Tom Osher
San Francisco, California, USA


Thursday, January 13, 2000

For myself, the lesson of y2k is quite clear: Hi-tech, as great as it is, places all of humanity at unnecessary risk, while there is no low-tech infrastructure (home-grown food, water catchment, solar passive techniques, in a word, self-reliance) in place. We are moving further and further away from age-old knowledge of self-sustainability. In one generation, eons of earth-based knowledge can be lost (witness Africa).

I have created a website ( that hopes to store, accumulate, and share such knowledge. We are all volunteers with no funding. This site is for everyone. Any collaboration/help would be welcomed.

More than ever, I hope to see this endeavor become the proactive, grassroots focus/strategy which is lacking in the progressive agenda. We need to build our own infrastructure in the shadow of the corporate skyscrapers. We will gain by becoming more resilient, less dependent on corporations, and by laying the groundwork for the kind of world we all dream of.

Now, thru the internet (we are not dissing high-tech outside of its toxics and inaccessibility to the poor) this strategy is possible if we can muster the will and the numbers. Low-tech implementation can happen one step at a time and by sharing the relevant info, it can be easier than ever.

If this resonates with you, please lets connect and move it towards critical mass.

Still Hopeful,
Tom Osher
San Francisco, California