An NHNE Special Report
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz


Chapter 6: A Message from Us to Us

I loved every day, wet and cold ones included, that I spent in England. I was welcomed by this tribe of people, and they made me one of them. It may sound ridiculous, but I felt loved, and it ripped my heart in two to leave the place. Love can be blind, but not in this case. I looked on it full and accepted it all for what it really was: It's all a part of the Millennium Fever that is sweeping the planet, and the crop circles are a message from us to us; a calling card from the collective unconscious to appreciate the power of the human spirit and to have faith and love each other.

Crop circles are probably a modern myth. Some are created to inspire hope; some to deceive, some to fulfill an emptiness that could not be satiated, or to satisfy the human curiosity about the myth. The circlemakers of the world have their own reasons for flattening crop, and some of them I warrant are not especially virtuous.

I did not always agree with the people I became involved with in England, but I think agreeing to disagree is an elegant compromise. It doesn't mean you can't like someone or appreciate the qualities that make them an individual. I do, however, think I was naive about the crop circle phenomena. I also misjudged people based on what other people said about them. My mother says, "You know how opinions are -- everybody has one." Well, now I have my own, which is vastly different from the one I left the United States with. I expect that it, like me, will continue to evolve as time passes.

There is no doubt in my mind that various anomalous occurrences spawned the crop circle phenomena, including UFO sightings. The 1998 season was, however, full of hoaxes. The number of spectacular formations was greatly diminished because the Circlemakers (John Lundberg, Will Russell and Rod Dickinson) had a slow start due to the Colin-PI scare.

Many people refuse to recognize the contribution that hoaxers make each summer to the season's circles. They overlook their contribution because they don't bother to talk with them or acknowledge what can be accomplished by 3-6 people in three hours. I made a grape shot formation myself. It took me 45 seconds. And I was slow. If you don't believe one can be made in an evening, give it a try. Just make a circle with a ring around it. It won't be as nice as the professionals create, but it can be done.

The data collection process was rather sparse this summer in Wiltshire. The lack of funds and able bodies seems to be the main reason serious research is seldom done. But the fact that few people collecting information have a set research plan is another factor. In over 15 years, no one has been able to discover unequivocally what or who is responsible for this phenomena. Could it be because they don't really want to know?

I do not believe that any of the individuals I encountered were malicious people, trying to perpetuate disinformation for some evil plot. I liked everybody I met and interviewed, hoaxers included, and I do not claim to have a preference for one group of the population over another. I did, however, learn one thing: when you enter the world of the Avebury Stone Circles and crop circles, you need to be prepared to learn about yourself and be changed by it forever.


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An NHNE Special Report
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz