Kerry Blower

An NHNE Special Report
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz


Kerry Blower was born in Wales on February 12th, the same birthday as me and Abraham Lincoln, and she was blessed with a soulful voice. At the age of 16, Kerry left school to sing in a band and married her husband Tom Blower. To Kerry and Toms delight, their only child, a daughter, Shelly was born when Kerry was 23.

Kerry says for years she smoked 40 cigarettes a day, drank every night, and didn't believe in "bugger all." She had no interest in nature or mysticism, and she describes herself as brain-dead.

In 1990, a crucial year for so many folks involved in the crop circle population, Kerry says she felt a hole in her guts, a pervasive emptiness that wouldnt go away. She slowly began to withdraw from her old life and her old vices, and falling out with her old crowd of friends. Even though she had no reason to be unhappy, Kerry felt herself closing down.

And then it happened, the pivotal moment that changed her life forever. Kerry, Tom, and little Shelly were traveling by car in Abergavenny, Wales, and Kerry fell asleep in the back-seat. A voice woke her up that seemed to travel from back to front of the car. She sat up and reached for the two front seats, her whole body shaking and the voice said, "We are ready to show ourselves--- you are ready to go on your mission."

She looked out the car window and saw a shining silver ball, at which point Kerry thought they had all been in a car accident and that she was dead. Once she realized she was awake and not dead, Kerry says she was covered in goose flesh. Tom was driving the car and he did not see the UFO. Later she found out the other members of her family who were traveling with them in a separate car had seen the shining silver ball as well.

After this incident Kerry became obsessed with UFO's. For the next six months, she was constantly crying, but she could not tell anyone about the voice she heard for a very long time.

In the following months, Kerry began researching UFOs and was amazed to have her siting confirmed by a UFO investigator from Germany who told her of two other people who had described seeing the shining silver ball on the same night as she did. Confirmation from another source was a great relief for her.

She began organizing the Supernormal Research Conference of the Century in Wales which received national media coverage, since it was the first ever of its kind to be held in Wales. Since then Kerry and Tom have put on many conferences, like the one in held this year in Cardiff called It's Strange, But True?, which occurred on August 1st and 2nd. One evening Kerry saw a crop circle on the news in Wales, and she and Tom were so struck by this formation that they left for Alton Barnes that night. They found the crop circle and within it were people from all over talking to each other. They stayed for two days, as Kerry was completely mesmerized by the beauty and magic of Wiltshire, and the Avebury Stone Circles. Eventually they moved to the region and now live in a little village called East Kennett.

Kerrys life is still more intriguing since, by all rights she and her mother should not even be alive. In 1995, Kerry was having difficulty with her eyes, and she went to see an optometrist, who then referred her to a genetic specialist because the lenses of her eyes were falling off. Kerry was informed that she had a life-threatening disease known as Marfan's Syndrome.

Marfan's Syndrome also known as arachodactyly is a rare genetic disorder of the connective tissue that affects certain body systems, such as the skeleton, heart and eyes. The lens of the eyes is often dislocated and the heart has an abnormal composition. The fingers and limbs can be long and thin, almost spidery in appearance, hence the "archano" prefix in arachnodactyly. However, depending on the degree of expression, some individuals may live a relatively normal life, while others die at an early age.

Kerry's mother carries the gene as did her grandfather. Kerry's daughter does not, and Kerry was overjoyed when Shelly's DNA test was negative for this genetic disorder. An odd twist to this story is that Kerry shares a birthday with Abraham Lincoln, who reported suffered from Marfan's Syndrome.

Kerry says that the UFO sightings gave her the courage to accept the disease, and live her life one day at a time. She used to want everybody to like her, but these days Kerry says shes getting over that.

Kerry does not go on the road and sing gigs anymore with the band, but she still writes and records songs at home. And if youre lucky enough to be around Alton Barnes in the summer time and you see a woman with long blonde hair playing a drum and singing her heart out around a fire, you will have found Kerry Blower.

Kerry's life and her recent musical recording have been influenced by her experiences with UFO's and crop circles. She and her family came to Wiltshire because of crop circles and her friends, her life, everything in her present came about because of a fascination with the crop circle phenomena and the paranormal.

Kerry went into this summers east field formation in Alton Priors when it was still fresh. She says that there was no milky residue on the crop and not one bit of wheat was out of place. She believes this to be one of the few genuine formations of the summer, and she was enchanted by it.
Of the hoaxers, Kerry says, "I detest them with a passion because they do it with deceit in mind..."

Kerry went to see a movie this summer, the same one I saw when I was in England called "Sliding Doors", which starred Gwenyth Paltrow and John Hannah. The film shows you two scenarios of a womans life, determined by whether or not she catches the tube (subway) one afternoon in London. Kerry and I were discussing the film at THE BARGE one evening and we both really liked it because it reveals the cosmic importance of seemingly mundane events. I wondered what Kerry's life would have been like if she had not been driving down that road in Abergavenny the night the UFO was sited. And then I wondered what my life would have been like if I had never decided to e-mail a guy named James Gregory to get some more information about the so-called planetary shift. Sliding doors?

If you are interested in Kerry's spiritual music, you can contact her home in East Kennett. She gave me a copy of her tape for free, but I do not what the normal charge is. Kerry and Tom Blower also host an annual UFO conference, as well, if anyone would like to contact her about next year's conference in Wales.




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An NHNE Special Report
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz