S. Clay Campbell
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA


Friday, January 14, 2000

I am 50 years old and have lived on the edge of one of the harshest environments in the U.S., Fairbanks, for 30 of those years. It is -45 or so as I pass along this thought.

I have lost count of the poor unprepared souls that have lost their lives for want of some common product that was available to them maybe only hours before. In the case of a guick, small aircraft flight, they lost their lives and in some cases lost the lives of people who had depended on them, worse still if they survived.

Being prepared is a way of life. I am very sorry to think that no lessons were learned, and more sorry still to think anyone would regret what he or she has learned or stored. Life goes on. Prepare to LIVE it.

S . Clay Campbell
Fairbanks, Alaska