An Undercover Report About Gabriel Of Sedona
(aka Gabriel Of Urantia & Anthony J. Delevin)
NBC Dateline
February 24, 1998

Background Information
By David Sunfellow
Founder and President, NHNE

For many years, this website has allowed the general public to view and download Dateline's 1998 undercover report about Gabriel of Sedona. We provided this service because Dateline does not have a copy of the report on their website, nor have they responded to our requests to post one there, or make it available for others to post on their websites.

Because of the exceedingly unflattering portrait this program paints of Gabriel and his community, Gabriel and his lawyer, Celinas Ruth, have asked me to stop making this program available for others to watch online. Since ex-members of Gabriel's community told me that the information in the Dateline report was accurate -- and since my personal experience of Gabriel while he lived in Sedona was in keeping with what Dateline's report said -- I refused to do so. I told both Gabriel and his lawyer that I felt I had a moral duty to make this information available to those who might be interested. I did, however, tell them that if Dateline contacted me and asked me to remove the program, I would. To this date, no one from Dateline has done so.

In response to my refusal to remove the program, Gabriel's lawyer contacted two different companies that host NHNE websites. In both cases, Ruth accused us of copyright infringement and asked that the offending material -- primarily the Dateline program -- be removed.

A copy of the letter Ruth sent to the second company, which hosts this website, is posted below.

If you read her letter carefully, you will see that the copyright infringement she refers to pertains primarily to materials Dateline used in their program. In other words, Ruth is claiming that Dateline, a news organization that is acutely aware of what constitutes Fair Use of copyrighted materials, crossed the line by using two snippets of information in their report. Thus, the logic goes, since Dateline infringed on Gabriel's rights by including copyrighted materials in their undercover report, I (and whomever else might post the Dateline report online) are also guilty of copyright infringement.

This, of course, is the opinion of Gabriel's lawyer, not a legal judgement won by Gabriel and his group suing Dateline in court.

While this argument seems patently ridiculous to me, the company that is hosting this website, thought otherwise and asked me to remove the offending material. Worse, they actually pulled THE ENTIRE WEBSITE down for TWO DAYS while we exchanged emails about Ruth's letter.

I have, therefore, reluctantly agreed to pull down Dateline's 1998 Special Report on Gabriel of Sedona, along with the photo of Gabriel that Ruth believes infringes on their copyright.

Let me say this again: the material that Ruth objected to, has been completely removed from this website.

If, however, you wish to watch Dateline's damning program, I am having it uploaded to multiple servers, all over the net. Here is a list of places -- on other servers, not this one -- where you can download copies of this report if you want to find out what all the fuss is about:

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Download Link 3

Download Link 4

Download Link 5

Download Link 6

Download Link 7

Clips from the 1998 Dateline undercover report can be found in this YouTube video.

If you would like to see what Gabriel looks like, and also see examples of the head-banded image of Gabriel of Sedona that Dateline used in their 1998 report, you can do a search on Google using these search terms:

Gabriel of Sedona

Gabriel of Urantia

Tony Delevin, AKA Gabriel


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Global Community Communication Alliance


August 4, 2011

Dear Copyright Agent:

Please consider this a formal complaint and request to remove material from one of your hosted websites due to copyright infringement. [ For your information I hold the copyright to any information I am providing and this information is not available for your publication in any manner or any place.] In support of the complaint, I provide the required information as follows:

1. My electronic signature is below and I am the attorney authorized to act for Global Community Communications Alliance formerly known as Aquarian Concepts, (" GCCAlliance") the exclusive owner of the copyrighted material listed in 2(a) and 2(b) below. This infringed material is being used within the NBC Dateline tape "True Believers" and it appears online without permission for its use from GCCAlliance or NBC Dateline.

2. (a) The photograph of Gabriel of Urantia with a headband located under the date, February 24, 1998 on page 1 at infringes the copyrighted photograph which appears with written material on the copyrighted work, "Holy City," Reg. No. SR272-253. This same photograph appears 5 times without permission from its copyright owner in the NBC Dateline tape "True Believers." hosts the infringing website, which posts the uploaded NBC Dateline tape containing the infringed photographic material. A file showing the photograph, where it appears on the infringing NBC Dateline tape and on www. is attached and labeled "copyright pictures.mp4."

(b) Material from the copyrighted work, "Humility is the Engine of Divine Government, Love is the Caboose," Reg. No. SR 0000671653 is first infringed when it is used without permission from its copyright owner in the NBC Dateline tape "True Believers." Then, which hosts the uploaded NBC Dateline tape containing infringed material has host their infringing website. An audio/video file describing the material and where it appears on the infringing uploaded "bootlegged" NBC Dateline tape is attached and labeled "Sounds copyright.mp4."

3. The material being infringed, i.e., the photograph and the uploaded copy of the NBC Dateline tape "True Believers" are located on the website with the URL: dateline.html

4. My contact information is: Celinas Ruth, P.O. Box 8001, Tumacacori, AZ 85640-8001, 520-393-3388 . I may be reached at the email address:

5. The use of the copyrighted material mentioned in 2(a) and 2(b) above is not authorized by my client, the copyright owner, Global Community Communications Alliance. I have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted material in 2(a) and 2(b) is not authorized by any agent of the owner of these copyrights or under the law. I have a good faith belief that the NBC Dateline tape, "True Believers" uploaded as digital media is not authorized to be displayed as a video or displayed for download on by the copyright owner, its agents, or under the law.

6. The above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge and I swear under penalty of perjury I have authority to represent and act on behalf of the owner of the copyright with exclusive rights to the photograph and to the material which have been infringed by GoDaddy is hosting the infringed photograph and material on as explained above.

I request the NBC Dateline "True Believers" material be removed or the access to it be totally disabled to prevent any further infringement of the photograph and materials copyrighted by my client, Global Community Communications Alliance.

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your assistance.


Celinas Ruth, Esq.

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