An NHNE Special Report
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz


Chapter 1: In the Beginning

In the beginning, I had this loose plan, which was to spend three weeks in England interviewing people and gathering information for a report for NHNE, and then I was off to Ireland for a two week holiday. I was adamant about going to Ireland. After two years of hard service in American public schools, I was dying for a proper vacation and I told David Sunfellow, the Publisher of NHNE, that the Irish leg of my journey was essential.

In the end, I spent nine weeks in England; I never got to Ireland and my vacation time was sparse, but I managed to squeeze in a lot of fun during my work.

I was armed with a list of questions and goals that I was determined to answer. I deliberately kept the list short because I didn't want to be tied into more than I could find in three weeks. I have addressed them all, question by question in the Questions & Answers section of this report.

Why did I stay an extra six weeks? The longer I stayed in England, the more intrigued I became of the entire phenomenon, including the individuals that make up what I dubbed the crop circle "tribe".

The first person I met on this journey turned out to be my long-lost best friend. Amanda Roberts, an Australian with a sadistic sense of humor, answered the door at the hostel where I was staying in Salisbury. She described her first impression of me like this: "All you could see what this purple raincoat and purple hat and these two sad little eyes staring out behind glasses in the pouring rain. She was carrying a ton of stuff. She had this massive green pack; she looked like a turtle."

It was a miserable wet day in England (is there any other kind?). My new helped me inside the warm hostel and got me sorted out because I was soaked to the bone from the walk from the train station and I had jet lag. She helped me dry out my things and gave me a bed, and she took care of me for the next nine weeks. Amanda was an Aussie traveling around the world and she just happened to land in Salisbury for a work stop at a hostel called MATT & TIGGY's. Amanda didn't know much about crop circles, which was great, because she was a disinterested party and her advice was often the voice of reason amidst all the hooha I was to hear.

I had researched crop circles before coming to England and had some ideas about what they were and what I was going to discover. I was a bit of a croppie, an admirer of those aesthetically magnificent creations. I had dark suspicions about the hoaxers. In fact, I thought they were a bunch of lying, ego-mad jerks. And even though I was skeptical about many of the formations, I was most impressed with the idea that some kind of external energy was creating the spectacular formations, like the koch fractal.

I thought the researchers, on the other hand, were a dedicated bunch of martyrs, mostly infallible, with the odd bad apple in the barrel. I fully expected to have some kind of life-changing moment inside of one of these genuine crop formations, since everybody I read about on the Internet experienced such epiphanies. But -- and its a big but -- even though I had my biases, I was still open-minded and retained my sense of humor, so that these biases were not to be too detrimental to my investigation. However, some of them did take nearly nine weeks to wash away. I knocked around Salisbury for a few days before phoning in my first interview with paranormal investigator Paul Vigay. I took a double-decker bus to Stonehenge with the rest of the tourists. It was a cold wet and windy day on the Salisbury Plain. I saw several helicopters circling an area a few miles away and I wondered what they were checking out. I had heard several stories of black helicopters harassing individuals inside crop formations.


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An NHNE Special Report
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz