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Robert Perry
Sedona, Arizona, USA

NHNE Resource Person


I wanted to be a professional philosopher and pursue an eclectic spiritual path. Yet both of these things were supplanted by A Course in Miracles, a spiritual path that sort of barged in, took over my spiritual life and gave me a career helping its students. I now work full-time writing and teaching the Course.

I hoped to be part of some established spiritual community, but God had other plans. I ended up co-founding a small community in the early 80's that was responsible for my move (in 1990) to Sedona, Arizona (where fellow member David Sunfellow and his family had already moved). We are still together but have yet to see our dreams materialize into a residential spiritual community.

I met my wife, Susan, at our Lutheran church when I was 14. We have been together twenty years and have two wonderful children, Adam (8) and Anna (5). I have come to believe that much of my spiritual purpose is in being a loving, forgiving member of our nuclear family.

I maintain a long-term interest in God's plan for the coming times and have developed my own means of (partially) divining that plan (primarily through the reading of synchronicities). My views of this plan, however, have changed dramatically over the years. Formerly a believer in geologic earth changes and physical second coming, I now believe that only a courageous mixture of hard-nosed rationalism and more spiritual-looking data (such as channeled revelations) can lead to a balanced, whole view. My divining has apparently revealed many things about my own life purpose and that of the people around me. Some have come to pass. As for the rest, only time will tell....




P.O. Box 2242
Sedona, AZ, USA


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