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NHNE News Brief 1
(Saturday, October 22, 1994)

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NHNE News Brief 1
Saturday, October 22, 1994

The Arguing Rabbis

Mutant Message
Nessie's Faked Photo

Near-Death Experiences:
Dannion Brinkley

Encounters With Mary:
The Real Meaning Of Mary's Appearances
Catholic Guidelines For Evaluating Spiritual Revelations

The Shroud of Turin

Psychic Predictions:
Gordon-Michael Scallion
Edgar Cayce

Earth Changes:
Endangered Insurance Companies?
Farm Chemicals Poisoning Water Supply
Scallion Earth Changes Hotline Number

UFOs & Abductions:
The Omni UFO Overview
UFO Models
The Roswell Declaration
Project Open Book

Spiritual Communities:

Alternative Energy:
Solar Cookers
The Coming Energy Revolution

Alternative Health:
Human Reproductive Woes

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Many holy books have come to be regarded as Gods in and of themselves. An old Jewish story illustrates this tendency with humorous clarity.

Long ago there was a great gathering of Jewish Rabbis. One Rabbi held to one view while all the other Rabbis held to another. For days they argued, unable to agree. The lone Rabbi, convinced that God had inspired him with a new vision and becoming increasingly irritated with his peers for clinging to dogmatic traditions, asked God to make a wind to blow through the midst of all those gathered if his views were correct. At once, a wind blew through the midst of all those gathered. Unphased, the other Rabbis continued to argue. Astounded at the stubbornness of his fellow Rabbis, the lone Rabbi prayed to God again, asking God to make all the trees bow to the ground if he was correct. And at once, all the trees bowed to the ground as he requested. But again the other Rabbis refused to abandon their position. Finally, the frustrated Rabbi called out for God to make His will known through a direct sign. And at once a loud voice echoed down from Heaven. "HE IS RIGHT!" Upon hearing God side with the lone Rabbi, the other Rabbis all told God to shut up. They could not accept anything that was not already written in the scriptures.

---Adapted from the PBS Special, "Testament"



You're a white, middle-aged American woman working in Australia as a part-time holistic health care person and part time entrepreneur (manufacturing screens for windows with a group of disempowered Aborigine youths). One day you receive a call from an Aborigine who invites you to attend a ceremony with Aborigine elders who wish to honor you for your work with their lost youth. The next thing you know, you're in the middle of the bush wearing nothing but a rag watching all your possessions (clothes, shoes, jewelry, purse, cash, credit cards, camera) go up in smoke.

So begins Marlo Morgan's fascinating story of a 4 month, 1400 mile walkabout with a mystical tribe of miracle-working aborigines. It's a captivating story that is presently selling like hot cakes. But is it true?

According to a recent issue of THE NEW AGE JOURNAL (July/August 1994), there are a growing number of problems with Morgan's MUTANT MESSAGE. Not only does NEW AGE quote local Australian reporters calling the book "a lot of rubbish," but it also quotes an Aborigine activist named Bobby McLead, saying the book is filled "cover to cover" with "fantasies, misinformation, and distortion... Once again, the colonist mentality feels free, for its own purposes and profit, to exploit and disfigure the Aboriginal world..."

Although the adventure itself takes place in Australia, back in the states, various commercial interests are in the process of cashing-in on Morgan's book. NEW AGE reports that HARPERCOLLINS put up $1.7 million to republish Morgan's book which she originally published herself. NEW AGE also reported that two years earlier STILLPOINT PUBLISHING abandoned its plans to reprint the book because of various inconsistencies: Morgan's itinerary in Australia could not be verified, nor could her claim of having doctorate degrees in biochemistry and oriental medicine. There were also allegations of plagiarism and, again according to NEW AGE, one Aborigine group that claimed Morgan never gave them a share of the proceeds from an earlier edition of her book that she said she did.

One way around many of the controversies stirred up by Morgan's book is simply to republish the book as a work of fiction, which is exactly what HARPERCOLLINS did. But although HARPERCOLLINS is marketing the book as a work of fiction, Morgan continues to claim that nearly all of her Outback adventure is based on a real experience. In the newly revised introduction to Morgan's HARPERCOLLINS book, Morgan writes that her book "is sold as a novel to protect the small band of Aborigines from legal involvement. I have deleted details to honor friends who do not wish to be identified and to secure the secret location of our sacred sight." And what about the Aborigines that are upset with her story? Morgan answers that issue saying, "I do not speak for the Australian Aborigines. I speak only for one small Outback nation referred to as the Wild People or the Ancient Ones." What's more, Morgan claims that she has returned to Australia since publishing her book and "again received their (the Wild People's) blessing and approval for how I was handling this assignment."

