! Attached is our Enchantment Award, even if you do not display it, know that your home on the Web is what it stands for. Keep up the fantastic work.

Warm Wishes,
Wanda Sudrala
Heart of the Earth

Millennium Matters "Editor's Choice Award"
January, 1996

Greetings. We have recognized your resource as an "Editors' Choice" site. In an issue of "The Millennium Matters ORACLE" ezine, Michael Connolly, Features Editor, chose "NewHeavenNewEarth" (the first Web site to recieve this honor).

We look for Web sites that seek to inform and delight readers of our topic-areas by exhibiting excellence in educational content, Web site design, or both.

The review of your site is at:

If you decide to use our award GIF, please hyperlink it to "The ORACLE's" opening page:

Gracias, Tak, Merci, Danke, and THANK YOU for creating such memorable and informative pages!

Patti Perrott (for The MILLENNIUM Matters)


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