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David Sunfellow
Sedona, Arizona, USA

NHNE Founder & Publisher


I began my spiritual journey 25 years ago when I moved from Pocatello,Idaho to Virginia Beach, Virginia to get involved in the work of Edgar Cayce and his organization, THE ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH & ENLIGHTENMENT (A.R.E.). I worked in an A.R.E. work-study program, became a full-time staff member at A.R.E. Headquarters, became a counselor at the A.R.E. CAMP and eventually presented conferences at the A.R.E. CAMP and workshops at the Headquarters. Along with a burning interest in the Cayce basics of prayer, meditation, dreams and Jesus, I became deeply interested in Cayce's earth-change predictions. I was so convinced that Cayce's dire predictions for the future were going to happen, that I spent years gathering together with others who shared similar beliefs. We started study groups and spiritual communities, organized earth-change gatherings, researched Cayce-like prophecies from other spiritual traditions, stockpiled food, prayed and meditated, and did everything we could to prepare for global upheaval -- something I no longer believe is going to happen (at least not in the way Cayce and others predicted).

More important than earth changes, I also had a burning desire to understand the purpose of life, find God and connect with others of like mind. In time, all of these interests came together in an attempt to build a global network that could seriously explore the true nature of the times in which we live, as well as the larger issues of life and the spiritual path. Out of this desire NewHeavenNewEarth was born.

My goal today is to shape NHNE into an increasingly dynamic and far-reaching force for planetary transformation. By pooling the wisdom, talents and resources of people all over the planet, I believe we can finally unravel humankind's greatest mysteries -- both ancient and modern -- and help give birth to the next level in human consciousness that is presently emerging all over the world.

When not answering email and cooking up new ways to tap the power of like-minded people all over the globe, I'm working on being a good father (I have three girls and one son) and becoming a better, happier, healthier human being.




P.O. Box 2242
Sedona, AZ, USA


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