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Joya Pope
Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

NHNE Reporter & Resource Person


I am a channel, teacher, workshop leader and past life expert whose work has magically taken me to many cities in North America, Europe and Africa. I have written two books and co-authored another. The now-classic, "The World According to Michael: An Old Soul's Guide to the Planet", is, I believe, a refreshing take on human psychology and behavior. "Upcoming Changes", my second title, clarifies current patterns of social tumult, earth and weather change. These books have been translated into Japanese, Finnish, and Polish - with Portuguese always pending! The Web sight above carries interesting excerpts from each book and explains about the readings I do.

California raised, educated in the university system and by all the teachers/gurus who advertised themselves on telephone-pole flyers in Berkeley during a certain period, I have always been interested in bottom line truth and overall big pictures. These guys at NHNE do a lot of sorting for me and I appreciate it!!

At the beginning of the 90's, I left California's increasing stresses for the peace and beauty of the Ozarks and have never looked back. Currently, I am procrastinating the writing of my next book.




P.O. Box 2242
Sedona, AZ, USA


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