That sounds pretty clear, doesn't it? But wait. Before Morgan's story begins, Morgan is quoted one last time as saying her story is not entirely true. "This book is a work of fiction inspired by my experience in Australia. It could have taken place in Africa or South America or anywhere where the true meaning of civilization is still alive..."

So is MUTANT MESSAGE a true story, with only slight changes to protect real people and sacred places? Or is it a work of fiction with names, people, places, events, and all kinds of other details completely fabricated? We may never know. And it looks like MUTANT MESSAGE is going to be a best seller no matter how many loose ends there are. Along with big names like Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and Og Mandino appearing on the front and back cover of MUTANT MESSAGE with supportive quotes, Hollywood is reportedly planning to join the fray and produce a movie based on Morgan's adventure (or imaginary adventure) downunder.



Remember that legendary picture of the Loch Ness Monster that surfaced in 1934? The one with the long snake-like head poking out of the water? Well, it looks like it is a fake. Or so says the September 1994 issue of OMNI MAGAZINE.

According to OMNI, The Loch Ness Project in Scotland recently received a detailed confession that says the famous Loch Ness Monster photo is, after all, a forgery. The confession comes from Christian Spurling, who admitted his role in the hoax before his death last November at the age of 90. OMNI reports that Spurling said he built the model for the famous photograph using the keel of a toy submarine on which he had fitted a sea serpent's neck and head made of plastic wood. Spurling claimed the hoax was master-minded by his stepfather, Marmaduke Wetherell, a filmmaker hired by the Daily Mail to hunt for Nessie in 1933.

Spurling, Wetherell, and two others that Spurling said were involved in the hoax, are all deceased now.


Near-Death Experiences:


Dannion Brinkley was minding his own business, talking on the telephone, when a passing storm sent a bolt of lightning streaking through his telephone line. The next thing Brinkley knew he was floating above his fried body looking down on his terrified wife trying to figure out where he was and what was happening.

So begins "another" near-death experience. But Brinkley's story is different--very different. In his book, SAVED BY THE LIGHT, Brinkley begins by describing the same kind of after-death experiences that thousands of other near-deathers have talked and written about, it isn't long before he takes us into uncharted territory. He describes an encounter with 13 Beings of Light who give him 117 predictions. Of these 117 predictions, Brinkley claims that 95 of them have come true--and that none of them have been wrong! Even more remarkable, Brinkley's story is backed up by famed near-death researcher Raymond Moody. Moody, who also wrote the introduction to Dannion's book, claims to have taken notes of Brinkley's predictions shortly after his near-death experience in 1975 (many years before any of the predictions came true). At the time, both he and Brinkley thought the predictions were ridiculous. Now, however, after more than three fourths of them have come true, Brinkley, Moody, and many others aren't so sure. Among other things, Brinkley says the predictions he received accurately foretold the collapse of Russia, the meltdown of Chernobyl, the election of Ronald Reagan as President, the Gulf War, the demoralizing of America following the war in Vietnam, and the rise of environmentalism as a global "religion."

So what are the remaining 22 predictions? Well, here are a few of the more dramatic ones:

---America will go bankrupt as the result of two major earthquakes that will take place before the turn of the century. This will end America's reign as the dominant world power.

---A biological engineer from the Middle East will find a way to alter DNA and create a biological virus that will be used in the manufacture of computer chips. His discovery will revolutionize the computer industry and make him one of the richest men in the world--so rich, in fact, that he will begin to use his wealth and power to control the world. Eventually, everyone will be mandated by law to have one of his computer chips inserted underneath their skin. The computer chip will not only contain all of an individual's personal information, but it will also be able to be used to control a person's health and life-span. People who refuse to have the chips implanted will not be able to be employed and will end up roaming as outcasts.

---If we do not change our ways, World War III will be unleashed on the earth. The years between 1994 and 1996 will be the critical years in determining whether or not World War III breaks out.

---Along with general, world-wide social, political, and economic turmoil, Brinkley also predicts a steady stream of man-made and natural disasters--including another nuclear disaster that will spread everywhere and affect all mankind. The nuclear disaster is predicted to take place sometime in 1995.

As for Brinkley himself, the Beings of Light told him his mission was to help create stress reduction centers (in part, no doubt, to help people gracefully survive the traumatic times that Brinkley is predicting).

Whether or not you believe Brinkley's story or buy his predictions, he is a growing force to be reckoned with. His book, SAVED BY THE LIGHT, has become a national best seller. He appears regularly on talk shows and television specials. He has apparently created at least one stress reduction center (which includes a mysterious relaxation bed that Brinkley says the Beings of Light told him how to build). Friends and acquaintances are, so far, backing up his remarkable story. And, along with an impressive list of psychic abilities that reportedly emerged after his near-death experience, Brinkley has written everything (or almost everything) down for everyone to see and track themselves. Brinkley is also reportedly planning to write a sequel to his best selling book which will discuss, in greater detail, the predictions he received.


Encounters With Mary:


There are few things happening in the world today as fascinating and supernaturally significant as the ongoing appearances of Mother Mary. Since 1531, when the Virgin Mother made an appearance in Guadalupe, Mexico, she has made over 77 major appearances in countries all over the world, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Some of these appearances, like those in Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal and Medjugorje have captured the attention of the entire Western World, while others have gone relatively unnoticed. Elaborate shrines have been constructed, organizations have sprung up to keep track of Mary's appearances and messages, stories have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and newsletters, books have been written, and thousands upon thousands of people have been deeply influenced by the entire affair.

It is a startling phenomena that, by all accounts, is not diminishing with time, but growing. More and more people are seeing Mary in more and more places around the world, including America.

Are these visions true revelations from God to humanity or are they simply the unconscious projections of suppressed and deluded visionaries (and suppressed and deluded masses)? Do they contain universal messages of truth (and warnings) for people the world over (regardless of their faith, race, or what have you) or are they simply a Catholic phenomena that has little, if any, value outside the world of Catholicism--and Christianity? Or maybe, like most true inspirations, they are partly inspired by God and partly twisted by the less-than-perfect people involved?

In forthcoming issues, we plan to explore this important topic in depth--and we welcome your feedback and participation.

In the meantime, here's how the September 1994 issue of Catholic Digest presented the Catholic Church's official position on Mary-like revelations:


In 1978, the Vatican Congression for the Doctrine of the Faith issued guidelines for bishops to use in assessing private revelation claims. The local bishop, the Vatican stressed, is the authority in apparition cases. But in most difficult cases, the Congression will become involved as well. In all cases, though, the Church's final judgment is based upon whether the events are of a supernatural nature. And the following guidelines are now used by bishops in weighing the evidence:

1. The facts in the case must be free of error.

2. The person(s) receiving the messages must be psychologically balanced, honest, moral, sincere, and respectful of Church authority.

3. Doctrinal errors may not be attributed to God, Our Lady, or a saint.

4. Theological and spiritual doctrines presented must be free of error.

5. Moneymaking cannot in any way be a motive involved in the events.

6. Healthy religious devotion and spiritual fruits must result, with no evidence of collective, irrational outcry or activity.

All things considered, these six steps are merely a beginning. Because of the Church's caution in such matters, it's safe to say that purported visions must stand up to another test as well. The test of time. For the Church is not about to make a hasty decision in such matters. True revelation, authorities figure, is much more than a flash in the pan.



By David Sunfellow

The Shroud of Turin is one of the most venerated, most remarkable, most mysterious, most thoroughly studied artifacts in the world today. Believed by many to be the actual burial cloth of Christ, the Shroud made its first recorded appearance in 14th century France. Housed in the Italian city of Turin since 1578, renewed interest was generated in 1898 when the first photographs were made of the relic and it was discovered that the image on the Shroud was a photographic negative! How was such an image made? And how does one explain the incredibly life-like details which are remarkably consistent with Biblical accounts of Christ's crucifixion? Historians, pathologists, linguists, biblical scholars, textile experts, chemists, physicists, photographic specialists, artists, botanists, microbiologists and other scientists from around the world have been trying to answer these important questions for decades.

Over the centuries, dozens of shrouds--some with images and some without--have surfaced claiming to be the burial cloth of Jesus. In the case of the Shroud of Turin, it has been publicly declared a forgery by both Roman Catholic Church officials and prominent scientists. In 1389 the local bishop of Troyes denounced the Shroud claiming an artist had confessed to forging it. More recently, in 1988, after three different laboratories Carbon-14 dated the Shroud and found it to be some 1200 years younger than it should have been, the Roman Catholic Church announced to the world the results of the test. As word spread that the Shroud of Turin was, after all, a medieval forgery, a firestorm was created in the Shroud community. While scores of Shroud scientists hotly challenged the entire Carbon-14 testing procedure, as well as the test results, lay people around the world had to wrestle with what appeared to be solid scientific proof that the Shroud was a fake.

So where are things at now? Is the Shroud of Turin authentic, or not? Could a medieval artist, or for that matter, any artist, have forged it? And if the Shroud is an authentic burial cloth from the first century, is the man whose crucified image appears on the Shroud actually that of Jesus Christ?

Combining ongoing discoveries about ancient Palestine with cutting-edge scientific analysis, a growing number of scientists (Christian, Jewish, agnostic and otherwise) are coming to the conclusion that the Shroud is indeed the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ. If this is true, then not only does the Shroud bear witness to the fact that a man named Jesus actually lived and died in ancient Palestine, but it may also present physical proof that some kind of miraculous event took place after his death which caused his image to be imprinted on the Shroud! What's more, we may also be able to learn something about Jesus himself: What his physical characteristics were like, what kind of Jewish traditions he adhered to and rejected, how he, and his body, faced a horribly violent death.

So what, exactly, do we know about the Shroud of Turin? Here are some of the astonishing findings that modern day science has uncovered so far:

  • The body that appears on the Shroud is naked. Under Roman law, criminals were whipped and executed in the nude. (These are facts that most medieval artists would not have known, or if they had known, would not have dared to publicly reproduce.)

  • The man that appears on the Shroud was crucified with nails driven through his wrists. Although artists throughout the centuries (and even stigmatists) have traditionally thought that Christ was nailed to the cross through his palms, it is now known that crucifixion victims were nailed to crosses through their wrists. This is supported both by archeological digs that discovered crucifixion victims with spike marks on their wrists (not palms) and also by studies that were conducted on corpses which proved that nails in palms will not support the weight of a body.

  • The life-size image on the cloth is NOT the result of pigment, stain, acid, dye, or any applied material. The image itself is confined to the top-most fibrils of the cloth's fibers. Whatever made the image did not penetrate the fibers of the cloth as all known artistic materials would.

  • The image on the Shroud is uniquely three-dimensional. Although most scientists believe that the image was made by the body emitting a burst of energy of some kind (which caused the body's image to be lightly burned onto the Shroud), they have no idea how this could have been done. Efforts to lightly burn images into shroud-like fabrics have all failed to reproduce the extraordinarily delicate, detailed, three-dimensional effect found on the Shroud. The way the image was burned onto the Shroud is also flawlessly accurate in terms of how a body emitting energy would imprint itself on a cloth that was covering it.

  • The image of the Shroud is absolutely accurate in both anatomical and physiological details.

  • The anatomical and physiological details of the Shroud accurately record what would happen to a man who experienced a Roman-style crucifixion (see Robert Bucklin's pathological report at the end of this summary).

  • The Shroud is stained by human blood that has run out of the image's wounds. The way the blood flowed, puddled and stained the Shroud are perfectly correct. Unlike the Shroud's image which only appears on the topmost fibrils of fabric, the blood on the Shroud soaked deeply into the fabric.

  • The exact way the man was crucified closely matches biblical accounts of Jesus's crucifixion. Among other things, there are 120 lesions, the shape of dumbbells, distributed over the back and running around the front of the body--probably caused by a Roman whip called a flagrum whose thongs were tipped with bits of lead or bone. There is a deep wound on the right side of the body between the ribs which bled profusely (which is what Biblical records indicate happened when a spear was thrust into Christ's side). There are thorn-like marks on the victim's head (possibly from a crown of thorns). And the victim's legs were not broken (which is significant both because Roman-style crucifixions ended with their victim's legs being broken and because the New Testament account of Christ's death indicates that this was a Roman custom which Jesus was spared from).

  • The beard and hair style of the crucified man were not common anywhere in the Roman Empire except Palestine. The image has semitic features, including sidelocks and a unplaited ponytail.

  • The Shroud itself was woven with techniques common to the first century. The Shroud's distinctive weave is so rare that researchers seeking to find a control sample could not find one anywhere in the world.

  • A dirt sample taken from near the Shroud image's feet was identified as a relatively rare form of calcium carbonate. Samples of dirt taken from Jerusalem revealed an unusually close match. This strongly suggests the man pictured on the Shroud was crucified in Palestine.

  • 58 varieties of pollen were discovered on the Shroud. 11 of the pollen samples were from plants that do not exist in Europe, but which do exist in the Near East. The pollen samples also indicated that the fabric of the Shroud had to have been made in Palestine before circulating in Europe. Pollen samples also helped trace the Shroud's route from Palestine through Anatolia and Constantinople into Europe. Furthermore, two of the pollen samples that were discovered on the Shroud coincided with highly distinctive plants found in the region surrounding Jerusalem. The pollen study concluded that the Shroud itself was probably made near Jerusalem and that it had been in the vicinity of the Holy City for some time before being transported out of the area.

  • Images of 28 different types of flowers, small bushes, and thorns have been detected in bunches around the Shroud image. All 28 grow in Israel, either in Jerusalem or in the nearby desert or Dead Sea area. Most of them are not found in Europe. 25 of the 28 flowers matched the pollen samples found on the Shroud. 27 of the 28 plants bloom during March and April, which corresponds to the time of the crucifixion.

  • An image of a coin appears over the right eye of the Shroud image. This coin, a very rare Pontius Pilate lepton struck in 29 to 32 A.D., was not found until 1977.

  • Tests which were conducted in 1993 on a piece of first century fabric similar to the Shroud's now indicate that a fire the Shroud passed through in 1532 corrupted the October 1988 Carbon-14 dates that concluded the Shroud was not authentic. According to these recent tests, which were conducted by scientists at the University of Arizona and Russian scientists in Moscow, the 1988 Carbon-14 dates were some 1200 years in error. This dates the Shroud back to the first or second century.

  • Some historians believe the Shroud of Turin may be The Mandylion, or Edessa Portrait, a holy relic mentioned in some accounts as early as the first century. If this is so, then the Shroud can be traced, through various legends and stories, all the way back to first century Jerusalem.

  • And finally, Robert Bucklin, deputy coroner of Los Angeles and a member of The Shroud of Turin Research Team, compiled the following pathological report concerning the Shroud:
    "There is no problem in diagnosing what happened to this individual. The pathology and physiology are unquestionable and represent medical knowledge unknown 150 years ago.

    "This is a 5-foot-11-inch male Caucasian weighing about 178 pounds. The lesions are as follows: Beginning at the head, there are blood flows from numerous puncture wounds on the top and back of the scalp and forehead. The man has been beaten about the face. There is a swelling over one cheek, and he undoubtedly has a black eye. His nose tip is abraded, as would occur from a fall, and it appears that the nasal cartilage may have separated from the bone.

    "There is a wound in the left wrist, the right one being covered by the left hand. This is the typical lesion of a crucifixion. There is a stream of blood down both arms. Here and there, there are blood drips at an angle from the main blood flow in response to gravity. These angles represent the only ones that can occur from the only two positions which can be taken by a body during crucifixion.

    "On the back and front there are lesions which appear to be scourge marks. The victim was whipped from both sides by two men, one of whom was taller than the other, as demonstrated by the angle of the thongs.

    "There is a rough swelling of both shoulders, with abrasions indicating that something heavy and rough had been carried across the man's shoulders within hours of death.

    "On the right flank, a long, narrow blade of some type entered in an upward direction, pierced the diaphragm, penetrated the thoracic cavity through the lung into the heart. This was a post-mortem event (it happened after the man was already dead), because separate components of red blood cells and clear serum drained from the lesion. Later, after the corpse was laid out horizontally and face up on the cloth, blood dribbled out of the side wound and puddled along the small of the back.

    "There is an abrasion of one knee, commensurate with a fall; and finally, a spike had been driven through both feet, and blood had leaked from both wounds onto the cloth.

    "The evidence of a scourged man who was crucified and died from cardiopulmonary failure typical of crucifixion is clear-cut."

    The information in this summary was gathered from the following sources: An article called, "The Shroud of Turin" by Richard Walters, a recent interview with Paul Maloney, General Projects Director of ASSIST (The Association of Scientists and Scholars International for the Shroud of Turin), ASSIST NEWSLETTERS, an in depth story NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ran in 1980, and various news clippings. Although it seems unlikely that the Catholic Church will allow new testing to be done on the Shroud anytime soon, scientists from around the world, continue to study, test, debate and ponder the Shroud's mysteries.

    Psychic Predictions:


    Gordon-Michael Scallion has been predicting various kinds of natural disasters for some time now. Predicting disasters and helping people prepare for them is, in fact, his main occupation these days. Along with Dannion Brinkley and others, Scallion was recently featured on ENCOUNTERS: THE HIDDEN TRUTH, a television show that aired on July 15, 1994 on FOX. In that show, which was dedicated to exploring various end-time predictions, Scallion recounted three California earthquake predictions that he said he had made that came true. Then he added, "the next event in the sequence will be an earthquake greater than 9 in Los Angeles and that occurs before December of 1995." According to ENCOUNTERS, Scallion also indicated that the LA 9+ earthquake will trigger massive weather and geological changes that will devastate America. Among other things, California will be broken up into a chain of islands, the Mississippi will swell and divide the continent, and land will rise off the east coast of America. Scallion also indicated that it was too late now to avoid these events. "The events will now happen," he said. "The warning signs have occurred and it is now a time for preparation."

    Whether or not Scallion's predictions occur when and how he says they will, he is not the first to specifically describe the California, Mississippi and east coast upheavals. Nor were many of today's psychics and scientists the first to predict a possible pole shift. In 1934, long before Nostradamus was a household word and psychics like Scallion were appearing on prime time television, EDGAR CAYCE, the famous Virginia Beach psychic, had this to say:

    "As to the changes physical again: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and there will be the shifting then of the poles--so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. And these will begin in those periods in '58 to '98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds. As to times, as to seasons, as to places, ALONE is it given to those who have named the Name--and who bear the mark of those of His calling and His election in their bodies. To them it shall be given.

    "As to those things that deal with the mental of the earth, these shall call upon the mountains to cover many. As ye have seen those in lowly places raised to those of power in the political, in the machinery of nation's activities, so shall ye see those in high places reduced and calling on the waters of darkness to cover them. And those that in the inmost recesses of their selves awaken to the spiritual truths that are to be given, and those places that have acted in the capacity of teachers among men, the rottenness of those that have ministered in places will be brought to light, and turmoils and strifes shall enter. And, as there is the wavering of those

    (Edgar Cayce Reading #3976-15, 1/19/34)

    Edgar Cayce's predictions are, of course, well-documented--and so are his hits and misses. As for Scallion, we would like to know more about what his track record really looks like. If any of you have been following him, keeping careful track of his predictions, we would love to hear from you.

    Gordon-Michael Scallion's organization, THE MATRIX INSTITUTE, publishes a monthly newsletter called, "THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT." The newsletter tracks both Scallion's predictions as well as earth changes around the planet. Subscriptions are $50.00 a year.

    Scallion also has an EARTH CHANGES HOTLINE NUMBER that reports on current earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters around the world. His hotline is updated weekly on Wednesdays. It is a 900 number and costs .95 per minute.

    P.O. Box 336
    Chesterfield, NH 03443
    (800) 628-7493
    (603) 363-4916

    Earth Changes Hotline Number: (900) 903-2745


    Earth Changes:


    JAPAN/October 4

    A massive undersea earthquake measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale struck Hokkaido, a Japanese island Tuesday evening, October 4, 1994. Immediately following the earthquake, tidal wave warnings were issued for places as far away as Hawaii. At nearby Nemuro, where a tsunami of 5.7 feet struck, the churning waters heaved up three one-ton fishing boats above a concrete dock.

    According to wire service and television reports, at least nine people died and more than 900 people were injured on Hokkaido's east coast. Hokkaido is the most-sparsely populated of Japan's four main islands with farming and fishing the main industries. Most road and rail traffic on Hokkaido's east coast was halted. There were reports of buckled highways and collapsed bridges in Hokkaido. Mud and sand spewed out from some of the cracks in a seismic phenomenon called liquefaction.

    The U.S. Geological Survey in Colorado described the 8.2 tremor as the first "great earthquake" of 1994. It was also the largest quake to hit this particular area in 50 years. Seismologists said a 7.3 aftershock hit the area five days later and that milder aftershocks could continue to shake the area for a month. Although tidal waves reached 15 feet in some places, they fizzled out before reaching Hawaii.



    Are the growing numbers of natural disasters around the United States threatening American Insurance companies? According to a letter that appears in the October 1994 issue of THE EARTH CHANGES REPORT (a newsletter published by The Matrix Institute that tracks earth changes around the globe), the answer is yes. A writer who claims to be employed at a major real estate office said that as of August 14, 1994 major insurance companies such as STATE FARM and ALLSTATE will not issue any new homeowner's insurance policies. According to the writer, who is identified only as S.G. from Malibu, Calif., there will be a moratorium for at least eight months. Furthermore, the writer claims that another major catastrophe could bankrupt some companies.

    In conversations with insurance agents in Sedona, Arizona (where we are based), we were told that they knew of NO companies that had "nation-wide" moratoriums on new homeowner's insurance policies. These local agents did indicate that some companies may have moratoriums in certain areas around the country that were prone to specific kinds of natural disasters. They also told us that a new nation-wide standard for flood insurance was recently established. This new flood insurance requires a 30 day waiting period instead of the usual 5.



    A study just released by THE ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP and THE PHYSICIANS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY claims that over 14 million Americans routinely drink water contaminated by agricultural chemicals. According to the study, billions of pounds of chemicals that have been applied to farm crops over the last 20 years have contaminated every major river system in the Midwest. Some Midwest water samples have contained as many as 67 different herbicides!

    While chemical and pesticide company officials are claiming the study is sensationalized and that the chemicals found in the nation's water supply "are not a public health concern," the study loudly criticized American's massive reliance on chemicals, the federal government's weak drinking standards, and companies that have battled pesticide regulation at every step of the way.

    ---Reuters (DS)


    For those of you interested in finding out what the latest natural disasters around the world are, you can call GORDON-MICHAEL SCALLION'S EARTH CHANGES HOTLINE NUMBER: (900) 903-2745. Based on information from national weather and earthquake tracking services, their list is updated weekly, every Wednesday. The cost is .95 a minute. The estimated cost per call is between $1.95 and $2.85. You must be over 18 to call.

    UFOs & Abductions:


    For those of you who are interested in UFOs (and who among us isn't these days?), OMNI just finished running a 6-part series on UFOs. Beginning with events that took place in the 1940's the OMNI UFO series tracks the entire UFO movement over the last 60 years.

    Among other things, the OMNI UFO articles discuss:

    ---The Roswell, New Mexico incident in which an alien spacecraft supposedly crashed and U.S. military officials may have taken at least one live alien captive.

    ---Past and present attempts by various groups to gain access to U.S. government secret UFO files.

    ---The super-secret Groom Lake Test Facility in Nevada (also called "Area 51"), which many believe is being used to test alien spacecrafts.

