Wednesday, July 22, 1998
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz

Alton Barnes, England

On the morning of July 9th in East Field, Alton Barnes, on Polly Carson's farm, one of the most spectacular formations this year appeared. It resembled the Koch Snowflake. Folks I talked with at the site who had watched the field until 1 AM said they saw nothing.

I took a look at it from above East Field and there was a preliminary sketch posted at the BARGE INN. The snowflake is surrounded by about 149 small circles. It looks like John Lundberg and Rod Dickinson's work, who are members of the Circlemakers. I am not fond of feeding the rumor mill, but I thought what happened that day was an interesting anecdote.

I called John Lundberg the night the formation appeared to double-check some information on the interview we had in mid-June, and he wasn't home. So when I heard about the new formation, I phoned him again and he was home this time. I asked him where he was the night before, and he asked why and I said well there's a new formation in East Field. He hollered into the phone in great surprise. He just couldn't believe it. I told him he should be on Broadway. Really, he could have won an Emmy with that performance!

I'm not clairvoyant, but me thinks he doth protest too much. The beauty of it all is that I will never know (unless I catch him), if he made a circle or not. But I wonder if someone or something else beat him to it? Not likely. He once told me that East Field was the primest spot for a circle, since it's the most closely watched field in England. And like everything else, when you want to sell something, it's location, location, location!


Monday, July 20, 1998
Andover & Alton Barnes, England

The last two weeks I attended two conferences, the Cereologist Conference in Andover and the Crop Circle Celebration Weekend in Alton Barnes. I also hung out at the BARGE INN on Friday night. (I get some of my best information from pubs.)

When I was at the Cereologist Conference on Saturday July 11 th, Michael Green, who is the President of THE CENTRE FOR CROP CIRCLE STUDIES announced that they now have discovered a way to identify hoaxed formations from genuine ones and that it will all be exposed as a "sinister conspiracy" in an upcoming story to be published. He made no other comment as to what this so-called fingerprint is that the hoaxers leave in the crop. We will, however, update you as soon as we find out more.

I also spoke with Will Russell, of the Circlemakers, who I really like. I neither respect or disrespect what he does, but he is a very likable person. We chatted in a roundabout manner, which is always the case with Will and other Circlemakers. He made a statement that I will pass on to all of you so perhaps you can begin to appreciate the context of our discussions:

"By the very nature of my essence, you can't believe anything I say..."

I did, however, find the following story interesting and, for the record, believe Will was telling the truth about this one:

Will said he went into a formation that he knew was hoaxed, by another colleague because he liked it and he wanted to take some photos. Well, when he entered the batteries in his camera died, so he went home and put in fresh batteries, and those subsequently died as well. He had no explanation for this event, which really intrigued him. Now there could be a variety of reasons for this occurrence, but it's the experience here that affected him and affects many people who go into a crop circle and have any kind of experience, whether it's physical, emotional or mechanical failure of electronic equipment.

I bumped into Will again the next weekend at the Crop Circle Celebration in Alton Barnes and we chatted again and he was kind enough to give me a ride back to the village of East Kennett, where I am staying with friends. On the way home, Will mentioned that the Circlemakers have discovered that crop circle researcher Colin Andrews does NOT have funding to hire private investigators to follow them all summer. Interesting, though I cannot verify this statement, except to say that the Circlemakers have been out this season and they are not in court or in jail.

Will plans to be traveling through the states this autumn and I will be curious to see if he leaves any "gifts" behind.

I met a woman from the Netherlands at the BARGE INN this past Friday evening who had recently seen a UFO in the area. Her story as she told me on tape is transcribed below. I have been more intrigued by the number of UFO sitings in this area than I have been by the crop circles, since it much easier to hoax flattened crop than a giant flying craft, so I have tried to collect a few local stories:

"My name is Janet Ossebaard. I am from the Netherlands. The thing that I saw happened exactly one week ago, which was Friday night, the 10th of July 1998. We were leaving the BARGE INN and driving towards Knap Hill to do a skywatch and before we reached the parking lot of Knap Hill, I saw a very, very bright light -- white light in the sky over the east field or maybe a bit farther back... This object was extremely bright, big and white. I had the binoculars on my lap, just in case. I always do that. Luckily. Bert saw it too, but out of the corner of his eyes, because he was trying to pay attention to the road while driving. He pulled the brakes immediately.

"Through the binoculars, I saw another object come out of this white object. It was like a piece of cloth or a balloon. I don't know exactly how to describe it. The cloth was blowing like the wind. I thought maybe I was imagining things: you can really start doubting yourself when you see things you cannot explain. So I looked very carefully and I saw that it became solid, quite fast, within one or two seconds. It was a solid object, cigar-shaped and... many times bigger than the object it came out of... It did not have a light of its own, but I could see it clearly because the light of the white object it came out of was so bright you could see it. A bit more to the left was another object which was separate and it seemed like they belonged together, but it was separate. I am not sure about the shape, because it didn't have a light either, but it was illuminated also...

"Cars were coming up and it was a very dangerous place to stop, so Bert started driving again just a bit further where it was safer to stop. A few seconds later, and I could see the sky again... and it was just totally gone. At that time Mathew Williams stopped. He pulled over and said, 'Hey what are you doing? Are you seeing anything?' And I said,'Yeah, I am! I am!' And then later the very bright light appeared again, but immediately disappeared, so Mathew saw that. But we never taped it..."

Janet has come every summer for the past few years from the Netherlands to Wiltshire to skywatch and look at crop circles on her holiday and to enjoy the beautiful green countryside around Avebury Stone Circles and Silbury Hill.

I interviewed Lucy Pringle this weekend at the Crop Circle Celebration in Alton Barnes as well, and I hope to have her interview posted soon for all to read. She has some interesting information on the physiological effects of crop circles.

The most interesting crop formation to me is at Lockeridge Junction just below West Woods and it is a small series of circles. So far, I haven't heard any claims through the hoaxer grapevine as to its author. There were supposedly UFO sitings the night it was formed. But, who knows? Until I see one not being formed by a human being, I have to assume they are all hoaxed. To borrow a phrase from my friend Will, "by the very nature of my essence, I have to be skeptical."

I will send back at least one more report before I return at the end of the month. Once again my thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to tell me their stories and give me rides to and from the various watering holes and sacred places. I leave you with this little axiom, which I heard at the Cereologist Conference:

"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off."

Best Wishes to All,
Sherry (Sher) Stultz

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