What We've Done & Learned So Far:
Exploration Team Reports
By Team Leaders & Volunteers


January 1999

The Sedona Y2K Task Force has several teams that are working to access the vulnerability of our local infrastructures and create ways to provide for our basic needs should critical systems be disrupted by Y2K disturbances. This paper contains brief reports from most of our teams, including information about whom to contact if you would like to join.


Utilities & Water Team

Food & Nutrition Team

Communications Team

Fuel & Transportation Team

Neighborhood Preparedness Team



Utilities & Water Team


We are investigating what we can do as individuals and as a community to handle any disruptions or failures in electricity or water due to Y2K. The community needs to understand the dependency of the water, sewer, and natural gas systems on the electrical system. A power outage of more than a day would leave us without water and refrigeration, gas stations wouldn't be able to pump fuel, many stores would close, hospitals and pharmacies might not operate, and our sewer systems would shut down. We plan to address many of these issues and offer suggestions as to what people can do to mitigate these potential problems.


We are attempting to work with the City of Sedona to make surplus electrical power from the sewer system generator sets at Carroll Canyon and near Arroyo Roble available to nearby Arizona and Oak Creek water wells. We have encouraged the Sedona Fire Department to make its tank trucks available to bring in potable water. We are also gathering information on what citizens can do to prepare for a loss of utilities, such as using alternative energy sources like diesel or gasoline generators, solar energy, and wind generated power. In the event of a water shortage, we have come up with water storage plans, hidden water sources, and means of purifying questionable water. We have also investigated human waste issues, ranging from portable and composting toilets, to working with the city to come up with a plan for sewage disposal.


We are having meetings with private vendors to assess the costs and availability of alternative systems including but not limited to solar, wind, wood, charcoal, and propane. We are trying to find out if or when the city plans to purchase back-up generators. One purpose of doing so would be for Arizona Water to rent them, if necessary, in order to keep at least some level of water service for Sedona (Arizona Water has indicated that Sedona only has one day's worth of water at the present time, and no backup generators to pump water should power to our community be unavailable). We are investigating the possibility of the community purchasing a generator independent of the city if necessary. We are also in the process of identifying the wells and springs in the area.


We need a cooperative effort between the Task Force Utilities & Water Team, the City of Sedona, and Arizona Water on emergency planning. If that isn't possible, we need additional people to join the Utilities & Water Team to help us with the critical and challenging issues we are facing. We also need volunteers who have any expertise or knowledge on different types of generators. We need someone who can demonstrate and explain (in simple terms) how different energy systems work and how to assess appliance loads.


Darlene Jan: 204-9557
Linda Becker: 203-9356


Darlene Jan
Linda Becker
Linda Hecht
Dave Fox
Ed Pankow
Tom Dongo
Rod Rawlins
Jayanna Clerk
Banita Kern
Mike Sines


The Food & Nutrition Team


Our vision is to provide information about food availability in the Sedona/VOC area in the event of an emergency, including disruptions from Y2K glitches; to provide educational materials to the community about long term and short term food storage options; develop a community gardening project that would be an educational, practical hands-on learning situation which would encourage people in other neighborhoods to take up food growing practices; design a garden project that will develop capacity to grow an abundance of food locally, to be shared, marketed, preserved and donated; to assess the need and interest in food preservation classes, and develop resources to offer such skill development, if deemed feasible.


After several meetings to discuss what needed to be addressed by our Team, we agreed to break into two committees: The Food Storage Committee and The Gardening Committee. At a later date, we may add a third group.


The Food Storage Committee created detailed questionnaires to survey local food stores. The surveys have been conducted by direct interviews and, when necessary, by letter requests to home offices. To date, Weber's IGA in the Village is the only store actively working with the Task Force in providing resources to the community in the way of education and emergency preparedness information and supplies. It is hoped that more store managers will come forward to help us meet whatever needs may arise as Y2K dates are triggered.

Early survey results indicate that under normal circumstances there is about a 7 day supply of food in our community. These supplies are replenished by computer ordering or via telephone orders to area warehouses. All food is brought in by trucks.

The Food Storage Committee has established a liaison with the local Mormon Church and Sedona Food Bank, in anticipation of working together in the future. The Committee is also developing educational materials regarding the basics of food storage and handling. Handouts are available at the Task Force office. We are continuing to establish contacts with many local organizations, including churches, so that we may assist their efforts to educate and mobilize their people to action.

We would love to have more volunteers to help in this effort to work together with existing community groups.


Nickie Van Den Bosch, Food Team Facilitator, Task Force liaison: 284-4280
A. Roy Horn, Food Storage Committee Chair: 204-6438


Nickie Van Den Bosch
A. Roy Horn
David Novick
Joe Ray
Jeff & Sharon Stevens



The Gardening Committee is seeking to ensure that no one in Sedona/VOC goes hungry in the event of a Y2K disruption, and believes that developing community gardens is one viable solution. This group plans to tackle several ambitious projects in order to fulfill its mission of educating and helping Sedonans feed themselves if grocery deliveries are disrupted.

The Gardening Committee has been generously gifted with the use of two "Model Garden" sites, and the offer of other land for gardening has been made by several individuals. Our Committee has met with two property owners, walked the sites, and we are currently working out details about how to proceed. Some committee members have provided lists of gardening books, seed companies and other information resources that will be made available to the public through our Task Force. Some members have taken additional gardening classes to enhance their skills, and plans are underway to develop an educational approach to each segment of the gardening process. We are documenting the steps from start to finish through film and written reports. We have been inviting new volunteers with additional resources to join the team and offers of free assistance on several levels have been made. We plan to meet with one of the site owners this week to learn how to prune his fruit trees and grape vines.

There are several possibilities for persons in the community to participate, including learning with our team and setting up your own back yard garden, or neighborhood garden site. We have created a map of the entire area and divided it into zones so that we can identify where gardens are being grown that others can participate in. We may also offer plots for families to rent or share-crop if they need garden space.

We are in great need of more people who would like to lend their gardening expertise and physical participation in plot preparations, planting, cultivating, and all other aspects of gardening. There is an opportunity here to give something of value to ourselves and to our community. Those of us on the Gardening Committee feel a long-term project is what we are helping to co-create. Our hope is that wonderful gardens of all sizes and descriptions will spring up in Sedona and the Village and continue to grow into the future, along with a new sense of community.

We are also preparing information on alternatives to outdoor gardening, including extensive materials on sprouting and alternatives for small spaces and indoor gardening. People with skills, ideas or curiosity in these areas are most welcome to join us. We also are looking for people with extensive herb growing knowledge to help us create culinary and medical herb gardens within our Model Garden plots. Other ideas are also being explored and are welcome. We need You!


Nickie Van Den Bosch, Facilitator of Food and Nutrition Team, Task Force liaison: 284-4280
Pat Shryock, Co-Facilitator of Gardening Committee: 282-0717
Dunnea, Co-Facilitator of Gardening Committee: 284-5383


Mary Dwyer
Rose Marie Licher
Francis Kovalcik
Shirley Arthur
Amy Iamone
Joyce Hunt
Herti Prockl
Brenda Code
Jim Puetz
Wesley Coate
Fahmi and Mary Hashish
Malaika LaMore
Linda Hannapel
Sheilah Wilson
Mia and Hushimuni Fliers
Keith Frick
Wanda Woods
Carole Taylor
Heather Dearborne

Others who have volunteered to donate time & resources include:

Coleen Harbison
John Ninneman
Kathleen Collins


The Communications Team


To create a system of communication that can be used to keep the residents of Sedona in touch with one another and the outside world should our normal communications systems fail.


We've been researching ways to create a system of communications that could keep the residents of Sedona in touch with one another should our normal methods of communication (telephone, radio, newspaper, television, etc.) fail. We've also been researching ways to stay in touch with communities outside of Sedona should there be major disruptions to the power/telecommunications grid state-wide, nationally and/or internationally. Locally, we've considered using CBs, HAM radios, bike runners, wireless communication systems, and establishing neighborhood communication networks. We've also been working with some of our local ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to find out if they have backup power generators and, if not, how much power they would need to keep their systems up and running.


Using a system designed by the Rogue Valley Task Force, we are seeking to get people with CBs located in all of the neighborhoods in Sedona. The CBs, which can be powered by electricity, car batteries, or solar panels, will be used to call in reports and receive news from central tracking stations. The central tracking stations, in turn, will be built around several different communications systems, including HAM, ISP, and wireless communication systems. We will also have a team of people who can reach areas that may not have CBs and/or who have CBs but can't call out for some reason.

We are also conducting research on the various kinds of communications systems that are available, seeking to determine which ones the least expensive, most reliable and most readily available.


We need volunteers to help us fine tune and implement this program. This includes HAM operators, people with telecommunication backgrounds, people willing to act as CB contacts for their neighborhoods, and people willing to help us track down effective systems.


Rob Docherty: 204-9242 (H), 203-9454 (W)
Or Dave Shryock: 282-0717


Rob Docherty
Lee Steinman
Dave Shryock
Carol Shanks
David Sunfellow
Laura Wynne


Fuel & Transportation Team


The Fuel & Transportation Team is seeking to provide practical information about how to keep cars, trucks, emergency vehicles, and other vehicles running in the event Sedona (and the rest of our nation/world) experiences shortages of fuel and parts. The team will also be exploring alternative forms of fuel, such as methane gas, wood, charcoal, hydrogen and solar, and searching for ways to be sure Sedona's vital transportation needs (such as bringing in food and supplies from other parts of the country) are maintained.


Dan Gentile, the Team's facilitator, has produced a paper outlining practical measures to take now to insure our vehicles are in optimum condition. This paper is available at the Task Force office.


Volunteers to help determine how vulnerable Sedona's transportation system is to potential Y2K disruptions and what the best, most effective response to potential disruptions are.


Dan Gentile: 203-4892


The Neighborhood Preparedness Project


The Neighborhood Preparedness Project was designed to assist individuals, households, and neighborhoods to prepare for whatever disruptions may occur regarding Y2K or any natural disaster that might befall our community.


The Task Force has created a comprehensive packet of information with step-by-step guidelines for preparedness. It suggests ways that groups such as neighborhood associations, apartment complexes, individual streets, or specific areas can work together to help each other through any disruptions.


We are asking all those who are willing to become a neighborhood representative to purchase a packet from the Task Force ($5.00) and begin as soon as possible to organize their street or designated area.

The Task Force is mapping all the areas being covered and will be keeping in contact with those involved in the project.

We have recently acquired a list of neighborhood associations and are in the process of contacting them and asking for their participation.

We hope that every individual, family, and neighborhood will take steps now to ensure its well-being through any difficulties that might occur. The Neighborhood Project may also serve in creating a community network where information from the Exploration Teams, the Task Force, the City of Sedona, or any emergency agency may be quickly disseminated.


We need volunteers to become neighborhood representatives.


Sedona Y2K Task Force office.



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