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NHNE Special Report
Sherry Stultz on Hurricane Katrina
August 2005 - April 2006


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Photos 1

A view headed down Halstead to East Beach. Looter Beware signs were few, but persist even now. (09/16/2005)



East Beach home, not salvageable. Note the Looter Beware sign in front of the live oak. (09/16/2005)



East Beach and La Branche. There was a house here. (09/16/2005)



Notice the dead needles and brown leaves throughout all these photos. (09/16/2005)



Down phone lines and debris piled in front of these homes. The beach is directly behind me. (09/16/2005)



More destruction of homes. (09/16/2005)



This was a huge home. Half of it is gone now. (09/16/2005)



This was a Frank Lloyd Wright house on East Beach. My friend Adele was
married here. They hope to salvage this home. It is a one of a kind. (09/16/2005)



Debris piled in front of this house. It was built within the last five years
or so. (09/16/2005)



There was an adorable house here and the folks kept a beautiful wildlife
flower garden in front of it. The bayou was just behind the house and the
beach in front. They left a photo and the words "we will be home soon." (09/16/2005)



The bayou on the west end of East Beach. Note the debris from the trees. It looks like a fire came through here. (09/16/2005)



A view of the Ocean Springs Harbor from the OS harbor bridge. The front yard
of this home has boats everywhere. (09/16/2005)



The backside of the previous photo. Another boat managed to land in the
backyard. (09/16/2005)



Remnants of the OS-Biloxi Bridge. It did survive in chunks; the old bridge
parallel to it was gone. (09/16/2005)



The Yacht Club in Ocean Springs next to the OS-Biloxi Bridge.



More of the apartments on Front Beach. (09/16/2005)



This is Front Beach, which faces Biloxi. An apartment complex was here and
many folks who stayed did not survive the storm. It is a sad place to stand. (09/16/2005)



McElroy's Harbor House stood just east of the new Hard Rock Casino. This was their newest second location in Ocean Springs on Highway 90 and even though it was flooded, it still stands and will reopen once it is restored. The original location is gone, as is much of that part of Biloxi. (09/16/2005)



A long view of the bridge. Look to the right and see the sections that were
driven up by the sheer force of the water. (09/16/2005)


NHNE Special Report
Sherry Stultz on Hurricane Katrina
August 2005 - April 2006


Photos 1Photos 2Photos 3



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