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A globe, surrounded by a circle of twelve stones, is the central image of our logo.

The globe represents three things: 1. the universality of the Y2K problem (the entire world is affected by this crisis); 2. our intention to draw upon the knowledge, experience, and resources of other people, around the world, who are attempting to deal with Y2K; 3. our intention to share our knowledge, experience, and resources with everyone else on the planet who may be interested.

The twelve stones represent the idea, championed by the Native American Medicine Wheel, of people, with differing perspectives, talents, and "positions" in the circle of life, working together as equals. It also represents the idea that all of the positions of the circle are important, even those that are radically different than ours, and that we must come to understand and appreciate all of the positions in the circle before we can see the whole picture and act in a way that is truly empowering to everyone.



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