Tuesday, June 16, 1998
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz

Salisbury, England

This last week has had a bigger impact on me than anything so far. I interviewed a woman named Kerry Blower who is originally from Wales, but moved to Avebury (Wiltshire) a few years ago. She and her husband, Tom, moved to the area after an amazing turn of events. Kerry is a singer/composer/UFO-crop circle conference organizer. And that's the proverbial tip of the iceberg. The full interview will appear when I return to the states, and it's an amazing story.

I have been more impressed with the people in this area than I have with any of the crop circles I have seen. I can't at this point attest to any of the theories and ideas about crop circle formation, but I will tell you that it is truly a magical place, which oddly, is the only thing that everyone involved in the research or experience of the phenomenon can agree on. I told you that I found Stonehenge anticlimactic, but the Avebury stone circles were inspiring, and I plan to go back on my own this week and have some quiet time. Perhaps I will watch the sunrise on the summer solstice at Avebury.

I interviewed John Lundberg of the Circle Makers ( at THE BARGE INN in Alton Barnes on Saturday night and I expected him to be a bit more of a James Bond character than he was, which was good, because I felt the interview went fairly well. Like many others who have spoken with the Circle Makers, I found John to be somewhat evasive regarding certain subjects, but I fully expected that. The full interview will appear later, but I will pass on this bit of information, mates: the Circle Makers may not be making any crop circles this season because crop circle researcher Colin Andrews has received a grant from Laurence Rockefeller (a press release about this situation follows) to fund Andrews' research. This grant includes money to hire private detectives to follow the Circle Makers during the summer months in order to catch them in the act of making a crop circle formation. John stated that he didn't wish to be fined or put in jail for 3 months, since trespassing (and making crop formations in the fields of unsuspecting farmers) is illegal in the UK. Imagine that! The Circle Makers claim they haven't made any formations yet this season and it will be interesting to see if they stay out of the fields all summer.

John says he hasn't been impressed with any of the formations that have appeared thus far this season, which is something that has been echoed by many locals and crop researchers alike. No one seems very impressed with this year's batch and I am waiting anxiously for something spectacular myself, though the folks here have been my favorite thing so far!

The last person I spoke with this week was a man named Alan Smithee, who has produced an excellent documentary on the crop circle phenomenon. As I said before, the people here are quite intriguing and grant, being a media specialist, has picked up on this, too. His video reflects the ambiguity of the phenomenon and its sociological impact on the people involved. I hope that Alan will make his video available in the USA for interested folks to watch.

Until next time, as they say in the UK, "cheers."

Best Wishes to All,
Sherry (Sher) Stultz


June 1998

(The following press release is presently posted on THE CIRCLES PHENOMENON RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL (CPRI) website which, in turn, is hosted by Freddy Silva's THE CROP CIRCULAR.)

The well-known multimillionaire and advisor to the White House, Mr. Laurence Rockefeller has engaged a consultant to advise him on crop circle research findings. Internationally-acknowledged researcher Colin Andrews, of CIRCLES PHENOMENON RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL (CPRI), will report findings on a number of new projects back to Mr. Rockefeller in New York.

Special funding from Mr. Rockefeller is supporting some key 1998 projects, some of which will carry over to the end of the century. They include: Staffing computers and offices in Connecticut, at CPRI Headquarters. Carrying out a detailed aerial and ground infrared photographic mission in England. An in-depth investigation by intelligence and investigative experts into hoaxing of the phenomenon. A two year aerial surveillance program, designed to record the crop formations and surrounding areas by movie and still photography. The global satellite positioning system (GPS) will be used to secure additional data. Staff have begun working in Connecticut on new powerful computers and updating the crop circle database, which is the largest and most complete on the subject in the world. This work will be carried into the year 2000. Aerial surveillance will begin on the 20th of June in Southern England. The infrared photographic study will start during 1999.

THE INSTITUTE OF RESONANT THERAPY (IRT), based in Germany, is working at the forefront of new techniques designed to overcome environmental problems in vegetation. CPRI is working closely with them and have embarked upon a project to measure the Earth's magnetic field in the vicinity of the crop circles across Wiltshire and Hampshire. This work will be carried out by Andrews (an electrical engineer) and scientists from Germany, using top-of-the-line equipment already flown in from Germany.

CPRI will release details of their research findings through their Internet home page:

and the CPRI Newsletter, available from :

P.O. Box 3378
Branford, CT 06405 USA
Phone/Fax: (203)483-0822

CPRI Press Release:


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