    ---Government efforts to thwart and discredit public interest in UFOs.

    ---Major sightings of UFOs over the past 60 years that generated intense public interest, congressional hearings, major news conferences, and world-wide interest.

    ---And current issues surrounding the use of super-sensitive (and super-secret) military satellites to track UFOs.

    The OMNI UFO series began in the April 1994 issue of OMNI and ended in the September 1994 issue.


    While we are on the subject of UFO's and OMNI MAGAZINE, OMNI reported on three more fascinating UFO events in its October and November 1994 issues.


    First, Tester Corporation, a renowned plastic model maker that has a reputation for accurately modeling super-secret spy planes, recently unveiled a UFO plastic model. The model, which comes complete with little grey aliens and a human military guard, is based on a design provided by engineer Bob Lazar, who claims to have worked on an extraterrestrial craft stored at Nevada's Nellis Air Range in 1989.


    Second, OMNI reports that a grass roots movement is presently underway to force the U.S. government to come clean with whatever it knows about UFO's. The heart of the movement is a declaration called, "The Roswell Declaration." After detailing the reported UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, the stonewalling of U.S. Congressman Steven Schiff of Albuquerque, New Mexico when he tried to get UFO information from the Defense Department, and the broken promise of President Jimmy Carter to share with the public whatever the U.S. government knew about UFO's, the declaration asserts that the world has a right to know whatever the U.S. government knows about UFO's. OMNI dedicated two pages in its October issue to the subject: One page describing the grass roots movement, and the other to the Roswell Declaration itself. OMNI is asking for those who are interested to make copies of the declaration, fill them out, and then send them back to OMNI who will, in turn, forward them to the leaders of the Roswell Declaration grass roots movement. OMNI is also asking for all petitions to be sent in by November 30, 1994.


    And third, Omni has launched its own investigation of the UFO phenomena. Called "PROJECT OPEN BOOK," OMNI has assembled an experienced and versatile team of experts. Included among these experts (14 in all) is one science writer, three investigative journalists, three UFO experts, one magician turned private investigator, one political scientist, three psychologists, one philosopher, and, of course, one NASA scientist. Billed as "a worldwide quest for close encounters of the documented kind," OMNI emphasises that it is looking for hard, variable, documented facts. "Any story we agree to look into must provide plentiful evidence to analyze, dissect, and explore. From our camp, without such elements as multiple witnesses, physical traces, medical documentation, or electromagnetic effects, you have nothing at all."

    If you have a "documented encounter" that you would like OMNI to investigate, you can contact them at the following addresses:

    P.O. Box 3041
    Harlan, IA 51537-3041
    (800) 289-6664, (212) 496-6100

    America Online:
    Type In Keyword :"OMNI"
    Then Click "Antimatter"
    Then Click "Message Board"
    Then Click "List Topics"
    Locate "REAL PROJECT OPEN BOOK" And You're There!


    Spiritual Communities:


    Nearly everyone who is interested in spiritual communities has heard of Findhorn, the famous Scottish spiritual community started by Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean. Beginning in 1962 with a humble move to a desolate caravan park, Findhorn has grown from three adults and three children, to a thriving spiritual community of a couple hundred. Early on, Findhorn was famous for Eileen's inner guidance (which led them, step by step, to start the community) and their collective work with Nature Spirits (who, it was claimed, helped them grow 40 pound cabbages and roses that bloomed in the winter). In the three decades that Findhorn has been in existence, it has weathered problems that have sunk many other communities: Issues of leadership, vision, decision-making, finances, membership, visitors, housing, you name it. And now they've begun to turn their attention to a hot topic of the 1990's: Sustainability.

    Called "The Ecological Village Project" Findhorn has begun utilizing its resources to build "a sustainable human settlement." Although many of today's sustainable projects are often thought of only in environmental terms, Findhorn is stressing a larger, more holistic approach. Along with building environmentally-friendly housing and exploring alternative, renewable and non-polluting sources of energy, they also are seeking to create an environment that supports and nourishes people culturally, socially, economically, and spiritually.

    Since this new project first began in 1990, they have built 16 ecological houses (using new environmentally friendly techniques and materials), erected one 75kW wind generator (which supplies 15% of the electricity needs of The Park), installed numerous solar heating systems, set up a comprehensive recycling scheme, published "Simply Build Green" (the United Kingdom's first technical guide to ecological housing), and become a major source for environmental education locally, nationally, and internationally. Future projects include: Building a "Living Machine Sewage Treatment Facility" (a radical new sewage treatment system that uses biological systems, plants and animal life to treat domestic sewage), building two more wind generators (which would supply 60% of the energy needs of the Ecological Village), develop better techniques and designs for ecological houses, and continue to share with the public at large what they are doing and learning.

