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NHNE News Brief 20
Friday, July 12, 1996

"A thought-provoking exploration
of the extraordinary times in which we live."


When You Are Inspired...

Prayer is Powerful Medicine
California Crop Circle Decoded
Chinese Net Access Increasing
"Celestine Prophecy" Movie?
August Astronomical Spectacle
Here Comes "ET-2"
AMA Endorses Mandatory AIDS Testing

Profit-Sharing Status Report

Come On, People!
I was Guided to Your Writings
Praise for Clinton Article
Criticism of Clinton Article

Life Treks: Dream Interpretation Services & Resources

Four-Quake Scenario Fizzles Out
New Predictions

Second White Female Buffalo Born


Bee Disaster Looming?

Dr. Dolphin
Are Men Becoming Infertile?




"When you are inspired by some great purpose,
some extraordinary project,
all your thoughts break their bonds:
Your mind transcends limitations,
your consciousness expands in every direction,
and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.
Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive,
and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far
than you ever dreamed yourself to be."



(Source: Diane Reams, NPR, July 10,1996, via Sandy Ezrine)

Larry Dossy, a medical doctor investigating the healing power of prayer, reports in his new book, "Prayer is Powerful Medicine," that the healing power of a person's prayers surprisingly has no connection to their formal religious affiliation. In other words, the prayers of a regular church goer are no more powerful than those of a person who never goes to church. He did find a direct correlation between the length a person prayed and the effectiveness of their prayers. (JG)



In early June, reports started to trickle in about a crop circle in the unlikely location of Simi Valley, CA. The glyph was discovered along the Ronald Reagan Freeway of all places. Chris Moore, a local cereologist, visited the site a few days later with this report: "As we come down out of the Santa Susana Pass from the San Fernando Valley into Simi Valley we have our eyes peeled. We descend to the bottom of the hill and there it is on the north side next to the freeway, just west of the Kuehner Drive exit. [It consists of] three dots inside, forming a triangle, one in the center and two above the center dot separated to the left and right, and a concave parabola curving upwards just below the center dot... THE PERFECT HAPPY FACE!" See for yourself: www.pacificnet.ncl/~cmoore/circle/index.htm (JG)


(Source: Reuters, 6/28/96)

China will have 120,000 Internet users by the end of 1996, up from around 1,700 at the end of 1993, says XINHUA NEWS AGENCY. Experts estimate the number of Internet users in China will reach 1,000,000 by the end of 2000. Since February, new regulations require Internet users in China to register with the police and sign an agreement promising not to harm the country or do anything illegal. The regulations also ban the transmission of pornography and information harmful to state security. (JG)


(Source: READERS SHOWCASE, 7/96)

Hollywood is after James Redfield for the movie rights to "The Celestine Prophecy," but the author is concerned about the movie remaining true to the book's spiritual message. He is reluctant to sign a deal unless he can write the first draft of the screenplay himself and be involved in the film-making process (authors are not usually involved in the production once the film rights have been sold). If things do proceed, Redfield's own picks for the lead are Kevin Costner, William Hurt, or Liam Neeson. (JG)


(Source: Bob Berman, DISCOVER MAGAZINE, 8/96)

It's going to be naked-eye astronomy at its easiest when the Perseid Meteor Shower makes in its annual appearance this summer. This year the Perseids will fire up in late July as the planet enters the debris field shed by Comet Swift-Tuttle in 1992. Meteor activity will build to a peak on the night of August 11-12, when you can expect to see at least one or two meteors per minute once the constellation Perseus appears on the northeast horizon at 11 PM. Conditions should be favorable with no moonlight to detract from the seeing. Bring a friend, find a comfortable spot in the country and enjoy a night of shooting stars. (JG)



16 years after "ET" became a box-office smash, Steven Spielberg's DREAMWORKS STUDIO has bought the screenplay and feature film rights to another extraterrestrial story. The project, which will be titled "Alien Zoo," is about an alien ship that crash lands on Earth and has the aliens temporarily housed in a zoo. The fun begins when they escape. Also apparently in the works by Spielberg is a three-movie pre-quel to "Star Wars". (JG)


(Source: USA TODAY, 6/28/96)

In a surprise turnaround on an explosive issue, THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (AMA) has just endorsed mandatory AIDS testing of all pregnant women and newborns. The AMA had formerly favored voluntary testing, but recent studies have shown that the drug AZT dramatically reduces an infected woman's risk of passing the virus on to her baby. The decision carries no legal weight, but will no doubt influence the thinking of physicians and lawmakers. (JG)



Well, the big week has arrived and here is our first financial report:

New Online Subscribers This Week: 1
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Total Online Mailing List: 607
Total Paid Online Subscriptions: 15
Total Offline Subscriptions: 2

Other Income (Sponsors & Donations): $13
Total Income: $117

Profit-Sharing: $11
Gail Rossi (Special Report & White Buffalo Material) = $10
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Sandy Ezrine (Prayer as Medicine Material) = $.50

Total Expenses: $430.83
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We are still working out the details, but we plan to share profits on a monthly basis. Individuals can put their profits toward extending their subscriptions anytime, or we will write a check whenever their total exceeds $10.00. I only wish we had more profits to share. I am confident that these figures will grow over time, especially now that we have a TOLL-FREE NUMBER (1-888-293-1833) to make it even easier to order a subscription. It all depends on you.

James Gregory
Editor-in-Chief, NHNE News Brief



"More on Bitterly's flywheel -- this sounds great to a car enthusiast like me. What is the current definitive book to read on "crop circles," etc.? Did I read it right that, as of this latest newsletter (NHNE 19), I am one of only 14 paid subscribers out of all the people receiving it? Come on people, get with it!

---Harry Breaux, New Orleans

[Yes, you read the figures correctly. Thank you for the words of encouragement to our readers. Though I can't say that it is the definitive book on the subject, "The Cosmic Connection: Worldwide Crop Formations and ET Contacts" by Michael Hesemann provides a detailed and up-to-date analysis of the crop circle phenomenon and is accompanied by gorgeous photos. He makes an interesting connection between crop circles and UFO appearances.]



"I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the weekly NHNE journal. I experienced a tremendous spiritual transformation about two years ago. At that time, I was guided to your writings and your organization. Your publications have been instrumental in my growth. My transformation continues and it has been an exciting journey! What a tremendous time to be alive as a human being!"

---Diane Henry



What a pleasure to read David Sunfellow's excellent piece on Hillary Clinton. I had no idea others, such as you mentioned, had made visits to the Clinton White House too. You pulled together some very interesting and relevant historical info. Great job! Yes, life is good. As Jean Houston says, "This is the time, and we are the people. Other times thought they were it. They were wrong. This is it."

---Gail Rossi, Casco, ME



Could not help but respond after reading David Sunfellow's piece about Hillary Clinton in NHNE 19. It makes little difference if Hillary channels, furthers a positive movement for humans, or whatever; the problem is that she is a crook, as are the rest of her buds in the White House, including her hubby. Even if only 10% of what is written about the Clintons turns out to be true, that 10% qualifies this administration as the most corrupt in modern times. So to say that Hillary is "providing a valuable service to the growing planetary transformation movement" is to miss the point of Hillary. She is not spiritual, she is a power-hungry, ego-maniac crook. Regardless of one's political views, she is a disgrace and embarrassment to the spiritual movement and to the good people of the world who want, expect, and demand personal integrity and impeccability from their leaders.

---David Livingston


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By David Sunfellow


Gordon-Michael Scallion's highly touted "Four-Quake Scenario" officially fizzled out in the latest issue of Scallion's EARTH CHANGES REPORT (July, 1996). According to ECR, "May was the last chance for a quake in the West Coast region to qualify as part of his [Scallion's] final Four-Quake Scenario. If we consider the LA quake the last event [a tiny 3.6 quake that took place on May 23], then it falls short of the predicted magnitude." According to Scallion, "The last two events in my third Four-Quake Scenario have not fulfilled the magnitude portion of the prediction and therefore I consider them misses."

The Four-Quake Scenario, which was first announced on Scallion's ECR HOTLINE in January of 1995, predicted a pattern of four quakes which would occur three times, with a progressive increase in magnitude: 6.5, 7.0 and 8.0 respectively. Each set of four quakes was predicted to begin in Japan, followed by quakes in the South Pacific or Indian Ocean, then South America and finally on the West Coast of North America. Scallion claims that 10 of his 12 predicted quakes were fulfilled. Some of the quakes Scallion claims as hits fall well below the predicted magnitude, while others fall outside the area he predicted the quakes would occur. If you take these factors into consideration, Scallion's record is actually 7 hits, 5 misses. Scallion's greater miss was, however, the catastrophic destruction that his Four-Quake Scenario was suppose to unleash on the world.


Taking into consideration the worsening drought and potential Dust Bowl conditions of the Midwest, Scallion says:

"Several years ago I warned that weather pattern changes would once again cause the return of the Dust Bowls. It is now clear that this is well underway... Grain prices have already increased as a result of crop failures. I see this effect continuing which will translate to increased costs of foods at the local level. Items such as cereals, bread, and other baking goods will skyrocket. In addition, the cattle industry will continue to be hard-hit as a result of the increased cost of feed. I see the drought, credit card debt, and natural disasters as being triggers causing inflation and a decline in financial markets by winter '96. For the hurricane season I see fewer named storms than last year, but more violent ones -- watch above 35 degrees latitude on the East Coast. Can we sustain another hit like Hurricane Andrew or Northridge coming on the heels of crop failures, debt, inflation, and questionable economic stability? My sense tells me no."


By James Gregory

[In NHNE 14, we mentioned that we were trying to verify rumours that a second white buffalo calf had been born. The following article is the result of six week's of research.]

White Buffalo Calf Woman is one of the Lakota Sioux's most sacred symbols. Legend has it that she came from the stars and gave the Lakota Sioux the Buffalo Calf Pipe and taught the tribe seven sacred ceremonies and four great virtues: courage, wisdom, generosity and fortitude. According to traditional Lakota beliefs, one day she promised to return.

Up to this year, only one white female buffalo had been born this century. "Miracle" was born August 20, 1994 on the exotic-animal farm of white rancher, David Heiders, in Janesville, WI. On May 9 of this year, on the Joe Merrival Ranch near Oglala, S.D., was born the first white female buffalo on Indian lands in an Indian herd owned by an American Indian rancher. The significance is not lost on the elders and spiritual leaders of the Pine Ridge Reservation. "For us," said Floyd Hand Looks For Buffalo, an Oglala medicine man, "this would be something like [the birth of] Jesus. These are omens, and they are happening in the most unexpected place among the poorest people in the country. They are good omens if we pay attention to them." "Our young people need it the most," said James DuBray, another medicine man. "They need to have hope. They need to have a future. This place has been chosen as the starting point for the healing process to begin." "The White Buffalo Calf Woman came and turned into a calf," said Patrick Janis, a medicine man from Pine Ridge. "The woman who brought the sacred "chanupa" (holy pipe) is very important. It came to a humble person who cares about animals and worked hard to get his ranch going. It was born on [Lakota] land, and the Oglalas have been spiritual leaders [in the past]. We should all pray about the message."

According to the medicine men, this white female buffalo calf is a symbol of unity, a message for all people to repair life's Sacred Hoop. It is also a reminder, they said, that all nations must stop the destruction of Mother Earth and that Indian people must heal themselves by returning to traditional ways.

Merrival has talked by phone with the Wisconsin rancher who drew crowds of interested people to his ranch when he reported the birth of his white buffalo calf two years ago. Miracle has now shed her original white body hair for a more normal coat; she turned yellowish and then reddish in the process, thereby matching the ancient prophecy that said the "White" calf wouldn't be albino but would eventually turn all the colors of the four sacred directions (white, yellow, red, and black). "We didn't get into a mine's-whiter-than-yours kind of thing," Merrival said. "He was very nice. He's learned a lot about Indian ways since that happened. He warned me about the crowds of press and people who'll want to see it." Merrival insists he will only take people to see his white buffalo calf on a case-by-case basis and then only one or two at a time.

