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Along with creating an Online/Offline Buddy System that allows people who don't currently have direct access to the Internet to team up with someone who does, we have also been making the most important Y2K information on the Net available at near cost to those who are interested. The original URL to each piece is always included so those who are interested can go directly to the source and print it our for themselves (or others). This material is made available at all of our public presentations and also available at our office. Number 14 is our most popular, and most strongly-promoted handout.


#1 The Year 2000: Social Chaos or Social Transformation?

A sweeping description of how and why Y2K is such a serious problem. Also examines potential responses. Widely regarded as one of the best, most lucid overviews ever written on Y2K.

#2 The Dangerous Place

Ed Meagher, the author of this important overview article, has co-hosted an hour-long talk show on news radio station, WWRC, in Washington, D.C. for the last two years. According to Meager, he and his co-host, Tony Keyes, have interviewed over three hundred Y2K programmers, managers and other experts. After graphically describing all the details involved in making computer systems Y2K compliant, Meagher concludes this article by saying, "There is not one shred of evidence, or one success story, that should give anyone the idea that all will be well."

#3 Polishing Marbles

Popular Y2K Westergaard 2000 Columnist Jim Lord provides a simple analogy to explain why Y2K is so difficult to deal with. Gary North expands on Lord's analogy providing one of the clearest, most entertaining Y2K explanations around.

#4 Y2K Hardware & Software Testing

Resources and suggestions about how to test, and if necessary, repair your PC so it is Y2K compliant.

#5 Y2K Quotables

A collection of quotes from some of the world's leading experts concerning various aspects of Y2K.

#6 Canadian Military Prepares for Possible Year 2000 Chaos

The Canadian government has begun to mobilize their armed forces to deal with the Y2K crisis. This article, published in September of 1998, describes how the Canadian military is "pre-positioning emergency equipment and supplies" and preparing to provide electrical power if cities black out and police need support during Y2K-related computer crashes.

#7 Why Community-Based Responses to the Year 2000 Problem Make More Sense than Individual Survivalism

Why it makes more sense to prepare for Y2K disruptions with others than to try and go it alone.

#8 Problem Dates

A list of critical dates that will also be causing various computer problems prior to the year 2000.

#9 Consumer Products & the Year 2000: A User's Guide

How much trouble are the embedded chips in your car, VCR, camcorder, washing machine, microwave, and hundreds of other household appliances going to cause you? THE WASHINGTON POST contacted droves of manufacturers to find out. This article describes their findings.

#10 The SOU Family Housing Y2K Check List

A Y2K-oriented check list that describes how to prepare for isolated power and water outages, food shortages, banking disturbances and other Y2K-related possibilities.

#11 Twelve "Any Time, Any Place" Survival Tips

A general overview that describes techniques for making a calm, compassionate and conscious passage through whatever disturbing experiences may come our way.

#12 Quick Turnaround Food Supplier List

A list of quick-turnaround food suppliers from Julianne Wiley of the Tricities 2000 Y2K Mailing List.

#13 Atlanta Holds Largest Y2K Awareness Event

Well-known Y2K author and speaker Jim Lord describes the largest Y2K gathering to date. The press and local officials were notably absent, but Georgia's state Y2K expert showed up and was greeted by three thousand angry people...

#14 Summary of Oversight Findings & Recommendations

A U.S. Government-produced report that deals with the Y2K crisis squarely, honestly, and decisively. Among other things, this no-nonsense, clearly written report mentions Y2K failures that have already occurred, discusses potential disasters that could happen, sites alarming predictions from credible sources, describes the dangerously slow progress of federal, state and local Y2K efforts, and outlines practical steps to deal with the developing Y2K crisis. This is the most important Y2K study we've seen.

#15 Aloha from the Island of Kauai

Karlos deTreaux traces his passage through denial, to becoming a gun-toting survivalist, to joining forcing with the mayor of the tiny Hawaiian island of Kauai and helping transform Kauai into one of our country's most active Y2K communities. Very inspiring and educational.

#16 Year 2000 Meltdowns: They're Here

An article by David Lohnes that appears in the September 1998 issue of Professional Insurance Agents Magazine. Lohnes describes a growing number of Y2K-related failures and disruptions.

#17 The Y2K Nightmare

One of the best, most comprehensive articles written on Y2K, this article provides a clear historical overview, tracing how the problem was first created and then passed down to future generations through a series of shortsighted, self-interested decisions.

#18 A Year of Disruptions, A Decade of Depression

This article, by Edward Yourdon, is the best, most comprehensive article we've seen concerning how Y2K may unfold. Highly recommended.

#19 The Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem:
Investigating the Impact of the Year 2000 Problem

The most thorough government report to date, this 163 page report examines all aspects of the Y2K problem. "The good news," says the report, "is that talk of the death of civilization... has been greatly exaggerated. The bad news is that Committee research has concluded that the Y2K problem is very real and that Y2K risk management efforts must be increased to avert serious disruptions." Everyone interested in Y2K should be familiar with this comprehensive overview of Y2K.


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