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Steve Haag
San Jose, California, USA

NHNE Reporter & Resource Person


I'm a day dad and, by night, a security officer and administrative assistant (swing shift) for Hewlett/Packard Corporate Offices, Palo Alto, California. I was born and raised in Southern California. Happy go lucky, gathering shadows after age 14 and Mom died. My dad (children's dentist) carried on ably enough with parenting of my two brothers and me. Unconscious fear of ignorance expressed itself towards big drive for TRUTH! since about my senior year of high school. Much sampling along spiritual smorgasbord spread over the last few of these all you can eat decades. Now, 11-years-(mostly)-happily-married with two kids (girl-5, boy-8).

For all my undegreed truth seeking, I'm coming (pretty slowly) to be more at peace with the Mysteries of LIFE! and the possibility of INFINITY! really existing. Wish to be useful (if not inspirational), however that looks. And to enjoy the process of being here in this Multi-Purpose-Universe-intersecting-human-configurations -- whatever the worth of all our specialness and limitation-dynamics. Range of self expression is from playful thru ponderous, wacky thru understated, lighthearted thru despairing, quiet thru outspoken, kind thru foreboding, blind thru visionary -- the usual startlingly wonderful human fare. Big ears for deep sea diving into personal biographies. Paradoxes welcome. Seeking the best of conditional as well as unconditional LOVE! nesting in present moments.




P.O. Box 2242
Sedona, AZ, USA


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