    If you are interested in finding out more about Findhorn and/or The Ecological Village Project, you can write:

    The Park, Findhorn
    FORRES, IV36 OTZ, Scotland
    Telephone (0309) 691620
    Fax (0309) 691663


    Alternative Energy:


    What can cook food, can fruits, pasteurize water, sterilize medical instruments, help prevent deforestation, free up countless hours of scavenging scarce wood to build fires, and dramatically reduce cooking fuel dependency--AND not cost a millions of dollars, take 20 years, and thousands of specialists to implement? An insulated box with a window on it!


    That's right. An insulated box with a window on it. The box can be made out of bamboo, reeds, baskets, plywood, particle board, aluminum printing press plates, fiberglass, corrugated plastic, even cardboard boxes. And the window can be made out of glass, plexiglass, clear films and other translucent materials. The window, which sits on top of the box, lets the sun shine in, while the box holds the heat and cooks whatever is inside.

    Although solar cookers are not normally mentioned as a major source of alternative energy, nor a way to dramatically improve the deteriorating condition of the planet, they are, nevertheless, beginning to play a major role in offering practical AND INEXPENSIVE solutions to some of our planet's biggest problems. And more and more people--including government and United Nations officials-- are beginning to take them seriously. One hundred and forty leaders in solar cooker technology and promotion recently gathered from 44 countries in Costa Rica to discuss the growing impact of solar cookers. Meanwhile, various programs to implement their use are under way in virtually every corner of the planet. Recently, one major thrust has been to introduce them into refugee areas--areas traditionally serviced by expensive, dirty, and dangerous kerosene stoves.

    Early solar cookers were cardboard boxes with glass windows. Although there are still plenty of cardboard box solar cookers being made today, other innovative designs are quickly emerging. There are elaborate satellite disk shaped designs and compact, yet sturdy, fiberglass boxes with adjustable reflective panels. Recently, there has also been an attempt to make solar cookers even more accessible to developing countries who may have difficulty coming up with glass windows. Instead of boxes and glass, they can get away with a couple pieces of a cardboard, a little aluminum foil, and a heat-resistant oven bag!

    And solar cookers aren't only for people living in developing countries. Some people in the west have discovered they can build them into their kitchens, add them to their decks, take them on camping trips, and use them during emergencies when normal power sources have been disrupted.

    Solar cookers need nothing save the sun to work. They are non-polluting. They are easy to use. They can be constructed by yourself, put together from a kit, or bought fully assembled. And they are one of the rarest of things ever seen on our planet: a simple idea that has the potential to cause far-reaching and dramatic change.

    For more information about solar cookers, you can write:

    1724 11th Street, Sacramento, California, 95814
    Phone: (916) 444-6616
    Fax: (916) 444-5379

    7036 18th Ave., NE
    Seattle, Washington 98115
    CompuServe: 73557,3105
    The Internet:
    (A sample issue of SBCN's "The Solar Box Journal" is available for a donation of $5.00)

    P.O. Box 3386
    Sedona, AZ 86340
    (602) 282-1344
    The Internet:



    A new book, POWER SURGE: GUIDE TO THE COMING ENERGY REVOLUTION by Christopher Flavin and Nicholas Lenssen, predicts that "the giant oil refineries and coal-fired power plants that energized the 20th century soon may be relics of the industrial revolution -- as obsolete as the typewriter or Model T Ford."

    The book, which is published by THE WORLDWATCH INSTITUTE, predicts a new generation of electric cars that can be refueled at home, the conversion of coal plants to efficient gas turbines, economic massed-produced wind and solar generators, and tiny fuel cells and rooftop solar panels for generating electricity. Although many of these new technologies are still more expensive than their conventional counterparts, Flavin and Lenssen are expecting growing economic and environmental pressures to force a shift to safer, more holistic sources of energy. They also expect natural gas, which is less polluting than coal and oil, to emerge as a bridge between the old and new forms of energy.

    ---Reuters (DS)

    Alternative Health:


    We all know about cigarettes causing lung cancer, junk food causing obesity and heart attacks, polluted air causing various kinds of respiratory problems, ultra-violet rays causing skin cancer, bacteria-infested water killing people, lack of exercise shortening our life span. Now our reproductive systems may be in trouble.

    According to an article in the September 19, 1994 issue of Time magazine, chemical pesticides and toxic industrial wastes may be interfering with our ability to reproduce. The chemicals in question may disrupt the action of hormones, those all-important molecular messengers that regulate just about all bodily activities, including growth and reproduction. The result may be a variety of harmful effects that could decrease fertility. Among them: testicular cancer and reduced sperm counts in men, uterine abnormalities and miscarriages in women.

    The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to raise the issue when it releases a major report on the effects of dioxin, a by-product of many industrial processes such as paper making and waste incineration.


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