Merrival has had his calf examined by a vet, who pronounced it energetic and healthy. "I never saw anything like its color," said Veterinarian Paul Wittenberg, who takes care of the buffalo herds in WIND CAVE NATIONAL PARK and CUSTER STATE PARK, both nearby. "It's sure different -- sort of a silver. That's very significant."

Two white male buffalo have been born this century: "Big Medicine," was born in Montana in 1933 and lived for 26 years. In an odd coincidence, an unnamed white male buffalo was born on Joe Merrival's ranch 13 days before the birth of his white female buffalo calf. It only lived one day and died of scours. The Lakota prophecy only considers a white female buffalo calf to be the "genuine article," as it is White Buffalo Calf WOMAN who brought the sacred holy pipe to the Lakota people so long ago.

(Sources: Joe Starita, RAPID CITY JOURNAL, 5/19/96 and Candy Hamilton, RAPID CITY JOURNAL, 5/21/96 via Gail Rossi and a report from Chet Snow)


By James Gregory

Aliens have landed on the front page of the prestigious WALL STREET JOURNAL. The June 28 edition carried the headline "ALIENS LAND IN BRAZIL," followed by an article an incredible 28 column inches long! This in a paper which prides itself on publishing accounts which are to the point and not giving any time to frivolous subjects which don't have an impact on business.

The tone of the article went beyond skeptical to being openly mocking, yet in the article were some intriquing nuggets:

-- On a Saturday afternoon in January, three young women encountered a strange being in a vacant lot in Varginha, a frontier town of 120,000 in the wilds of Brazil. It had brown, foul-smelling, oily skin, rubbery limbs, a large head with three rounded protrusions. It seemed frightened and disoriented. There were sightings in the area of six other strange beings, some of which may have been of the same creature.

-- At the same time, there were reports that a strange cigar-shaped flying object the size of a mini-van had crashed near the city limits.

-- There are charges that the aliens were captured and killed by the Brazilian army, examined at the local hospital, and then shipped to parts unknown -- in a word, they were "disappeared." The army denies this, but a UFO investigator, Vitorio Pacaccini, has a video statement of two young men in civilian clothes who claim to be members of the military detail that disposed of the aliens. Their identities are withheld to protect them.

-- Brazil's leading television magazine has done three programs on the subject. A two-hour documentary was so popular, it was repeated in its entirety the next week.

-- Though there is little physical evidence, one witness claims to have seen a paw print.

Mass hysteria? A spoof? A plot to bring tourist dollars into Varginha? The WALL STREET JOURNAL is too savvy to waste time on such shenanigans or on idle conjecture. So why did they put so much energy into this story? I can only speculate that it has something to do with reassuring a rattled business community that they have nothing to worry about.

If you want to check out the latest news on aliens in Brazil yourself, take a look at:

(Source: Matt Moffett, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, 6/28/96)


By James Gregory

A lethal blend of harsh winter weather and vampire-like mites has devastated the nation's honeybee population. Some beekeepers lost up to 80% of their colonies during the winter. "It's been one of the worst winters for bees I have ever seen," says Stanford Brown, who has been keeping bees in North Yarmouth, Maine, for nearly 50 years.

The devastation is particularly troublesome for farmers and home gardeners who depend on bees to pollinate fruits and vegetables and field crops like clover and alfalfa. This comes at a time when bee populations are already down 50% from 50 years ago. Factors such as industrial development, the spread of predatory African bees, and the abolition of subsidies for beekeepers are pointed out as causes by Gary Paul Nabham and Stephen Buchmann in their new book, "The Forgotten Pollinators." They predict declines in food and honey production, and a corresponding increase in food costs of $5 to $8 billion.

Bees are susceptible to cold weather for reasons of personal hygiene. Even during the hibernating months of winter, bees normally take flight on sunny days every few weeks to defecate. When weather is particularly cold, Brown says, "they just don't get out for their cleansing flights" and end up contracting fatal dysentery.

