Thoughts on the nature, effect, and ultimate purpose of Y2K from some of the people who were most deeply involved in preparing for potential disturbances and/or working to prevent them.



Many people, from a wide variety of backgrounds, expected moderate to serious disruptions to occur when the year 2000 arrived on January 1st. Most of these people also expected disruptions to occur before and after the year 2000 rollover date. But now that the new millennium has arrived with only scattered disturbances being reported, a lot of these people are wondering what happened?

Were governments, corporations, and others able to hide serious disruptions from the public, or did the various Y2K trigger dates come and go with only a few scattered glitches? Will the notorious computer bug cause serious disruptions in the coming months, or has it been effectively smitten by the global effort to repair affected computer systems? Or was the danger posed by the notorious computer bug exaggerated from the beginning?

This website has been created to database the thoughts, learning experiences, and ponderings of people who spent many long hours/months/years dealing with Y2K. This website has also been created to support and strengthen the sense of community that emerged among those who participated in the Y2K preparedness/remediation movement.

Some of the posts databased on this website have been gathered from Internet-based websites and listserves, while others have been submitted by their authors. They come from experts, professionals, grassroots activists, and ordinary men and women. If you have anything meaningful to add to this website, you are welcome to send your thoughts to:

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Tom Atlee, of the Co-Intelligence Institute, also maintains "A Compendium of 'First Week' Y2K Thoughts" at the following location:



"In a recent letter to me, Meg Wheatley wrote 'Strange times, inexplicable world, treasured human relationships. I think that's how it will be from now on.' The stranger the world seems, the more treasured become our human relationships with those who share our feelings of being strangers in a strange land. There are stories to share, feelings to bring to the surface, visions to paint, as the wheel of conversation spins our voices into the colorful yarn of connection. It is with that yarn that we will have a chance to weave a world where we are no longer strangers, where things make sense. Thank you for creating a space in which refugees from surreal world of Y2K can share their puzzlement and caring."

-- Tom Atlee, The Co-Intelligence Institute












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