Paloma O'Riley Comes to Sedona

Two of our Task Force members (Darlene Jan and Frank Wong) attended a Y2K Panel Discussion in Prescott, Arizona and learned that the Prescott Y2K Task Force was planning to have Paloma O'Riley, the Co-Founder of the Cassandra Project, speak in Prescott. With help from the Prescott organizers, we were able to arrange for Paloma to visit Sedona when she had completed her engagement in Prescott. Here's the flyer we used to advertise her Sedona appearance. About 200 people showed up for the event, including a cameraman from the local Flagstaff television station. Geronimo Communications filmed the event for us. It was broadcast six times a day, seven days a week on the local cable network and is now available on video. The video costs $20.00 a copy and can be ordered through the Sedona Y2K Task Force: (520) 203-4892.

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