Cold is not their only the enemy. Hives, especially those of wild or "feral" bees have also been devastated by an infestation of two species of parasites - Varroa and tracheal mites. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY entomologist Scott Camazine says he surveyed outdoor hives last fall and again this spring and found that 85% of the wild bees had died. "This is a real catastrophe," he says.

Both kinds of mites can be controlled by pesticides, but the chemicals cannot be applied "until they are well out of the honey-producing season," says Charles Lilley of BEE'S KNEES HONEY FACTORY in Cornelius, Ore. For now, beekeepers are scrambling to replace decimated hives. Each hive or colony contains up to 18,000 bees, including the queen. Replacement runs about $90 per hive. Pollinating a one-acre orchard requires three hives for up to six weeks.

Why is this happening now? Writer David Yarrow shares these thoughts: "My own encounters with bees convinced me they detect, react, and navigate magnetic flux. The idea of a "beeline" contains the notion of a compass bearing. I've seen bees deflected from their straight flight lines by magnetic fields from ballast transformers in fluorescent light fixtures. You can bet abnormal bee-havior -- including population drops -- indicates disturbed magnetic flux. Earth's magnetic field is indeed undergoing rapid changes in intensity, polarity, frequency, phase, and topography. Actually, the bee population crash isn't sudden. Bee mites have been a serious and growing threat to bees for more than a decade. But like HIV in AIDS, bee mites are an "opportunistic infection" are only a symptom -- not a cause. Collapsing bee colonies indicate changing geomagnetism [and] a peek into a dark mystery.

Ultimately, beekeepers hope that scientists can develop a strain of honeybee resistant to the troublesome mites. "We need research," says Richard Adee of Bruce, S.D., one of the nation's largest honey producers, "and we need it fast."

(Sources: Rae Tyson, USA TODAY, 6/21/96, NEWSWEEK, 7/8/96, MILLENNIUM MATTERS NEWSLETTER, 7/10/96)


(Source: Judy Waytiuk, NEW AGE JOURNAL, July-Aug/96)

Humans have always had a special attraction to dolphins. One well-known Greek statue portrays a boy and the dolphin who befriended him. Throughout the centuries, legends have been told about drowning victims saved when dolphins pushed them ashore. Now a growing body of researchers is ascribing a new power to these animals -- the ability to heal. On the open ocean and in private aquariums around the world, dolphins are being used to encourage autistic children to communicate, to facilitate learning in Down's Syndrome youngsters, and even ease the pain of depressed people. Last September, a symposium in Cancun, Mexico drew 100 dolphin researchers and enthusiasts to explore the healing power of dolphins.

Some case histories:

-- Christopher Mazzella was trapped in his own isolated world. An eight-year-old autistic boy, he spoke in robotic word parroting and refused to eat anything but crackers and cheese. In desperation, his mother took him to Patricia St. John, author of "The Secret Language of Dolphins." With his mother's approval, St. John put Christopher into the water of a dolphinarium in France. Once in the water, the first thing he did was hoot and chortle. The dolphin hooted back. The child and dolphin played, swam, and touched. The results of one afternoon with the dolphin were dramatic: that night Christopher and his mother visited friends, and for the first time he agreed to eat regular food. Christopher swam with the dolphins every day for two weeks. Swimming with the dolphins seemed to make him come out of his own world. Three years later, Christopher still appears changed by the experience: he eats a variety of foods and he interacts with people more than he did prior to the swims. "He will always be autistic," his mother comments, "but he is reachable now."

-- Bill Bowell of Oxford, England had suffered from clinical depression for more than a decade, despite treatment with antidepressant medication. Horace Dobbs, who runs INTERNATIONAL DOLPHIN WATCH, took Bowell out in a boat off the coast of Pembrokeshire to visit a resident dolphin. The dolphin sought out Bowell in a boatload of 20 people before he was even in the water. The moment was an epiphany for him: "I felt wanted for the first time. There were no questions asked -- Who was I? How did I get ill?" The dolphin stayed with Bowell the whole time crying and talking. "The message I received was, 'I need you and you need me. Let's share our lonely worlds together,'" Bowel explained. Later, he had a similar experience with a dolphin off the coast of Ireland, where he now returns every year to swim with the animal.

