Lori Bradford
Texas, USA


"I Just Wanted To Say Thank You"
Friday, January 14, 2000

To all those of you: Gary North, Franklin, and all those others who gave so much of their time and effort to trying to avoid much hardships and disaster for other families. I read the colums regulary for a year and a half before the 1st of the year and acted as responsibly as I could manage. We put away a lot of food and grains, bought lanters, camping supplies, feather comforters and much how to and self help books and many other items. We even moved 500 miles from our home and families.

Now, the rest of the story...

I didn't buy what I did not like to eat, nor any antiques I didn't like. I like old things, how to books, and really wanted some feather comforters. We moved to within a couple of hours to where our oldest started her first year of college this past fall. In other words, we took care, but tried not to buy something we didn't really want, and the move was as much or more to be close to our daughter than anything else. If others are angry at those who tried to help, they are just putting blame for their own imprudent actions on someone else.

Thank you guys for keeping 'an eye out' for the rest of us. Please keep up the good work.

Lori Bradford
in Texas