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Mark Nijenhuis
Holland, Europe

NHNE Researcher & Reporter


I'm Mark Nijenhuis. I am a full time draftsman/illustrator/publisher with a educational institute. I am 32, married with Margriet and have two daughters, Mirjam and Suzanne. I come from a traditional Calvinistic background, have been involved in evangelical/pentecostal congregations for the last years without feeling having found "the one and only truth." I'm very interested in the spiritual reality and am always trying to "get it all together." I love playing the guitar, listening to music, reading and in-line skating. And being out in nature, or in the garden.

I have a web site but I haven't had the time to give it a meaningful purpose, so it's still empty. My e-mail adress is listed above. (Please don't use it for commercial mailing.)

My message to all is: Live a spiritual life, transformed by the love of God, and keep your spiritual "bullshit detector" sharp. It's tempting to believe we will be able to solve the worlds problems, because of technology, or a mass awakening. In our "little" corner of the world, things may seem to be getting better, but globally people are suffering, fighting, starving, and dying of diseases or are obsessed by power, wealth or sex. The contrast between the have's and the have not's is getting sharper. If there is a upcoming global new age, it can only be seen by us, who want to see it. And maybe we can indeed create our own reality, with vision and faith. But as far as I understand life, this is just a place to learn, a stage in becoming divine, spiritual beings; a twinkle, a split-second in eternity. Not what we think or believe gives us fulfillment, but the love and grace we share. Let the Spirit guide you and don't rely blindly on whatever spirital guides may "pop up." So many people have gone astray because they persue what they perceive as "truths." I have found one thing that really counts, and that's to live in healthy, warm and loving relationships with people, and to reach out to people in need, to show them the way to transformation. The secret of reflecting God's love for all is to learn to see people through God's eyes. Keep your eyes on the goal, that is to grow and to develop the "fruit of the Spirit." Take the time to relax, enjoy, pray and consider the world we live in. And explore whatever truth's or facts may come around, without losing "what it's all about."




P.O. Box 2242
Sedona, AZ, USA


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