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Press Release from the Sedona Police Department
October 2, 2004

Title: Plane Crash In Sedona
Date: 10/02/2004
Contact: Rod Johnston
Information Officer, Sedona Police Department
(928) 204-7173

On 10/02/04 at approximately 10:17AM a single engine bi-plane, attempting an emergency landing on Highway 89A in Sedona, struck the rear end of a vehicle and came to rest partially in the roadway. The pilot, James Barron, was giving a bi-plane tour of Oak Creek Canyon to Paul and Bonnie Roberts from Albany, Oregon when the plan began to experience engine problems. The pilot headed back to Sedona airport, but realizing he would not make it, he chose Highway 89A as a landing alternative. Many onlookers heard the engine sputtering and backfiring as the plane approached the highway.

The plane descended westbound onto Highway 89A and touched down as it approached Coffee Pot Road. The traffic light turned red causing a car in front of the plane to slow down in preparation to stop. The driver of the vehicle, Carl Galletti of Cornville, Az., saw the plane in his rearview mirror and attempted to move to the right to stop in the hopes that the plane would pass over the vehicle, The lower right wing struck the rear of the vehicle causing the plane to veer around the vehicle and come to a stop on its left side, partially in the AM PM parking lot.

The three people in the plane appeared uninjured, but were transported to local hospitals for precautionary measures. The driver of the vehicle was uninjured. The plane was removed to the Sedona Airport, where it will be stored for further investigation by NTSB.

Photos by David Sunfellow







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