NHNE SwiftWing Reporter, Sherry Stultz, posing for a picture near Clanfield, Hampshire.


Paul Vigay measuring the changes in electronicmagnetic residue inside and outside a formation near Clanfield, Hampshire.


Vince Palmer, painting the "Green Man" at THE BARGE INN.


Vince Palmer's "Green Man"


Vince Palmer's "Sun"


Kerry Blower, singer/musician and UFO conference organizer.


John Sayer, publisher of The Cereologist, singing "A Heart of Gold" by Neil Young one wet afternoon in Vicky Cook's kitchen.


My second day in England, I visited Stonehenge with all the other tourists on a doubledecker bus. The thing that impressed me most about Stonehenge was that it didn't inspire me spiritually at all. My experiences in Avebury were much more profound.


Avebury Stone Circles in Wiltshire. The main part of the village of Avebury is located within the circle.


Richard Andrews, Leonie Starr, John Sayer taking measurements in a crop circle formation near Clanfield.


Colin Andrews testing his GPS (Global Positioning System) unit in a formation near Clanfield.


Polly Carson being blown by the wind at the Crop Circle Celebration in Alton Barnes on July 18th.


Lucy Pringle at her table selling pictures of crop circles at the Festival at Alton Barnes the day I interviewed her.


Sometimes referred to "The Welsh Boys," Matthew Williams and Paul Damon of The TruthSeekers Review, in Vicky Cook's back garden.


THE BARGE INN's Crop Circle Bulletin Board.



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An NHNE Special Report
By NHNE SwiftWing Reporter Sherry Stultz