An NHNE Special Report
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz


Chapter 5: A Perfect Disguise and a Change of Heart

After my interview with Lucy, I had less than two weeks left. I started sorting out my interviews and my experiences with the local crop circle population. I formed many friendships and deep relationships with the people I'd met and interviewed and now I was one of them. At first I felt this jeopardized my investigation. Then it dawned on me that the only way to truly understand this phenomenon was to become a part of it. I didn't observe it from the outside, I observed it from the inside.

The last interview I conducted was at THE RED LION INN at the Avebury Stone Circles with Matt Williams and Paul Damon. By now, I had finally read Jim Schnabel's book, "Round in Circles", and Colin Andrews' books, "Circular Evidence" and "The Latest Evidence."

Matthew Williams & Paul Damon

One afternoon, Matt came by to talk with me about the night they chased down the BBC film crew and the Circlemakers. At the time, I was completely unaware of their 1998 hoaxing escapades and still considered them to be trustworthy investigative reporters and researchers. We digressed into various nonsensical topics, but then they jokingly said something about Colin Andrews being King Arthur. At the time, I thought this was funny, but later I concluded that Colin was at the center of the crop circle mythology. He was the catalyst for so many different groups and individuals who are currently part of the ongoing social phenomena, and he caught the world's attention, making this an international phenomena.

I also thought a lot about Jim Schnabel, who has taken on mythical qualities in the crop circle population. While his motives for entering the population are not clear, local theories tout him as a member of the CIA, a ruthless journalist, an agent of the Catholic Mafia, and hoaxer. The only two that I could verify were that he was working as a journalist and he did make crop formations in the early 1990's. He was also later involved in remote viewing and rumor has it he's off searching for his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. His book was interesting to me because I met a few of the people he wrote about. His impressions, although not identical to mine, were in many ways quite similar. He did manage to strip the lacquer off the group of researchers, but as I said, he is a rather bizarre and controversial figure within the crop circle mythology himself.

One afternoon I went up to Silbury Hill with Vince, Amanda and another friend, Mark Hanson. We sat on top with lots of other tourists and local folks on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The grass was warm and a cool breeze was blowing. Below us there was a new crop circle and folks were out meditating in the formation. I looked around at the people enjoying the hill, the afternoon, the mystique that is quintessentially the region of the Avebury Stones. More and more, I was coming to the conclusion that the crop circle phenomenon was a people-phenomenon, with the exception of a few anomalous events.

Before I left for London to catch the plane, I had some conversations that still linger. One was with John Sayer. He dropped by to say goodbye. I told him that I was torn. Too much had happened between me and all these people, and writing about them as if they were subjects in a study wouldn't work anymore because I knew too much about their personal lives and idiosyncrasies. John told me to take my time, to let the experience settle, to not make any hasty decisions.

The next conversation was with Kerry Blower. I was having tea with her and her mother, Mal, in Vicky Cook's flower garden. Kerry began talking about local friends and how so many people's lives were changing: relationships were ending and people were moving away; the energy that brought them all together in the early 1990's was fading. Said Kerry, "All these people that came to Wiltshire in the early 1990's -- all their lives are changing and all they're being left with is themselves -- a big finger is pointing at them and it's saying all that's left is YOU!"

Kerry was more right about herself than anyone. Months have passed since I was in Wiltshire and now Kerry, who had been one of the staunchest believers of all, has rejected the notion of a genuine phenomena. When Kerry found out that two of her dearest male friends, Matthew Williams and Paul Damon of THE TRUTHSEEKERS REVIEW had spent the summer of 1998 making circles, she was devastated. After seeing The Circlemakers creation for the BCC in late July, she began to have serious doubts. The "final nail in the coffin" was delivered by Matt and Paul, two people within her close circle of friends.

Paul and Matt deceived me, too. Matt had told me in his July interview that though he had created some circles for research purposes in the past, it was all over now. Their's was the perfect disguise: posing as the Batman and Robin of Wiltshire, out to catch the hoaxers, all the while making circles themselves. I recall Matt often lamenting the accusations from certain individuals that he and Paul were hoaxers.

I called a few weeks ago to conduct a second interview with Kerry after the summer of hoaxing by Matt and Paul had finally leaked out into the communities of East Kennett and Alton Barnes, and her complete change of her heart is perhaps the most significant incident that I witnessed in this whole drama.

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An NHNE Special Report
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz