The Nation's First
Y2K Grassroots Community Preparedness Survey

Published Online
Thursday, May 20, 1999



Websites mentioned in this survey:


Task Force Websites:

The Berkeley Y2K Resilience Network

Prescott Y2K Coalition

Sedona Y2K Task Force

San Luis Obispo County Y2K Action Alliance

Los Osos Y2K

Napa Valley Citizens for Year 2000 Preparedness

Western Nevada County Y2K Preparedness Network

Santa Barbara Y2K

Santa Cruz Y2K Community Task Force

Roxborough Communities 2000

Citizens for a Stable Community

Hawaii Y2K - Year 2000 Issues & Resources for the Hawaiian Islands

Y2K Awareness

Valley Year 2000 Center

The Joseph Project 2000 - Detroit

Central New Jersey Y2K Community Preparedness Group

Glenpool's Y2K Community Awareness Group

Puget Sound Community Self Reliance Cooperative

Rogue Valley Y2K Task Force

Benton & Lynn County, Oregon Y2K Community Organization

Beaver County Y2K Preparedness Group

Nashville PREP 2000

Y2K in East Texas

Greater San Antonio Y2K Coalition

Puget Sound Community Self Reliance Cooperative

Bainbridge Island Resilient Community Network

Y2K Community Solutions Washington D.C. Metro

West Kootenay Y2K Alliance

108 Mile Ranch Y2K Preparedness Group



Y2K-Related Websites:

Coalition 2000

The Cassandra Project

The Jospeh Project

Y2K Kit for Individuals & Communities

Utne Reader Y2K Project

Y2K Breakthrough Home Page

The NHNE Y2K Report


Millennium Salons

Y2K Youth Action Network

Y2K Connections

Scrunchers Anonymous

Y2K Neighborhoods

Y2K Dates

Infinite Computer Services

Bill Mueller.Com

Franklin Frith Reports

Dewey (Y2K) Research Center

Y2K Solutions Group, Inc.


Y2K-Sympathetic Websites:

The Co-Intelligence Institute

Resilient Communities

Global Action Plan


Tides of Change

Christian Life Center



The Senate Special Committee on the Y2K Technology Problem
"Community Y2K Preparedness:
Is There News They Can Use?"

May 25, 1999, Washington D.C.



Opening Statements:

Senator Bennett
Senator Dodd


Preparedness Panel:

Ed Yourdon, Author "Time Bomb 2000", "The Complete Y2K Home Preparation Guide"

Paloma O'Riley, Director of Research , The Cassandra Project

Liza Christian, Rogue Valley (Oregon) Y2K Task Force

Michael Nolan, City Administrator, Norfolk, Nebraska

Cathy Hotka, Vice-President, Information Technology National Retail Federation


Media Panel:

Kerry Brock, Director of Broadcasting and Programming

Lawrence T. McGill, Director of Research, The Freedom Forum- Media Studies Center

Barbara Cochran, President, Radio-Television News Directors Association

James Adams, CEO, iDefense - y2ktoday

Rich Jaroslovsky, President, Online News Association


Statements for the Record:

Jan Nickerson, Y2K Connections

Steve Davis, Spokesperson for Coalition 2000

Norman L. Dean, Center for Y2K and Society

Y2K Shepherdstown Statement

Cindy Brown, Douglas County, Colorado

Mick Winter, Napa Valley Citizens for Year 2000 Preparedness

C. Ramsay Raymond, MA, MHC, Concord Citizens Y2K

Rev. Dacia Reid , Unitarian Universalists Responding to the Year 2000

Marilyn Trail, Spokane County Community and Family Education

David Sunfellow, The Sedona Y2K Task Force

Jennifer Mueser Bunker, Northern Utah Y2K Community Preparedness Group


Testimonies and Statements can be read at:

Or viewed using Real Video at:



Photographs from the Hearing:





Senator Bennett


Senator Dodd


Ed Yourdon


Paloma O'Riley


Liza Christian









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