The Sedona Y2K Discussion List
(People from other parts of the world are welcome to join this discussion list, but participation is limited to local residents. We encourage others to establish similar discussion lists in their part of the world.)

This discussion group is provided for residents of Sedona, Arizona and the surrounding community (The Village of Oak Creek, Cottonwood, Cornville, Clarkdale, Jerome, Page Springs, etc.). Our intention is to create a quick-response local network that can gather, share and database accurate information about all aspects of Y2K so we can pass through the Y2K crisis as gracefully as possible.

Since all of us will tend to view and respond to the Y2K situation differently, this list does not seek to create a consensus among our members. We do, however, seek to discover the truth about Y2K (how serious it really is, how prepared our local infrastructures are, what kind of local and regional disruptions we can expect, etc.) so we can all make informed decisions. We encourage open, honest, respectful discussion and have two rules:

1. Be nice (treat everyone with respect, even if you disagree with their views);

2. Keep your posts focused on Y2K related issues.

We also encourage everyone who joins this list to share the information that is posted here with others who don't have direct access to the Net.

This list is hosted by NewHeavenNewEarth ( which, in turn, is the force behind the wild2k Website. The wild2k Website provides quick access to the most accurate, reliable, and important Y2K information on the Net. Using the power of the Internet, we are also building a global network of Y2K truth seekers who can help one another pass through this challenging situation in a calm, kind, informed, mutually-supportive fashion.

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