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A. David Sunfellow Interviewed on Geronimo Cable
Wednesday, October 7, 1998

David Sunfellow talks C.J. Cells about why Y2K is such a serious problem. Topics include our "just in time" economy, the dangers of Y2K and a fractional banking system, the potential of wide-spread systematic failures, current news reports and congressional hearings.

B. Paloma O'Riley in Sedona
Saturday, October 10, 1998

The Sedona Y2K Task Force brought Paloma O'Riley to Sedona, Arizona to speak about Y2K. As Co-Founder of the the Cassandra Project (http://www.millennia-bcs.com/) and one of the leading spokespeople on Y2K, Paloma talks about how and why she got involved in Y2K, how the Cassandra Project came to be, personal and neighborhood Y2K preparedness, and Y2K grassroots efforts around the country. Paloma is introduced by David Sunfellow who provides a quick overview of Y2K.

C. Emergency Preparedness
Saturday, October 17, 1998

Darlene Jan and Frank Wong discuss emergency preparedness in Sedona, Arizona. Along with discussing a wide variety of issues related to emergency preparedness, Darlene and Frank demonstrate popular survival equipment and explain its purpose and use. Renowned speakers on earthquake preparedness, Darlene and Frank have earned the highest recognition given by the California Emergency Services Association for their efforts to inform, organize and prepare California communities for potential earthquakes. They have also been featured on major television and radio stations, including the New York Times and CNN Headline News. In addition to these accomplishments, Darlene and Frank own two disaster preparedness stores in the Bay Area of California and Darlene presently serves on the Steering Committee of the Sedona Y2K Task Force.

D. Sedona Public Forum Y2K Panel Discussion
Monday, November 9, 1998

Carol Johnson (City of Sedona), Nick Angiolillo (Yavapai County Emergency Management), Dale Edwards (Citizen's Arizona Gas), Ray Miller (Arizona Water Company), John Madzik (Oak Creek Water Company), Dan Wills (Sedona Fire District), Chip Venable (Northern Arizona Health Care), Keith Hollingsworth, Kent Jones (Arizona Public Service), Vice Mayor Judith Keane (moderator) discuss the Y2K compliancy of Sedona, Arizona and the affect the computer bug may have on our region, nation and world.

E. Overview of Y2K
Wednesday, November 11, 1998

As the keynote speaker for a two-day Y2K seminar sponsored by The Northern Arizona Y2K ARRC Group in Flagstaff, Arizona, David Sunfellow provides a clear overview of Y2K -- what it is, why it is so serious, what various government and corporate organizations are doing about it, how Y2K disturbances can affect our local communities, and why everyone should be taking this threat to our way of life seriously.

F. Overview of Y2K & Y2K Preparations
Sunday, November 22, 1998

David Sunfellow, Director of the Sedona Y2K Task Force, and Patty Birch, Director of the Sedona Task Force Volunteer Network, address a group in the Village of Oak Creek. David describes what Y2K is while Patty describes how we can prepare individually and collectively. David and Patty also discuss the work underway in Sedona and our surrounding communities to prepare for potential Y2K disturbances.


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