Wednesday, July 1, 1998
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz

Avebury, England

Last week I invited myself to visit some new crop circles in the county of Hampshire with crop circle researchers John Sayer and Paul Vigay, and oddly enough renowned crop circle researcher Colin Andrews showed up and I was finally able to meet him. Richard Alexander and Leonie Starr, both crop circle veterans joined us, too, and were kind enough to show me the ropes. We investigated two different sites, Stocks Farm in Privet (oats) and one just off the village of Clanfield (wheat) both in the county of Hampshire, and concluded that both were most likely hoaxes.

Richard dowsed for energy and he found ley lines, but nothing besides what you would normally find from the Earth's magnetic field. Leonnie called me over to what she called "quiet spots," which are areas where anyone visiting the new made circle would not have stepped. She pulled back the crushed crop and underneath the bottom layers were snapped in half. She smiled at me, and raised her eyebrow..."what a waste," she said. Both sites were like this, and now I have some tangible clue as to how to determine human-made from non-human-made crop circles. It was good to see this since the Clanfield formation was quite impressive. Colin was taking GPS (Global Positioning System) readings and videoing the sites with verbal notes. John, Leonnie, and Richard were measuring the diameter of the circles and the spaces between them. Paul was checking the energy levels inside and outside of the circles to determine if there were any significant differences, and of course, there weren't. I was following everybody around with a tape recorder, as usual. A thick mist hung over the last field and it felt quite gothic to me. I felt lucky to have finally been to a hands-on assessment.

Today I interviewed a woman named Polly Carson who owns "the hottest field in England." For croppies worldwide it needs no introduction -- East Field in Kennett. One of the most famous crop circles, the July 11th 1990 pictogram, the one that graces the Led Zeppelin album, was formed in her field, in East Field.

Polly and I had lunch at THE RED LION PUB in Avebury. I saw Polly the night I interviewed John Lundberg of the Circle Makers at THE BARGE INN; after John and I had finished our talk, he and Polly had, what I guess could be described as "a heated discussion." So with that I decided I needed to talk with her, since she isn't a hoaxer or a researcher; she farms the land here in Wiltshire. And once again a new ingredient has been added to my recipe.

Polly believes like most folks that some formations are hoaxed and others are unexplained. But unlike many researchers Polly believes that all formations are benign; she also thinks that they are formed to bring people together to form a kind of higher consciousness, to make people have conversations everyday that they would normally have "at 2 AM after a nice dinner and a few bottles of wine." However, what I was suprised by was her patience. Not to generalize about everyone, but most people I encounter want answers now and yesterday; they are determined to find a theory and kudos to them to keeping plugging away, but Polly sees it as a slow progression of consciousness-raising, and when "we" are ready, "we" will inevitably find out.

I have had to be very patient here in England for a variety of reasons, which I shan't bore you with, and it's tough, so to meet someone who is willing to wait for it, was actually quite refreshing.

Since I have been here nearly a month now, I would like to offer up the beginning of my many thanks to those people who have been kind enough to house me, feed me, give me leads, and give me rides. And a special thanks to all the dear retired ladies who ride the buses of Wiltshire and Hampshire, because without them, I would have never found my way around this countryside. I still can't quite figure out how to read the bus schedules!

Best Wishes to All,
Sherry (Sher) Stultz

P.S. There have been a lot of new crop circles lately and I am wondering how busy John Lundberg has been recently. I may give him another call...

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