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Potential Cure for Cancer
Wednesday, October 11, 2000


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NHNE: Resources: Potential Cure for Cancer
Wednesday, October 11, 2000
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A few days ago, I heard about a potential cure for cancer that has been making waves in Maryland. I told Kathleen Blake, NHNE's holistic health resource person about the situation, and asked her what she thought about it. She responded by sharing some synchronistic background information that appeared in the current issue of the TOWNSEND LETTER FOR DOCTORS (see below).

If you, or someone you know, is dealing with cancer (I recently lost two friends to the dreaded disease), the following information is worth taking a serious look at...

--- David Sunfellow


Cancer Courtroom Showdown:
Defendant's Cancer Cure Denies Maryland Attorney General His Victory


When Maryland Attorney General Joseph Curran charged Neal Deoul, alternative cancer therapy financier, with distributing deceptive promotional literature neither side could predict how personal the battle would become -- or how the public would be the loser when it was over.

In the heat of a 1998 re-election battle Joe Curran grabbed badly needed headlines by accusing Deoul of participating in "the most egregious case of fraud I have ever seen."

T-UP, Inc. the company Deoul financed, was distributing Cesium and T-UP -- an aloe vera concentrate -- each a natural dietary supplement, to battle cancer and AIDs. And though the attorney general had never received a single consumer complaint, and T-UP, Inc. had testimonials from hundreds of consumers who claimed life changing results, Deoul and T-UP became a convenient target.

But then the unexpected struck in January of 1999. As the case against Deoul unfolded in court, Deoul himself was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

It was a shocking and ironic development that would put courtroom testimony about alternative cancer therapy to the ultimate test -- and expose how badly tilted the scales of justice can be in the so-called "war against cancer."

While prosecutors and defense attorneys battled, Deoul quietly and confidently turned to Cesium & T-UP concentrated aloe, his own products, for treatment of his prostate cancer.

His doctors were shocked. They protested loudly and predicted the worst if Deoul continued to refuse surgery, radiation and other standard therapies.

Instead, Deoul's PSA plummeted. His condition improved taking his own medicine.

Cesium and T-UP

Cesium and T-UP are at the center of the Maryland courtroom controversy. The products were marketed by T-UP, Inc. as dietary supplements under FDA rules.

Cesium is nature's most alkaline mineral capable of significantly raising the pH of malignant cells until the cancer cells die --- usually within days. As long ago as 1925, two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg found that cancer cells are anaerobic; meaning they thrive only in a low-oxygen state. Cesium changes that environment.

In addition, T-UP capitalizes on the scientifically documented power of concentrated aloe to stimulate components of the immune system.

The combination of Cesium and concentrated aloe vera acts as a potent one-two punch against cancer.

Deoul's Battle

In Deoul's case, the measures of prostate cancer activity in his body dropped dramatically after completing the Cesium/ T-UP treatment regimen.

When he was first diagnosed in January of 1999 his PSA level was 8.1 complicated by a Gleason score of 7. The two numbers combined indicated a highly aggressive prostate cancer.

But by October of that year, after treatment, (i.e. 3 Cesium pills per day for six weeks) his PSA dropped to 3.7. No other therapies were used.

Meanwhile, Deoul continues to lead a completely normal life. He has not suffered the scarring of surgery or the debilitation of radiation -- or devastating side effects like erectile dysfunction or incontinence.

His doctor, a proponent of standard "slash and burn" cancer therapy, will not comment publicly about the results. So far, the Attorney General has remained silent as well.

The Outcome in Court

Deoul's supporters called it a "Kangaroo Court."

Unfortunately, Deoul's successful treatment in the real world was not mirrored in the courtroom. A Maryland Administrative Law Judge found Deoul and T-UP, Inc. guilty of violating Maryland's consumer protection statutes.

But the ruling came only after the judge refused to allow Deoul's defense team to put on its full complement of witnesses -- including over 80 people who would have testified that Cesium and T-UP helped them battle cancer and a number of other serious ailments.

Deoul was also denied a trial by his peers. The Attorney General used Maryland's arcane consumer protection process to direct the case into the Administrative Law system, where there are no juries. Worse yet, there are no set rules of evidence to insure a fair trial.

Meanwhile, the state's expert witnesses never provided evidence that Deoul's claims were false. In fact, not one of the State's expert witnesses had first hand experience with Cesium or concentrated aloe vera in human usage. Instead, testimony focused on whether or not the marketer was in strict compliance with complex and changing FDA rules on the sale of dietary supplements.

The critical question -- do the products actually fight cancer? -- was not addressed in the judge's findings.

Deoul Declares Victory & A New Mission

In the end, however, it is Deoul who declares the ultimate victory.

With the State's awesome powers of injunction, the Attorney General has never sought to remove the products from the marketplace: If the products were not safe and effective -- why are they still sold?

Cesium and T-UP are still available because they are safe and effective. Evidence based medical practice is proving Cesium and T-UP to be potent treatments for patients seeking alternatives to the deadly trio of conventional medical treatments -- slash, burn and poison.