-- In 1973, Betsy Smith, an educational anthropologist in Florida, noticed that a normally boisterous pair of dolphins became more gentle when her mentally retarded brother was in the water with them. Inspired by this, she went on to create PROJECT INREACH to examine the impact of dolphin play on neurologically impaired children. Many of these 12 and 13-year-olds show total isolation; self-injuring, repetitive behavior; no speech. In her model, the kids don't actually go in the water -- all the interaction with dolphins is tankside. They toss balls, rings, buckets of water, and interact with the dolphins and with each other. The animals appear to be natural healers, displaying a peculiar empathy. While the dolphins seem to help all the children to some degree, Smith says it is the autistic children who show the greatest improvement, for dolphin play gently encourages them to interact with the dolphins and with each other, something autistic children do not do.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that swimming with dolphins reduces stress and can lessen back pain, and there is also measurable evidence that it boosts the immune system, stimulating the production of T-cells. But how does dolphin healing work? Since 1991, THE AQUATHOUGHT FOUNDATION in Fort Myers, Florida has been trying to plumb the dolphin mystery. Founder David Cole has determined that people's brain waves from each side of their brain become synchronized when they swim with dolphins. This hemispheric synchronization is typically associated with heightened awareness and increased learning ability. Then there is the "puppy factor" -- the warm feeling we get when we are close to a friendly animal actually changes the stress chemistry of the blood stream. Another of his theories is that dolphin sonar may possibly affect the firing patterns of neurons.

Brenda Peterson, a swimmer adopted by a pod of spinner dolphins comments, "In exchanging a clear steady gaze with another species, we are reminded that our sickness is an assumed solitude. Our healing is in recognizing that we are not here alone."

Two dolphin encounter groups are members of the NewEarthNet ( For more information about diving with dolphins we suggest you contact:

Lynn Phillips & David Black

Ashleea Bridget Nielsen (author of "Dolphin Tribe: Remembering the Human/Dolphin Connection")



(Source: Michael D. Lemonick, TIME, 3/18/96 and Alyssa Burger, E MAGAZINE, Mar-Apr/96)

If trends in sperm counts continue, in 100 years the average man will be infertile. A study published in the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL reported that men born after 1970 had a sperm count 25% lower than men born before 1959 -- a decline of 2.1% per year. And in the most comprehensive analysis of all -- a study of 15,000 men from 21 countries -- Danish scientists discovered an alarming plunge of nearly 50% in average sperm counts in the past 50 years.

Up to this point, the causes have been a mystery. Stress, smoking, and drugs are known to be involved, as well as the trend for men to want children later in life, increased numbers of men with sexually transmitted diseases, and even the shift from boxer shorts to briefs. But now, according to a recently published book, "Our Stolen Future," a wide range of reproduction-related ills may be caused by chemical pollutants such as DDT, some forms of dioxins and PCBs, and a number of other synthetic chemical substances.

Although evidence for a chemical-infertility link does remain largely circumstantial, since the 1960's, more than 40 chemicals have been identified as "endocrine disruptors." The idea is that exposure to even traces of these chemicals in the womb can interfere with proper development of the reproductive system, leading to serious consequences years later. Male infertility is just one part of the problem; these pollutants may also be responsible for a tripling of the rate of testicular cancer and a rise in breast cancer, a doubling of undescended testes, a 400% increase in ectopic pregnancies, and aberrant mating behaviour and genital malformations in animals.

Everything related to our existence involves some risk. Water, air, and soil around the world are tainted with small amounts of many of these chemicals. So what can be done? Researchers at the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY recommend eating more green vegetables and less animal fat. Organic food also has lower quantities of endocrine disruptors. Buying organic makes a political statement but ultimately, food contamination will be reduced only if we reduce toxic levels of emissions in the environment. (JG)


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