Meanwhile, as critics and supporters pick the facts of the case apart, it's Maryland Attorney General Joe Curran who now appears to be caught twisting the truth to serve his own needs.

With restored health, Deoul vows to spend whatever it takes to support additional research into the efficacy of Cesium and T-UP in the treatment of cancer.

Deoul believes it is his obligation to blow the whistle; he believes his personal experience is convincing evidence that there is a medical establishment conspiracy to cover up the benefits of many natural treatments.

Deoul accuses pharmaceutical firms and government agencies that fund drug testing of ignoring compelling evidence that Cesium and concentrated aloe vera work. He believes they fear the truth because it would cut into corporate profits fueled by the cancer industry and ruin the careers of establishment researchers who've made a handsome living advocating standard treatments. No pharmaceutical company will ever fund the costly drug approval process for a non-proprietary product. It's all about the bottom-line!

In too many cases, Deoul says it's the approved, conventional treatments that leave patients sicker than when they first came for the life-saving help they so desperately need.

It's time to put life above profit; it's time to begin using nature's potent weapon -- Cesium!



Many of you are asking for more information about my personal experience with Cesium - High pH Therapy.

How much Cesium did I take? What does the literature indicate? When did I take it? Where did I get it? What is my prognosis?

First and foremost, based on personal experience, I urge everyone to seek the counsel of an experienced healthcare professional. I am a physicist and an attorney, not a physician.

The following information is my experience and is not provided for purposes of diagnosis, treatment or prescription. Involve your doctor. The more experience physicians and oncologists have with Cesium the more likely they are to incorporate Cesium into their practice and to recommend the use of Cesium to their colleagues in treating cancer.

I purchased Cesium from:

Biotech Pharmacal,
3481 North Highway - 112
Fayetteville, Arkansas, 72704-0743
Phone: (501) 443-9148

I utilized the following protocol after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

I was told, always take Cesium with food!

I took three one gram Cesium capsules daily --- one at breakfast, one at dinner, one before bedtime in the evening (with food), for six-weeks. Additionally, I took four - 1000 milligrams Vitamin C tablets daily, one with each gram of Cesium plus the fourth Vitamin C tablet at lunch. I also took Zinc (25 - 30 milligrams) at breakfast; plus one "Slo - K" Potassium capsule daily as prescribed by a physician.


Friday, October 6, 2000

David, wow, what a coincidence: just today I was reading my TOWNSEND LETTER
FOR DOCTORS and here is a portion of an article I had just finished reading
when I got your email:

"As late as 1970 here in the US, we had a small vegetarian population either
free from cancer or nearly free from it. It is a fascinating story told by
A. Keith Brewer. Early in World War II, he was a PhD with our Navy working
on atomic energy. He was working on Cesium. Cesium did not fit in the
atomic energy program, however he decided that Cesium was an important
element in our defense against cancer. He also felt that taking Cesium in
the amount of three to ten grams a day was a viable treatment of cancer. He
founded the A. Keith Brewer Library in Richland Center, Wisconsin to foster
Cesium treatment of cancer. He died in 1986.

"In 1984 he had a report in Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior vol.1
supplement1, pp1-5. In it he gives many cases of remissions induced in late
stage cancer patients on treatment with Cesium. In this report he tells of
an Indian population in the US who were nearly free from cancer as late as

"The Hopi Indians of Arizona then were living their traditional vegan diet,
mostly of calico corn. In 1974 they were reported to be having only one
case of cancer per 1,000. The white population in Arizona were having one
case of cancer in four. Brewer attributed the near freedom from cancer
amoung these Indians to the high Cesium content in their diet. The soil in
their reservation is volcanic and high in Cesium. They burn the leaves of
the chamisa plant and add the ash obtained to their cornmeal. This ash is
high in Cesium.

"Close by the Hope are the Pueblo Indians. White do-gooders in the Federal
Department of Indian Affairs decided (at great cost to the taxpayers) to
improve the diet of the Pueblo Indians. Food stamps were given to them and
food markets were established where they could live on the high meat diet of
the white population of the USA. It was not long before the cases of cancer
among them had increased from one in 1,000 to one in four, the same as among
their white neighbors.

"The Hopi Indians refused the generous offer of a free, high meat diet and
maintained their vegan diet mostly of corn. In so doing they were, as late
as 1974, still having only one case of cancer in 1,000. It could be as
Brewer has suggested that high Cesium in diet is the reason for their near
freedom from cancer or it may just be that a meat-free vegan diet is
conductive of a very low incidence of cancer."

This is part of a letter written about the possible connection between meat
eating and cancer. I had never heard of Cesium as a possible cancer cure
until I read this about an hour ago, and then read your email. So that is
very interesting that in that short time I would read two things about
cesium! Extremely interesting, actually. Thanks for sharing that URLwith
me. I think it is probably true; especially after the Townsend Letter!

The author of the article was:

Wayne Martin
25 Orchard Drive
Fairhope, Alabama 36532
Phone: (334) 928-3975
Fax: (334) 928-0150



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